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Alliance Dr. Olga Mohan High School Reviews

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The pep-rallies are really fun.The teachers are always willing to help with whatever you need. They are willing to open up space for office hours.
My experience at Dr Olga Mohan High School was amazing. The teachers and staff are very caring and they make sure that students are safe and comfortable. They also make sure that students go to college and they provide you with that support. I would like the campus size to change so that students have more freedom.
What I liked about the school was that everyone (students) were really close together. Students were treated as family. It is a small campus but not bad for it to be a school. The counselors were really helpful when it came to college applications. Something that should be changed is that the staff shouldn't be worrying about school uniform and start worrying about the students academics.
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This school shaped me into the person I am today. The staff made sure every student was able to be successful and receive additional help and resources.
Overall the school prepared me for going to college, but they don't really guide you in finding what you want to do. Also, they prioritize students with high grades who have the potential of going to an IVY league which they should pay attention to them but they end up leaving everyone else on their own. Also the food sucks.
What I enjoy about my school is how small it is. I enjoy this because you are allowed to create bonds with everyone around you and I go to a school where I know everyone on campus. However, I feel as if there should be more resources for students more announcements for summer programs or even more field trips to colleges.
What I liked about Alliance Dr.Olga Mohan High School is that you are able to get to know all your teachers one on one since the school is small. You get the chance to get to know many people from different background. The school is also very good at getting students into 4 year colleges and staying there. The teachers and staff all work as one to make sure students of low income get the chance to move out of the common expectation of them such as not going to college and working minimum wage jobs. The school is so small like if I was to compare it to something it will be a parking lot, but what it lacks in size it makes up in the giant size of heart the teachers and staff have for the students. The school is good in all aspects; however, the downside of this school is that it is sometimes hard to find school spirit.While this school has flaws, it is still very great school and can compete all of the world and in the United States.
Dr. Olga Mohan High School has helped me in numerous ways. The teachers and staff have been with me in every step of the way. DOMHS is more than a school, its a family. I loved it here.
Dr. Olga Mohan Highschool is a great school that provides students with the necessary tools to succeed in school. Additionally, they also provide after school tutoring hours for all students to attend in case they need help. Teachers are always there to help even during lunch. They support you with anything you wish to accomplish during your high school career. also, because Dr.Olga Mohan High school is a small school students feel more as a family rather than a regular high school.
Overall, being a student in this school was a pleasant experience, but it could have been better. The positives are that this school really helps and encourages its students to strive for greatness academically and offers the opportunity to retest examines. Some negatives are the lack of after school activities(when I was around) and the area.
The school is great because the teacher is great and the student.Also is great because the school is motivate me to keep trying.
What I liked about Dr.Olga Mohan High School is that the school gave a sense of community. A community filled with caring students and devoted teachers.
I like the teachers and the staff they are all super friendly and since it is a small school they are very involved with an individual student. The teachers and staff will stay after school instead of leaving to make sure that the students that are struggiling on the material can master it and the campus culture is like where are you going to go to college not if you are going to go. The only negative thing about the school is the campus size since the entire school is just bungalos.
What I liked about this school was that it was one of the top schools in the U.S. and it even got a National Blue Ribbon, which was amazing. Even though it is a small school, you get to build close relationships with your peers and your teachers.
Being in Alliance Dr. Olga Mohan High School, I learned how to over come educational struggles and strive to get the best grades with the help of amazing teachers.
I loved the attention teachers placed on students. They made sure we excelled in every aspect during our time there and when we went off to college. I faced many challenges, and was able to go to teachers for advice and support. Once I left for college, some teachers and admin maintained contact in order to keep us updated. They contacted us via social media to ensure we filled out important yearly documents. The people I met while at this school were phenomenal, and with the assistance we received I felt prepared for college.
Dr.Olga Mohan High School was one of the best 4 years of my life just because it gave me a new perspective on what i want to do in the future and what i need to do to obtain it. The teachers are all so helpful and fun to be with, not only can they be mentors but friends if needed. The school is relatively small, but it made everyone connect even more from staff, teachers, classmates from all grade level,etc.
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Very good small school! Very college focused! Want to make sure every student applies to college which is a great thing!
What I like about Dr. Olga Mohan high school was that the teachers never give up on their students. They want them to succeed and to continue deepening their education. Not only do they want them to academically excel but they also want their students to know the importance of having good manners and a respectful behavior.
Alliance Dr. Olga Mohan is a school that wants to make sure that their students have the best chances to be accepted into colleges. The teachers are nice and very helpful. The counselors also care about the future of their students. There isn't a great variety of APs to take but they are helpful. One thing that really sucks about the school is that there aren't a lot of sports for students to be involved in so there aren't any athletic scholarships.
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