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Many qualified teachers, variety of classes to choose from, and good lunches. I would like to see changed is the bullying that happens in school and the teachers not speaking up and saying something.
It was a very great experience, many nice teachers that were always ready to help us. Some things that could improve is the limited resources that we have such that we were unable to go to many field trips.
I felt safe because no one could break in or come in wit something that could harm people.
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There was a lot of things I didn't like about it and there was a lot of things I did.
The teachers are cool. Some of them are and some aren't .
My overall experience was a good one. Everyone has great school spirt which makes the sporting events really fun. The students are friendly and theres a place for everyone here.
The teachers are great. All of my teachers have always been very friendly and helpful with anything and everything I need.
I've never really been in any of the extracurriculars. It's more of the popular kids with their group of friends, and I wouldn't want to impose.
A lot of the parents don't care what they're children are doing. Half of them don't even know when they miss school, what their grades are, what they're involved in, etc. They just don't care.
Most of the teachers I have this year, my senior year, are really devoted to us seniors. They make sure we have a backup plan and college in place for when we graduate.
There are lots of clubs, organizations and sports. The staff are mostly helpful and caring. The community supports the school.
I have made some very good friends. Supporting the sports teams have been the best.
Most of the teachers really do care and try to help the students. Some do not. They need to help the students that are having a hard time in class.
There are so many classes that will get you prepared for college and get you college credit for free.
The school nurse is mean but helpful
All the teachers are great and care about the success of individual students :)
Lots of clubs, sports and tutoring
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Alliance High School provides endless ways for a student to be successful. They have the pilots tutoring program, career programs, ACT prep workshops, and so many dual credit and AP courses. Everyone at Alliance is like a family no matter what you are interested in. This school helped me get ready for college. Because of the teachers and courses, I have no doubt that I will be successful in college. What is unique about Alliance High School is that we have so much school spirit and we are small enough that we are alway there for each other. Also, the teachers care about you. They aren't just there to do their job and get paid. They do more than that, they help you with personal problems and they understand when you're having a bad day. Everyone there believes in you and does what ever they can to help you succeed. I am proud of where I come from and I would never wish to go anywhere else.
I've attended Alliance City Schools my whole life, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Alliance High School has just enough clubs and organizations to allow you to find what you really like. The classes are interesting too. Right now, I'm taking a History of Rock class, which mixes two of my favorite topics; history and rock n' roll. You're bound to find something you love here. Yes there might be cliques and the occasional lunch room fight, but I feel Alliance is a high school like no other. They do their best to prepare students for success. There are so many programs for both the people that excel and need that extra challenge as well as the people that may struggle a little and need that extra help. This school makes me proud to rep that A!
Everyone is friends. There are a few "typical white girls" but other than that, the people at the school interact with each other. Probably due to the tragedies that have happened in the past years. Nothing to worry about, just deaths--suicides and accidents...
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