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Alliance College-Ready Academy High School #16 Reviews

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There are various resources available for students. We have printers, class necessities, etc. for every student on campus. If any class item runs out, there is always a backup in the office. The counseling team is great as well since they provide information that will benefit us for college. In addition, there are not much options academic wise since it is a small school, but our A-G requirements are covered. Our school provides AP and Honors courses that help us prepare for the rigorous courses in college and to expose us to college material. Moreover, the school should change the lunch options; packaged food that often becomes repetitive is not appetizing. The school wastes a lot of cardboard since we don't have plastic trays. That should be changed in order for our schoool to be environmental friendly. We should also be provided with more options for classes such as physics and computer science.
What I really liked about Alliance was that the teachers, counselors and staff at the school were really supportive. Also, everyone was nice to each other and we had the resources to be able to learn what we had to learn. What I would like to see change is maybe introducing some sports or clubs and a variety of elective classes.
This school taught me a lot. In academics it is good, they just want you to succeed. I learned a lot from not only other students but my teachers. I can get help at any time and ask for not only class advice but also for college.
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As a student at College Ready Academy #16, or now known as Ted K Tajima my experience at this school has so far been amazing. I began in my sophomore year, with the lack of motivation and bad behavior towards school. I was immediately spoken to by my counselor in hope of taking courses that bring up grade. There was academical help, and social as well! The environment is welcoming and thankfully clean too, something not many schools have.
Quite frankly I doubt you'll find a school who is interested in their students with less resources compared to other major high schools
I am a student leader at Alliance College-Ready Academy High School #16, most recently renamed Alliance Ted K. Tajima. As a high school sophomore, Tajima has granted me numerous opportunities. The school has prepared me for college. Not only do they inform me about available opportunities outside of school, but they aid me in researching and pursuing things that I am interested in. The school strongly values students traditions by hosting cultural celebrations and activities. They incorporate family by enabling a welcoming environment. Personally, although there are some disadvantages to having a small school, like not having enough space for sports, administration strives to find enrichment and leadership development programs for students. For instance, I am a current member of my schools swim team. Overall, my experience at Tajima High has been splendid because I am allowed to express myself as an artistic student and be a scholar-athlete at the same time.
What I like about this school is that there the counseling department does a very good job to provide students with field trips, college representative visits, and more to get us more familiar with the college transition process.
My first year in this high school was very, very great. The things about this school is that even though it is very small, it still tries to give you all the resources you need. All of the teachers try to help in every way. At the end of each academic year, the teachers try you let you out of the school with a grade that you deserve, and that's been done with extra work or exams to raise one's grade up. The school overall still tries to be at its best, and it has been doing that ever since it was built, including the teachers and staff. Almost everybody knows and helps eachother as friends. Bullying isn't really a presence at this school, since everybody is friendly towards eachother. At the same time they do understand the stress and troubles a student can have, and the teachers are always trying to help out.
What I like from Alliance College Ready is that the teachers worry about us. What I would change from it will be the food.
My experience in this school was amazing. I got to know my counselors very well which meant that I had all the help that I wanted and needed. This also meant that they introduced me to all of the opportunities that I would otherwise have missed if I didn't have their help.
I liked how I felt I was part of a family and that the staff members really cared for the students. We all worked as a team and the teachers never gave up on us. They pushed us to do our bery best and more than 90% of the seniors are going to some type of college.
This school and their staff go out of their way to help you succeed During the college application process, the councilors helped out during every step of the way. If it meant we had to stay at school until 7pm, the councilors were there with us helping with whatever we needed. Additionally, the rest of the staff on campus make you feel as if you were family. Most of them, if not all, try to make themselves reachable whenever you need them. For example, Ms. Salazar, one of our councilers gave each of the seniors her phone number so we could stay in contact outside if school in case we needed help with applications and scholarships.
Alliance College-Ready Academy High School #16, now known as Ted K. Tajima High School is a fast paced learning environment, teachers teach the students in a clear and concise format. Almost everything there is something to learn, there's never a day where you just don't do anything. Teachers are mostly available 24/7, you sometimes see teacher stay 3 hours afterschool for tutoring or just to finish up work and they are more than happy to help you continue your education. Every teacher pays attention to every student, nobody is left out, everybody has the same opportunity to learn. This school is a safe learning environment.
This school is very friendly, everyone is friends with one another. When I First came here I thought that I would be alone but I was wrong. The counselors are more focused on you and they check up on you.
What I liked a lot about Alliance College-Ready Academy High School #16 is that teachers help students on what they don't understand. Teachers, administrators, councilor, etc. help students to be prepared for college and make students stay in college. Students get information about financial aid, what college are good for students. One thing I would like for the school to change is that they should add sports or any other programs that students can join.
What I like about this school is that the teachers and staff are very friendly. There is no drama and everyone gets along. Something that can change is if there is more technology in the classroom which would be very helpful.
What I like about the school is that everyone is caring and there is no one to bully you. In my experience everyone is nice and they share there experiences abut their weekend. It is a diverted community, but it is a lot of fun since many people bring their cultures and traditions making the school have many clubs and activities to do.
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What I really like about this school is that everyone is treated the same way and that the teachers are very nice and if you failed a test they give you a chance to redo it.And the kids in that school are really nice too.There are many events in that school.What they can change are the sweaters but that's it we use uniform but we have ice cream once a month if we have perfect attendence.
Despite being a small school CRAHS #16's education system was exceptional. I think what i liked the most was that the teachers where engaged with their students. Since CRAHS #16 was a small school we where able to get a lot of one-on-one help when we had academic struggles. One thing i would have liked was to have more sports. Our school did not have enough funds to initiate sport teams.
Alliance College Ready #16 also known as Ted. K. Tajima H.S. is a school that I recomend to anyone that wants a future. This school provides you with all the benefits, materials, and help you can get. Fee waiver for college applications free SAT free ACT it can not get any better. You will be prepared for college no matter what. You will make that want the same or different jobs as you. The teachers wprk with you one on one to make sure that you not only underatand but become proficient and advanced in the topic that they are teaching you in. I recomend this school to anyone because no matter who you or where you crom from as long as you give your 110% you will make it to college.
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