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Attending Alliance Environmental Science & Technology High School was one of the best choices I could have done. They pay a lot of attention to their students and are always checking on their progress, making sure that they are on their route to success.
We've heard a lot of good things about the school even before we enrolled our eldest son. My son went to only one Catholic School from Pre-School to Middle School. He did not have a hard time adjusting to this school as it feels like a private school. They keep parents up to date on grades, meetings, events, and happenings in school. Now that my son is in his Senior year, I can say we made a good choice because it's really a good school. He's getting good grades and high standardized tests scores. It's a small Charter School with friendly teachers and staff.
The small school gives their students the opportunity to have that college experience. The class sizes are small and the classes are rigorous, but there are plenty of teachers there to help. The counselors help you with college applications, recommendations for volunteer places or simply just have a chat about your thoughts on life, career choices and more. There several sports to choose from that allows students to be involved.
Review Alliance Environmental Science & Technology High School
Some ing that i like is that there is a lot of one no one connection with your teachers because of the fact that it is a very small school. something that i would change are the resources. since we are a charter school, we don't have much money to spend on supplies, sports, and events for our school.
The assistant principle currently a principle was terrible was unreasonable. The academics are great because the teachers hole tutoring sessions after school
The school is small, the teachers are dedicated, and the school is there to help academically and with anything.
Teachers hardly allow personal expression. The principle is very power hungry, he acts as if he is the dictator. This school prepares for college but not for the real world. Graduated as an A student and went to a Cal State but dropped out. Attended community college after but dropped out. Universities and high schools are not training you for jobs that are actually in the job market. I hope the school administrations across the United States focus more on training instead of spending countless of time on memorizing books that are not helping you for the today's job market. Instead of spending 8 hours of listening to to lectures, spend that time hands on, in learning practical skills. What this school focuses on and I'm pretty sure for others too is on analyzing. After all my analysis, I conclude that the school education system has to change. Teach us about the present and future, instead of the past.
I like the fact that it is a small school. I like small schools because they give more individual to each and every one of its students. It's food could improve, however.
Great school, great teachers. They have ipads for the students to study with, which helps alot. Since I have graduated I miss the environment they gave they students.
ESAT is one of the best schools in Los Angeles. The teachers truly care about their students academics and offered plenty of resources to succeed. Since its a small community you also develop a sense of family. Overall I had a great High School experience.
Its a good school because most students get along well for example ESAT has a Love-In were everyone gets together in the courtyard and just relax.
Most of the teachers care for the students for example teachers stay late to help students catch up and while in class they try to give fun lessons so students can get involved.
Classes range in a different variety of subjects and are really good towards are ciriculum the however is not variety
This school is unique because the counselors and teachers are always there for you when needed. If you have a problem there is always an opportunity to see they and they go above and beyond to help you
Overall the teachers are one of the redeeming factors of the school. Almost all teachers give their time and effort to aid struggling students.
I transferred to this school Junior year, and it was scary having to start over halfway but I was welcomed by the students and teachers. They genuinely care about their students and want whats best for them. The principle can work on ways to meet the needs of the students that have spoken out. I really like that its a small school and that its easy for students to make a new club. I am not sure if I would choose this school over again. I like that there is academic rigor, but it may be too high where they have unrealistic expectations for the students.
All the teachers are well versed on their subjects, they make themselves available to students and try to make the content relatable to everyday life. They make sure we understood the content by assessing us and provide extra support if we need it.
Review Alliance Environmental Science & Technology High School
My experience in this school was ok. Due to the small space I was able to know almost everyone and form a strong bond with those people. I feel that because of the smaller setting that the teachers know you better and they really want the best for you and really want you to go to college. Some of the events such as the talent show and the Love-In are great ways for me to express my musical skills and show people what I can do. I know since it's a smaller school that we don't get much funding and music programs, yet these events really help me and other students express their creativity. If I were to start over I would most likely come to this school again because all the mistakes I've made over the years I can re do and all the performances that I've done for the past 4 years I can improve on and it might make me experience at this school a lot better. Overall this school is amazing because you get to form strong bonds with the teachers and students that you wouldn't get anywhere else.
Extra curricular activities include the math club, philosophy club, debate club, acts of kindness club, cheer team, spirit team, basketball team, soccer, baseball, and cross country. The most popular and the most successful are the sports. The other minor clubs are slowly growing, but lack participation and support.
Esat is unique because although it is very small and fairly new, it is only developing and becoming more and more successful. The small campus ensures a family like environment and experience. I would choose this school again if I could do it all over again because it is going by really fast.
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