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Alliance Health Services Academy High School Reviews

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Alliance Health Services Academy is a small, but very good school. The main goal is to prepare students for college. While it lacks sports and space, the campus spirit is high. We do our best to have fun activites, like spirit days and school dances. Overall, it's a good school and the staff is very good at their jobs.
I've only completed 3 years of this school so far, but I can honestly say that this school is like a family and that the staff pushes you to work hard and succeed.
I love how Alliance Health Services Academy is centered around the medical field. They provide their students with numerous opportunities to gain knowledge and hands-on experience in the medical field.
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Overall, this school is a great school. The only concern is the following location and the new location of the school because they aren't the best or safest environment for the students.
As a past student of Alliance Health Services Academy High School its weird talking about my old school but I can say that I enjoyed my stay there. While maybe not the most diverse school, it is filled with wonderful teachers, tough material, and most of all it focuses on making sure that you are prepared for the future. However there are no perfect schools, or perfect items as such there were somethings I would like to see changed, for one the campus, yes I like that we had our own campus, but the problem is that in some regards it was worse than the original campus. There was also a shallow selection of classes, probably because of the lack of staff and the small campus. I would love to see the school grow, change campus and really gain its own identity. I hope that next time I go there I can say how things have changed for the better.
The school overall really helps prepare you for college. It is a welvoming environment that encourages you to do better. The only thing I would change would be the sports .
Academically, this school is decent. The teachers care about the students and their grades. I like that the school gives lots of opportunities to the students. My biggest issue about this school is the location. We were at a different campus before last year and it was an okay campus but we shared it with a middle school so we were moved to a different building. I mean building like, one building and that's it. We were moved from somewhere that had a field and an actual sitting area for one building and a parking lot used as a field? It isn't good. Plus the location where we are is bad, since we first moved to the new campus we have been on lockdown at least 5 times. It is an unsafe neighborhood and sometimes it's hard to fee safe at the school.
Alliance Health Services Academy High School can be considered a very safe school. They don't release any students until they make sure that everyone is able arrive to their homes safe. Every frequently, they provide programs that provide safe sex resources. They help students have the knowledge about sex and all type of disease that can be caused by it.
My personal opinion on extracurricular activities is not really the best. At HSA, they don't offer so many sports or activities that students can be involved with. For example, I would love to be involved with track but unfortunately they don't have that.
Throughout the years that I've attended HSA, I've learned very important lessons. For instance, I've learned never to give up and to always try my best in everything that I do. I also learned that nothing in life is easy, so you have to work hard for it. For example, college isn't easy at all. For that reason, HSA as always been tough to the students. So that when we go to college, we already have an idea of how college is. HSA has also tough me that everything is possible. Nothing is ever too late to make things better.
The teachers at Alliance Health Services Academy High School are the best! Everyday they prepare students for college and you can always count of their help and support. The are the biggest motivation to attend college and to become someone successful. Tutoring is aways available for everyone. Even if they're not one of your teachers. Which is truly amazing.
There are no issues at all about people because injuries do not really occur. I do like how the school respects everyone and helps with an issue. The main office does lack giving the attention that some students needs. Other than that, cares for all students and their needs.
I enjoyed attending at this school for the first few years due to a larger and more active campus. Ever since a change in locations, the school is not as entertaining and engaging as it used to be.
There are some teachers who know how to teach the proper material while others struggle to get the students to complete and finish work.
We don't have a nurse but a medical clinic bus comes once a month.
The YPI staff interacts with students and create a friendship bond with us.
The teachers and staff make the school unique, but the lack of school spirit makes school weird.
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Teachers are willing to help students despite having many things to do.
My absolute favorite experience is witnessing a fight on the second day of school and quickly going up to the third floor because I didn't want to get involved. Another favorite is seeing a student who got accepted to Dickinson College with a full tuition scholarship get told to take off her college sweater because it was red and therefore dangerous because the area is gang territory. Of course, I can't forget to mention that only a week after moving into the new campus, I heard about a shooting that happened not even 50 feet from the campus. The diversity on campus isn't so great and I'm sure that once the students go to college they're going to have a culture shock, but it can't be helped. The atmosphere of the school is quite toxic as some students are more focused on getting a higher GPA than actually learning the material, and as a result they act snobbish and stuck up.

There are benefits to going to this school. Since it is a new school and it is slowly adding AP classes, students might not have a rigorous curriculum than at other schools. In addition to that, students can also mention on college applications that the school does not have a library or gymnasium or field or any art/music programs, and under those circumstances the chances of getting into that college might be greater.

The real benefits would be the teachers (definitely!) and the amount of pride the students feel about their accomplishments considering their circumstances.
The dedication toward the students was amazing.
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