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Alliance Cindy & Bill Simon Technology Academy High School Reviews

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Simon Tech is a sepctacular school to learn at. the school staff and teachers get along very well with the students and seem to become a big family. If anything were to be changed about the school it would have to be the food which seems to be inadequate for the students. The academic courses that have been taught at this school have helped the students that attend here. Overall, Simon Tech can be a second home to those who attend it.
Alliance Cindy And Bill Simon High School is a very diverse school. What I like about the school is that they have very high expectations when it comes to respecting each other and our culture. One thing I do not like about the school is the lunch menu.
Simon tech was a fairly compact school, therefore, there was not much space for activities. Although these limitations, the school made it work by holding events at "the cave". The cave was essentially a preexisting parking lot converted into an auditorium, gym, lunch area, and a recreation area. The classes felt person in a sense since they were small enough for teachers to focus on the students individually and personally get to know them. However, some teachers did not exactly seem to be cut out for the job for reasons varying from laziness, lack of professionalism, unorganized lessons, and/or failure to properly instruct or assist students. For these reasons simontech was not the best school but it made for a enjoyable time and somewhat pleasant learning experience.
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There really aren't words that could describe the incredible experience I had attending this school. The time I spent attending this school will forever be cherished for as long as I live. This school is not only a place to have an education but a place to have a second family, one that will support you and help you overcome any obstacle given to you. The space of this school may be limited but the opportunities offered are endless, opening doors to many places and not resting until each student has achieved their goal.
Since my 4 years in Simon Technology High School, Ive had the best time, not just with my friends but also with teacher. SimonTech will give your child ready for college not only that just it also changes your child character that will get them ready for life after college.
Simon Tech is like my second home, everyone knows and cares for each other like a big family. The teachers, staff, faculty and even students are always their to support one another in the bad and good and are their to give you advice. They also give you that little push of encouragement when you need it. Simon Tech is the best school and I will really miss it when I graduate.
I believe the school is very into getting you to college. I believe it is important for a school to make sure not only do the students get accepted to college but also in finishing college and joining a career. I believe schools around our area on in touch with the students or care as much as Simontech. I believe if you are a student who truly wants to go to college you must sign up to this school. What is most amazing is how they try to shape a student on really believing they can achieve anything. They sports team are awesome and the clubs are all fun and life changing experiences.
Students are guaranteed to be helped when applying to universities and given the chance to improve themselves. Teachers also do their best to help students out when necessary.
Was good enough to get by. Great staff, but lacked resources here and there. Not a typical high school experience, but certainly fostered a type of closeness with the teachers and students, given the small size.
What I like about Simon Tech is that the staff and teachers are very involved, they are there for students when it comes to grades or to personal problems. It's a small school, but it helps when it comes to knowing all staff and students.
My experience at Simon tech has been great ! I've nerve tons of new people each year . The staff is so helpful and greets you with a smile everyday . If I could see a change I would say maybe try and add more sports . Such as softball , volleyball and track and field .
Every teacher helps the students out. They hope to get all students engaged to guarantee their acceptance to thier dream colleges and that what you want in a school.
My school offers different types of organizations from the running trask to the women rights organization. It gives students different opportunities to be a part of something everyday.
My school is unique because it happends to be small. The parking lot happends to be our cafeteria and our auditorium. It is peaceful during lunch time and there are times when they serve good lunch food.
The teacher are caring and use different methods until a student is able to learn. They grade on quantity not much on quality, focusing more if the student is learning more than trying to get the answer right from someone else.
The only thing that sucks about the health and safety part of the school, is the lunch.
There aren't many extracurriculars, but the one's we do have, are of the highest quality.
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At first I hated the school because of how small it is, but that hasn't impacted any of the learning targets or the curriculum.
Aside from 2 or 3 teachers, Simon Tech has the best faculty.
Most of the teachers in my school are very helpful. They try to help me succeed and go to college. Ms. Castor is a great teacher she's always pushing me to do my best and focus on my future. Second there's Ms.Luna I can always express crazy thoughts or my brightest ideas but also I can be myself and we have a good relationship. Third is Mr.Flores he's a really helpful teacher. He's a person that expects a lot from me and wants the best for me I really thank him for his support. Forth, there's Ms. Manning she's a woman that has been through so much in her life but still has courage to show up to school with a smile. She's a great person and she really inspires my life. Fifth, there's
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