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it's been good. Favoritism runs high throughout
My favorite experience is the family atmosphere.
Overall the teachers are good. There are two or three in the high school that are mean, ill equipped, and not good at teaching. The rest are great at there job for the most part and are fair.
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The bathrooms are disgusting. Over half of the toilets are broken and the lights are the same way. The science room is outdated and awkward. The ceiling leaks when it rain in several of the classrooms as well as the gym. There is no nice technology. It is all very outdated. Equipment in the computer lab is always breaking. There is little to no tutoring for struggling students. A child was told to go to another school because they could not accommodate for their learning disability. The school only has one bus which has no ac or heat. You can not lock it and it only goes 50 mph because of the governor on it. Plus it doesn't have the school name on the side of the bus. The college prep resources are getting better but they are still lacking.
The school is safe but people cyber bully a lot. Some girls cut themselves over it.
The administrator is very rude and mean. The office staff is very helpful and nice. They are very strict on dress code. If you are out of dress code you will be made to wear clothes provided by the office. They let students who have missed more than 24 days of school to pass to the next grade.
The only extracurricular group the school has is band. It is not hard to get into
To apply to attend you just ask the front office for an application then you fill it out, return it, then you will schedule an interview. They ask you personal questions like what is your view on Christianity? Do you have a relationship with God? How is your relationship with God? You do not have to have good grades to het into the school. You do take a placement test but they do not use it In their decision. If you want financial aid, you have to ask. They will not offer it to you.
it is not to costly
plenty of stuff to do
best years of my life!
`They have great administration sometimes to hard on students, they push us to do our best though!
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