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Alliance Dr. Olga Mohan High School Reviews

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I enjoyed my time at Alliance Dr. Olga Mohan High school and I will remember that forever especially since it is such a close and fun place to learn in. Everyone is there to help.
The teachers really care about their students and they use various methods of teaching to make sure the students understand the course work.
I love the academic rigor at my high school. Although this is something many students complain about, the fact that the school is relatively small (about 400) students makes it more competitive and intimate within the school culture.
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My high school experience at Alliance Dr. Olga Mohan was amazing. The teachers are very empathetic, kind, and creative. The most memorable moments about my time in DOMHS would be college application week. As a first generation college student filling out college applications was scary,terrifying. The teachers walked us through every step if we needed help they would kindly help us out.
My high school is as isolated as it gets. When I tell people where my high school is, they are surprised that there is a high school behind that staples. However, I love my high school. It is a very small with a graduating class of only 93 students. I consider it my second home, and have had meaningful experiences in my time here, such as a going to a nuclear conference in Canada, or going to the east coast to visit colleges such as MIT. I have had so many opportunities because of my school, meeting with Japanese high school students to discuss nuclear weapons, working with kids in a science summer camp at the Natural History Museum and La Brea Tar Pits. I'll never forget my time here, and will cherish it for years to come.
I graduated from Mohan last spring. My experience at the school was good, it has to do a lot with what how much effort the student wants to put in. How much you put in is how much you get out.
DOMHS is a small school in DTLA who many may never notice or not even catch on the map by how small it is. I spent my last four years at that school and although there are no sports the school offers so many academic opportunities and leadership opportunities through clubs such as JSA, ASB, Nuclear Weapons club, and many more. The school is run by an administration and staff who are dedicated to helping the students grow on a daily and make them better students, and persons as they prepare to go to college. Without that school I would not be attending UCI and given an opportunity to chase my dreams academically and athletically.
Very good school. The best part of the school is the teachers as they will not give up on you. These teachers will help you raise your grade and spend as much time as you need. This school makes sure the students are ready to go to college. The staff takes every step that is necessary to help everyone succeed. One thing I wish that could change about the school is its size. The school is very small and hidden from everyone else.
My experience at Alliance Dr. Olga Mohan High has been great. Over the years the school and grown and had made many new changes. Changes from features to rules. The schools is very dedicated into getting kids into a college. The counselors teachers and other staff care for students and their well being and push them to try their hardest so when the times comes they are ready to go to feo llegue and are able to get into the college they wish to go to.
I like that this school really builts you up and that they motivate u to go to college and guve u opportunities to apply to several things in order to be successful in the future. I love that when one struggles they are all able to help them raise there grade i love how they are so on it all the time!.
It was a great school with many teachers who bond with their students and great communication through out.
The pep-rallies are really fun.The teachers are always willing to help with whatever you need. They are willing to open up space for office hours.
My experience at Dr Olga Mohan High School was amazing. The teachers and staff are very caring and they make sure that students are safe and comfortable. They also make sure that students go to college and they provide you with that support. I would like the campus size to change so that students have more freedom.
What I liked about the school was that everyone (students) were really close together. Students were treated as family. It is a small campus but not bad for it to be a school. The counselors were really helpful when it came to college applications. Something that should be changed is that the staff shouldn't be worrying about school uniform and start worrying about the students academics.
This school shaped me into the person I am today. The staff made sure every student was able to be successful and receive additional help and resources.
Overall the school prepared me for going to college, but they don't really guide you in finding what you want to do. Also, they prioritize students with high grades who have the potential of going to an IVY league which they should pay attention to them but they end up leaving everyone else on their own. Also the food sucks.
What I enjoy about my school is how small it is. I enjoy this because you are allowed to create bonds with everyone around you and I go to a school where I know everyone on campus. However, I feel as if there should be more resources for students more announcements for summer programs or even more field trips to colleges.
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What I liked about Alliance Dr.Olga Mohan High School is that you are able to get to know all your teachers one on one since the school is small. You get the chance to get to know many people from different background. The school is also very good at getting students into 4 year colleges and staying there. The teachers and staff all work as one to make sure students of low income get the chance to move out of the common expectation of them such as not going to college and working minimum wage jobs. The school is so small like if I was to compare it to something it will be a parking lot, but what it lacks in size it makes up in the giant size of heart the teachers and staff have for the students. The school is good in all aspects; however, the downside of this school is that it is sometimes hard to find school spirit.While this school has flaws, it is still very great school and can compete all of the world and in the United States.
Dr. Olga Mohan High School has helped me in numerous ways. The teachers and staff have been with me in every step of the way. DOMHS is more than a school, its a family. I loved it here.
Dr. Olga Mohan Highschool is a great school that provides students with the necessary tools to succeed in school. Additionally, they also provide after school tutoring hours for all students to attend in case they need help. Teachers are always there to help even during lunch. They support you with anything you wish to accomplish during your high school career. also, because Dr.Olga Mohan High school is a small school students feel more as a family rather than a regular high school.
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