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Alliance Gertz-Ressler Richard Merkin 6-12 Complex Reviews

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Gertz Ressler is an amazing school. It provides countless opportunities for its students and makes sure to provide them with the best college ready experience. The teachers work very hard to have a lesson where every one can understand and if someone does not they work with that students so that they do. The staff also helps out they go in and supervise classrooms and also lend the teachers a hand in any way that they can whether it is helping a students while the teacher helps another, collecting papers etc. In general the school builds a community where everyone is safe and has a chance spread the ideas. The college counselors put in their best effort to make sure that every student gets into a college and goes to one. I have seen this in a personal experience with my sister. They helped her apply to colleges and now she is a junior UC Irvine . This is an amazing school/.
Although academically they are good at preparing their students, they are still lacking in some areas. They provide students with free SAT prep and tutoring and the teachers, for the most part, are supportive of their students and use diverse tools to be able to effectively teach all their students, but there are indeed some health issues. Recently, there has been an up-rise of roaches and rats, for which we, the students, pay the price; we see these rats, we see these roaches, yet the school neglects our needs.
It was very strict when i was there. I think alot of students were deterred from really showing school spirit when there was very little to celebrate. Nevertheless, academically it was great and got the job done.
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It was a small school so it was easy to get to know all the students and staff here. They're also really helpful when it comes to applying for colleges and they provide us with many resources.
What I like about Gertz is that I actually feel safe and the food has improved than before when I had started my freshman year. Something that I would change about Gertz would be to give us more freedom and also to make the classes easier because they're difficult for most of the students.
Even though it's a small school, the school spirit is amazing. The campus is clean, administration is really polite. Overall the schools learning environment is safe. Really good school in my opinion.
Even though the rules at this school can seem a little strict, it is truly only a benefit to the students. The workload for each class may seem like a lot, but it pushes students to excel. The teachers are always willing to help when a student is having trouble. Overall, this school can be demanding at times but when a student puts forth their best effort, it can result in a positive matter which helps students grow and strengthen their skills. At the end of the day, a student that does well at Gertz will be prepared for college.
I've been with this school since Middle School and I have always gotten the support that I wanted. I have also been in many activities thanks to the school and I've gotten to visit other places as well. It motivates me to continue school and graduate high school so that I can get a better future. I feel really safe in this school because the teachers actually care for you.
Overall, while I was a student, it was a very academic based school, encouraging us to take as many AP courses as we could, and making sure we were focussed on school while still offering many after school activities. Because of my experience at the high school, I am graduating a year early from college from all the AP college credits I got from the exams.
I like how the teachers appreciate education, add college classes for many students, the environment, and behavior.
What i like about this school is that they help is everyday to get us ready for college they also give us material so we can do are work and be succefull.
Academics are pretty good, but there always seems to be lack of school spirit. Nevertheless, the teachers care about their students and Gertz provides the neccessary tools in order to succeed.
Attending Alliance Gertz-Ressler High School has been one of the best experiences of my life. The administration and college counselors are always checking in with students individually. They want each student to succed following life in high school. The school also offers various programs and courses that will benefit us in college. Overall, this school is certainly excellent in preperation for college-readiness.
Honestly, my experience at Gertz has been really great. The Staff there has been really incredible and very supportive and my teachers as well. My teachers at Gertz are so reliable and great to talk to. The classrooms aren't so big so the teacher is able to get around every student if they need help to understand the lesson which is such advanatge.
Gertz-Ressler is a really helpful school. The staff is nice and interacts frequently with the students. Since the school is college ready, the courses are very challenging, which is bittersweet. The food is basic gross pre-made and pre-packaged school food. There is little to no diversity among students attending the school as everyone is Hispanic.
My experience at Gertz-Ressler has been good. The teachers have been very respectful and they all have given me the support needed. My academic experience has also been good, I have been given the resources needed.
To start off this school is a type of school different from the rest for many reasons. The reasons is because it has pushed me from the beginning to try my best and take advantage of the opporunities being offered in this school. This school really wants all their students to graduate. The school offers many classes like AP classes and SAT practices and as well as college classes. They have many clubs that will motivate students to participate in. As well as sports even thought are school is not huge or like the rest of the highschools it has many oppurtunities that it provides to students to go to college. Overall the school is a very good school that pushes you in a good way to succeed in the future.
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What i like about Gertz-Ressler High School is that this school has of a variety of races and it's nice when we all cme together as one and we all feel united. There wouldnt be anything i would change.
I like that teachers help students even if they don't need it, they do a good job in keeping up woth their grades and making sure they don't slip up, and if they are, they will help them and give them guidance with anything they need.
The past three years in being at Gertz-Ressler High School have been pretty amazing. My school really does try their best to prepare us for college and push us to do our best. They give us lots of resources that help us alot like SAT classes, on campus college classes, and tutoring if needed. One thing that I would like to see a change in is probably the school food. Its not the wrost but it isnt the best either. Some food is very good but others not so much.
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