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They do not prep you at all for college. They have a no zero policie so you can turn in work till the last day.
The teachers really want what is best for the student and that was the greatest feeling. They wanted to see me succeed in all that I did at the school.
At Alliance High School I liked how it was easy to be involve in many things and still had enough time to do homework and have some time to be with my family. I don't like the situation of the policy they have when it comes to the bullying at the school. I feel that they could be better about the issue and kids could be more focused on their grades.
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I liked the small school setting. But, as in any district, there were issues. Money is constantly an issue. Bullying and drug use are problems that are being addressed.
most extracurricular activities are athletic.
Overall Alliance High is a good school. They offer quite a few electives and kids are welcome to take college credit hours if they want to. There are plenty of activities to get involved in. I have done cheer, which was not a very good experience, and I have been in every music class and those have all been great experiences, particularly the show choir.
Most teachers in the school are the kind you always wanted to teach your kids. They are attentive, care, help extra, and generally are willing to do what it takes to help your child. As with every school there are a couple of bad tenured apples in the bunch. Overall the quality of teachers is awesome.
We are mainly white and can sometimes make fun of the other kids.
Some teachers are really good and some are really bad.
We have a bunch of great teachers running great programs.
They could easily do better at keeping us safe and not let just everyone into the building.
The extracurricular opportunities at Alliance High School are above and beyond what we expected. The clubs and organizations are expanse and if students are not involved it is due to lack of interest not opportunity. The teachers and parts are committed to help with the different clubs. The annual play is always enjoyable and you can tell everyone puts alot of effort and time into making it a sucess. Sporting events are always well attended and the team spirit at this school is excellent.
We have been very fortunate in the last four years to have teachers that are very involved and do a great job communicating to us and our student. Emails, letters, and Conferences are always informative and enjoyable.
We have heard from our son, that upon occasions there has been bullying going on and he said the teachers take immediate action.
We have been extremely happy with the teaching staff. They are always willing to help if our student is having problems. We came from a private school where everyone was involved with everything, so it was a little bit of an adjustment not knowing every student and not being involved with everything and every committee. All in all it was a nice transition from Private schooling to Public schooling. Everyone was very helpful and made us feel welcome. Sporting events is top ranking at AHS. Such energy and the fight to win. We would choose Alliance High School again for our children.
many teachers care about how you are doing
The teachers do not pay very close attention to what is happening during lunch.
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We don't have a school nurse here. We have to go to the office and call our parents if we think we're sick.
There's not a wide variety of clubs at my school and even when their is a club, they don't tell anyone until it's too late for anyone to sign up.
As much as I love the staff members of the school and all the great people I have met, I would want to go to a different school. The principal is quite loathsome, and no one seems to like him. We all prefer to talk to the vice principal instead of him. The food is not the best, but on some days, it's pretty good. The lunch ladies are very nice and they even acknowledge us by our names. The best thing about this school is that I met so many new people and they aren't as judgemental as the people at my old school.
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