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Alliance Gertz-Ressler Richard Merkin 6-12 Complex Reviews

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I have been in the Gertz Ressler High -Richard Merkin Middle School Complex since the sixth grade so this would be my seventh year with this school. It is honestly a really good school that teaches you how to be college ready and prepares you for the challenging courses that you will face in college. The teachers really push you to do better and are always there supporting you. There are many resources that students can use for example in Gertz High school there is after school tutoring for all classes and the teacher is there to help you. And Gertz has this club called Puma Lounge where you can go after school and do homework or study and there is staff willing to help you.
The school provided many classes to take for different majors. There is guidance from many people in campus that help guide students to the major they desire.
I attended the complex since 6th grade, so I adapted to the rigorous system for quite a well. This school was a perfect example of college readiness. I was also equipped with the proper resources needed to apply for college and attend a 4-year university. I always believed the workload was hectic, but I have realized now that it was all preparation for the real world, and for that, I thank the alliance school.
Review Alliance Gertz-Ressler Richard Merkin 6-12 Complex
What I liked about Alliance Gertz Ressler Richard Merkin 6-12 Complex is that it really guides and teaches students about the benefits of going to college. This school makes sure each student gets accepted into a college whether it's a 4-year college or a community college. Counselors really interact with students to make sure we know the importance of deadlines. Some changes that can occur in this school are to allow better food to be served so that more students won't go hungry through the day.
The school is very strict to the point that the students don't feel comfortable at the school and many of them transfer out of the school.
There are a lot of good changes coming next year with the new adminstration so I'm looking firward to it.
What I like about Gertz Ressler is the staff member's willingness to dedicate their time to their students. Teachers stay after school, sometimes more than twice a week, to solely help students that are struggling in a subject. Not only that but they also ask students on their input to better our school experience.
Gertz Ressler High School is a challenging school but with that, it comes with its perks. Every student is challenged in each course to learn more than just steps but apply what they have learned to the real world. They have many resources for you to achieve your academics sucesses. They are very strict with passing your classes which helps ensure a passing frade in the class. Everyone who leaves off to college or university comes back saying that Gertz prepared them for an essay ride to college.
Gertz-Ressler prepares students for college and provides academics which are rigorous. Gertz-Ressler lacks school spirit which can be from the small sports program offered.
As far as academics stand, Gertz continues to remain one of the highest achieving high school in Los Angeles. The campus is small which allows for teachers to work better and build connections with students.
This school's primary duty is to encourage each student to strive and accomplish their dreams. By stepping onto the campus, their is a feeling of success and care.
The school really shows you how to be prepared for college. There is a lot of assistance if needed when it comes to college information and educational help.
I think that this school really prepares students for college and the real world. You can tell that the staff really does care about the well being of the students however, the school is very strict and the new administration is still getting accustom to their new responsibility.
I'm a senior and I went to Merkin and right after came to Gertz. Gertz is a rigorous school that pushes you towards striving to do better all of the time.
The teachers and staff are eager to work and help out. They had mandatory tutoring that no child is able to escape. Their true interest is the student's education. They care that the students increase their grade. The best part of the High School, is their counselor. The counselor helps each and every student to apply for college. She is strict and asks for a lot but it is all for the best interest of the student's future. Although it is a very small school, they have other resources that does not make the space feel so limited.
What I liked about Gertz is that they pushed me to stay academically strong. Being being strict and rigorous with their courses, they efficiently disciplined and educated students. They also made the college application process much easier.
Great school, community is great and the school is certainely safe. This school has been a great experience as I continue my journey.
Review Alliance Gertz-Ressler Richard Merkin 6-12 Complex
What I liked about Gertz was that the fact that they have teachers that care about the education every student recieves and they are very strict with regard to expectations. This helps increase the performance of the students. Something I would like to see change is the size of the school it is very little and the activities are limited.
My review for this school is going to be a 4.7 because everything has been changed. I have a new principal, assistant principals, and good teachers. Any student can come and have a brighter future.
Gertz-Ressler offers an infinite number of opportunities. With staff and teachers who are dedicated to having their students succeed and ensuring they go to college and further expand their opportunities. In addition to that, they offer sports, clubs, and educational programs which ensure that a student is prepared for the real world. As a blue ribbon school, they are rigorous and always challenge their students to do better.
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