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Alliance High School Reviews

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Alright school,theres actually things i like about the school.positive is all around yall.Its a fair school,great classes.
Teachers make you succeed they are like ur best friend.i loved the classes they give like movie class.
Alright school,i especially like the class of planting .also the cool lookin snake.Favorite teacher is satter.
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Great school.helpful with homework and nice with having a big food cart .very neat school.i enjoy the school.
Nice lovley caring school,love the projects made in the school,i hope they make new improvements for newer things.
I like the the teachers,theymake field trips fun,i get to be with most of my friends in each class
Nice school ,i like to help around and hope others now to come to this school,its great and feels super.i hope things gets bettee this school year
My daughter loves this school,teachers are great and she feels lile eveyone there is so nice .times she my feel sad but it changes quick.
There schedule is so nice,its very different but its a good different,i love the people iv met in this school.
I love my year as freshmen,i was able to finish everything and get days where i just do whatever i like to do.
Nice school that helps students succeed.
Funny that they dont give hw so that a great super things for studnsts who go here.
I like how this school looks and feels.i see things that can be changed.i love the animals.teachers are the kindest.
I check this school out and thougth its sweet.there are things i never seen a school have.Im making make kids come to this school this year.
Love that every wenesday we have late starts ,that is what works for me at this school,it is pretty different.
My son loves this school,great for helping out alot and givung what students need.its a nice school to look at checking.
Love to see evryone and new teacher each new school year,respect.its cool to see things get added.iagc
The teacher help you prepare for college and many more,I like it cause the teachers can help more and be able to help longer than when they can't do much helping everyone else.
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My daughter enjoys the schools friendly students and teacher.I see that the school is a great environment for her.
Cute school,I like it.everyone is friendly and I can feel somewhat positive, favorite class is planting all kinds of plants around the school.
I work at my speed and able to avoid stressing out to much,and I like the classrooms.i there think lockers are funny.
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