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Alliance Environmental Science & Technology High School Reviews

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ESAT is a very good highschool. I will definitely remember my time there as a student and will recommend it to other students I know are going into high school because of the cultural and academic growth I have experienced since my freshman year.
A majority of the school is Latino students, ergo it was easy for me to integrate myself into the school. There is also a nice amount of Asian students that introduced me to a new culture that i was unaware of before. There are many AP and honor classes that can be taken, and an amazing volleyball team.
in the aspect that the school does honestly prepare you for collage and is pretty hard on the students I would give the school maybe 4 stars but the fact that it seems very rare that the teachers found there are truly a benefit for us, the students.The teachers that are there and that we the students enjoy are such an amazing part of the school life.Some of the facalty especially the principle really isn't the best in our eyes we feel like we don't have a leader we can trust. We all don't have faith in telling him to make a change for the best of our education and life. There is the co principle lady that we really love and trust though she is who we believe in and feel that we could speak up and have people understand our concerns. But sometimes the school just seems fine just more stressful than average
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My experience at Esat was amazing. From day one the staff, the teachers, and the counselors were all very welcoming. The 4 years I spent here were filled with lessons, laughs, smiles, and tears. When ever you needed help anyone was there for you. Whether it be emotionally or school related. There priority was for every student to be successful.
Teachers are incredibly helpful and constantly push the students. There have been a growth of issues not only within students but faculty. Highest grades entire school combined.
I attended this school from August '14 (freshman) to June '16 (sophomore). This school had an amazing student culture. Students were kind and welcoming. The teachers encourage communication and integration so your child should fit right in.
As for the curriculum, it was 3 to 4 out of 5 stars. I came from an advanced private school, and I expected more, truth be told. I expected to have to work hard for my grades, but this school had other ideas. They baby their students too much and hold their hands, it was no wonder why many students were passing their classes at their bare minimum. I had friends who hailed from public schools in the area, and they found the curriculum to be up to par to their standards, if not higher.
The teachers were inviting and very kind. I adored Ms Pacheco, Ms Kowalski, Mr Jackson,
Mr Reyna, and Mr Green. They were phenomenal, quality teachers that exceeded expectations. They are model teachers, and everyone in this school's staff should take some notes.
This school was amazing to me. I loved the teachers and the staff from the college center and most of the office staff. My experience was great spending 4 years here I saw teacher and students come and go. Everyone looks out for one another. Classes are the perfect size. Lunch was awful when I was there but it’s been changed to my understanding. Overall the school is great. You meet a lot of people. The college center is one of the most resourceful place. The people there are amazing. I would recommend this school to hardworking, nice, educated people. You get what you give.
I really enjoyed the encouragement they gave to students for taking AP classes because that helped me go into college with some credits already completed. All the classes were small so that allowed teachers to apply the necessary amount of attention students needed. Overall the school was definetly college ready, this meaning that it fully prepared me for college.
Was very helpful in preparing me for college. They took all their time, effort and resources to help every student plan for their future. They are the reason why I was able to find a school I really love and helped me plan everything financially. They gave me realistic options which I am grateful for.
There is a lot of support and many people that you can go to. I would like to see more of an advance in the athletic department and more recognition for our athletes.
My experience at Alliance Environmental science and technology high school is excellent. The teachers there care so much about you that I’m not afraid to ask them any questions. Great school with small class sizes and plenty of people to turn to if you have any questions.I have been at this high school and it is a great school for 9-12 grade children. Small community and great staff and teachers.
Alliance Environmental Science and technology high school is good academically. The counselors there constantly check in with their students to make sure that they are on track so that they graduate on time. I met amazing people there who I love to spend time with and clases are entertaining.
The administration and counselors really push students to take challenging classes. It is also a requirement for each student to apply to a collge, regardless of whether or not a student want to go to college. However, the school does lack a decent sports program and school spirit is also lacking as well.
Very well structured. Academically focused. Strong emphasis on college and graduating. Creates long lasting bonds with friends as well as teachers.
I appreciated that this school provided financial aid and college related resources.
However, they have limited resources for the students
It is a very good school. Everyone helps you move on in life and nobody is left behind. They offer a lot AP's and College Courses. The schools main focus is academics but not sports.
Coming into ESAT as a freshman, it was a scary transition into a new charter school but the system where each student has the same advisory or homeroom for the entire four years made my learning experience a fun one. I learned a lot about myself and who I am as a person and about my community. I learned to have a voice which meant to advocate for myself and others. I believe ESAT really did shape me to be college ready and I am proud to say that I will be attending a Cal State next year.
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This school really takes academics to heart and prepares most of its dedicated students for college readiness. The faculty is great and they really help you when you need it most. However, this school is lacking in other aspects a high school should be strong in, such as involvement in clubs, activities, sports and other extracurriculars. It is not as heavily enforced as education, which can be a good and a bad thing for some.
In ESAT my experience has been good for me since ive had good help with my classes with extra help in my tutoring. What i would like to have a change in this school would be more of the school culture to make sure the students have more of a relaxing times to feel less stress. Another thing id like to see would be have better help for clubs.
ESAT is a college-ready school and they do live up to that title. The teachers are very dedicated to their students, and to the development of tomorrows leaders.
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