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I loved the attention teachers placed on students. They made sure we excelled in every aspect during our time there and when we went off to college. I faced many challenges, and was able to go to teachers for advice and support. Once I left for college, some teachers and admin maintained contact in order to keep us updated. They contacted us via social media to ensure we filled out important yearly documents. The people I met while at this school were phenomenal, and with the assistance we received I felt prepared for college.
Dr.Olga Mohan High School was one of the best 4 years of my life just because it gave me a new perspective on what i want to do in the future and what i need to do to obtain it. The teachers are all so helpful and fun to be with, not only can they be mentors but friends if needed. The school is relatively small, but it made everyone connect even more from staff, teachers, classmates from all grade level,etc.
Very good small school! Very college focused! Want to make sure every student applies to college which is a great thing!
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What I like about Dr. Olga Mohan high school was that the teachers never give up on their students. They want them to succeed and to continue deepening their education. Not only do they want them to academically excel but they also want their students to know the importance of having good manners and a respectful behavior.
Alliance Dr. Olga Mohan is a school that wants to make sure that their students have the best chances to be accepted into colleges. The teachers are nice and very helpful. The counselors also care about the future of their students. There isn't a great variety of APs to take but they are helpful. One thing that really sucks about the school is that there aren't a lot of sports for students to be involved in so there aren't any athletic scholarships.
I like that teacherst for the most part have a great relationship with their students. However, I dislike that the campus is really small. Due to the size of the campus, we are unable to stay active or participate in sports.
As a former, 15 year old graduate, student with a greater and higher intectual level than his peers, i felt like I wasn't given the appropriate, adequate environment or resources to succeed and strive for greater academic achievements. The mis-evualation of a student's ability to comprehend, evaluate, analyze the material quite often lead to being misplaced into greater, more extensive curriculars. Thus, the discrepancy in our intellectual level and comprehension level detrimentally affected my learning and developmental growth. -catering the students needs
At Dr. Olga Mohan your create a tight group of friends. The school is so small that it become extremely competive but in a healthy manner in where the student push themselves and their peers to do better. Although, the school does lack stops it makes up with the educational opportunities it provide; the school is small but it be fits students greatly because of the one on one time with their college councilors.
Although you can barely see the school from the street, DOMHS is a really good school. The teachers and staff there are so supportive and don't stop until we have reached our goals. They always push us to do our best in our classes, tests, and anything else we try. They give us all the resources necessary to be successful in high school, college, and eventually life. Probably the only thing that can be changed in our school is the lack of electives in our school. When I was in 8th grade, I was undecided as to which high school to come, but in the end i choose DOMHS. I am 100% a made the right choice.
The schools campus is too small, but the school in general has an outstanding academic system. The school also has a well equipped gym with treadmills and other workout machines.
Although this school is very small, all the teachers and staff know every single student and maintains a relationship with them. I like being in this school because I am very motivated to continue in school and go to college in order to have a successful life. I was given all the material needed in order to be successful in my four years of college. The workers in this school never give up on their students and gives them all that is necessary in order to succeed.
This is a really small school next to a freeway where a lot people don't know about. And just recently I noticed that this school was a parking lot before it became a school. There is a one on one interaction with both student and teachers which is a good thing because it helps the teachers know more about you.
Things that I like about my high school is the fact that the teachers want the best for you and that may mean that they may not be your favorite teachers but they provide many opportunities for students to become better. It's something other kids wouldn't find in other high schools. Things that my school should work on is getting a bigger building because our school was build in a parking lot. Due to that we don't have many sports as many students wish we would have. The food is gross and the school should do something to make the food better. The bathrooms should be remodel because there are some stalls that don't close others have a broken top. The second restrooms should be open after school because there are many girls and boys who have to change because of their clubs.
The student to staff ratio is great, i have enough one on one time with the teacher to ensure that i am performing my best. The only downfall is the campus is a bit small, and there aren't a wide enough selection of classes to cjose from.
I like that this school's staff are very involved in their students' academic life. Teachers are genuinely caring and devote a lot of their time for their students and it really shows through students' academic performances. Something I would like to see change is the amount of technology we use. There are only specific classes/ teachers that incorporate technology with their lessons, but I believe that more teachers should use it because it is more efficient and it helps with the advancing world we live in.
There are a variety of academics in this school for the subjects and the level of the class. They offer honors courses and AP courses, which really helps the students in preparing them for college. Each of the students' schedules depend of the individual's needs. Some students may need to take certain classe for their credit requirements or their academic level.
Student involvement in this school is excellent. Students of all grade levels participate in clubs and organizations for the school. The students at this school are very interactive with one another and are accepting of each other. There have never been problems with bullying at school.
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This school does a very good job at being invested in the students' academics and in student experience. Whenever we have big state tests coming up, our school has a pep rally, which helps students with stress and helps us have a good time as a school. The school is excellent at preparing students for big test to ensure good results. I would choose this school again because the staff is very caring and invested in all their students' learning, especially since we have a small campus.
Most teachers understand the struggles the students go through between all the classes. Therefore, they try everything in order to help the students maintain an a high GPA.
My overall experience at this school is somewhat great. This school has many flaws, since it's not well funded. The school lacks a field/area for sports, school resources (lab equipment & enough books for all the students), and even the liberty to choose ones classes. Although it may not have certain things that other highschools do, the school does have pride and is able to get by with what it has. It's a very small school, but it can be beneficial, since students get more attention from the teachers. This small school also focuses more on academics than sports, which can essentially be more important.
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