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Alliance College-Ready Middle Academy #5 Reviews

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My school has a great sport spirit. Whenever, we have sport events, we all attend to give our support. Students involved in these activities, truly give their best effort and enthusiasm. Every team works exactly as a team. There are very few disputes between team members, but there has never been any violent confrontations. The few resources or athletic facilities our school has, motivate students to stay in form and avoid any other harmful activities.
Teachers at my school are devoted to our education. Whether it is in the classroom or not, they are always available to help us with their class or others. They manage to succeed in class by presenting a well prepared and understandable lesson. They make sure everyone understands the lectures, otherwise, they compel students to come to tutoring. They treat every student with patience and respect. Teachers are knowledgeable on their topic and can provide excellent explanations. In short, our teachers are great educators.
My school is an excellent social scene. Every student on campus, is friendly and helpful to others. Peer pressure is absolutely loathed by everyone on campus. We all manage to get along just fine and avoid any violent confrontation. Racial diversity is most likely a learning opportunity rather than a conflict. We share and learn from other cultures in school. Although, there are a few students who tend to be aggressive, our staffs handle it well, therefore, it is not an issue.
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My school offers extracurricular activities such as basket ball, football, soccer, dance club, anime club, chess club and debate club, among others. I personally enjoy anime and chess club the most, but football and dance club are the most popular and preferred ones. In anime club, we all share and watch our favorite anime and have small debates on which one has the highest ranking. In chess club, we challenge who we want and prepare for monthly contests between students and teachers. Although, we don't get the best funding for our clubs, we receive just enough to maintain our clubs. Administration support, is excellent. Staff and teachers hear our concerns and new ideas and do their best to accomplish them.
I believe my school performs well on safety and health issues. Bullying, to begin, is not an issue. In any case it was, I assure you, my school would right away handle the problem with appropriate measures. Security personnel, unquestionably maintain order during school hours. There are cameras monitoring campus, to secure the safety of others. Random K9 searches, constantly, take place in school campus. In regard of school health, our nurse is responsible and caring for every student. Medicine for simple treatment such as stomach aches or headaches. are provided for students.
The food is made by people who don't use machines most the time.
There are mainly two different races at the school.
There should be more variety and involvement in sports at the school.
There is hardly any bullying towards students in this school, and the dress code is just fine as it is.
Teachers always give the grade the student deserved.
There isn't any nurse which isn't safe for students in case of an emergency
My favorite experience from attending ACRAHS 5 is being able to interact with teachers and getting support from them as well.
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