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There are several great teachers at ACA, and that's the highlight of the school. There is not a lot of accountability for students, so slackers aren't really held responsible for their work, which makes the pace of classes a drag for anyone who actually does the work and wants to move forward. There is no program or support to prepare students for the college application process, and I'm lucky that I could reach out to a few teachers to help me, because the counselor and ES that I worked with did very little to help with that whole process. ACA prepares kids to go to community college or not get a higher education at all, tbh. I wish they would give kids some support in planning their futures.
Alliance Charter Academy offers a very personalized education program that helps its students succeed. It's a great environment for kids to learn, and all of the staff care personally about student succeed.
They really care about their students. I had the freedom to choose which classes I took, they challenged me to do the best that I could do. I got to run programs and clubs for my fellow students, and the community was amazing.
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The community at ACA is amazing and the opportunity this program gives to students to create their own education the way they would like it gives them a head start on making big life decisions.
Alliance Charter Academy is dedicated to catering to the individual needs of each student through parent-teacher cooperation. This allows devoted parents to aid in the role of helping their child reach his or her full academic potential through the help of Educational Specialists and teachers. The environment created by this set up is one generally positive and excellent for learning. However, as in all schools that take a different approach to education there are occasional draw-backs resulting from their chosen method of parent involvement and tailored education. It has been my experience though that the school continually does its best to look after each and every student.
It is a really good fit for some people, but was not the best fit for me.
Some teachers are great, a few that are less than pleasant. Many will hold your hand and be overly accommodating.
I've already explained this with teachers, but the academics are really poor. The assignments are easy and simple, and most of the time I feel at the end of a year I have learned very little. I'm never challenged, just bored.
I really do not feel unsafe here. However, it is located in a sketchy neighborhood. The convenience store on the corner is rumored to be a drug dealing place. There are no security guards of any sort, and basically anybody could walk in. You'd think I'd feel unsafe, but I really don't. However, the school is not taking any actions to keep the environment as safe as possible. I believe that if someone really wanted to commit a crime, they easily could.
There are close to none. The only club I've heard of is the chess club and the gay-straight alliance club (absolutely pathetic options). There is no government (if there are, they have no presence), and there is a singing group I believe. You'll really have to look elsewhere for extracurriculars.
This is a charter school that should seriously be shut down. The administrators are incompetent, the curriculum is a joke, the teachers lack the proper training, there are very few extracurriculars (if any), no college prep, no vocational prep, basically nothing of substance. The point of this school was to allow homeschoolers to come together and take classes for some subjects while homeschooling for others. A unique idea, but it just isn't being pulled off very well. Also, the school has decided to bring in children with mental and learning disabilities, like autism, and has intermingled them with the other students. This forces teachers to teach at a much lower level, and the social dynamics leaves a lot to be desired. Overall, I highly recommend you avoid this school. The only redeeming quality is their dual enrollment program they offer to high schoolers. I currently attend the local community college full time where I'm receiving an ACTUAL education. I can't wait to get out of here entirely and attend a good college or university.
Most do not have sufficient qualifications. The teachers here are really mediocre. What they actually "teach" in class is very simple and repetitive. There was one teacher who was very good, but she retired this last year. Most of the classes are poorly structured, and students are given WAY too long to do homework assignments. On top of that, most assignments are mind numbingly easy and/or redundant. I can't help but think middle school was more challenging and rigorous.
School administration is sometimes scary and sometimes seems like they want to make things difficult. But then sometimes they turn and do really nice things to give you a helping hand.
The teachers really shine in their care for students. They sometimes are lacking in strictness and let students get off with slacking.
There aren't many extracurriculars. It's a very small school.
No formal sports. The gym is small.
Seems fine from what I saw.
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Resources, equipment, and facilities are generally good. The building is clean and the technology mostly up to date.
It worked for me. We were homeschoolers who didn't want to do our own transcripts. So this offered us the flexibility to still study some subjects at home but get them transcripted. There were inconveniences, sure, but overall it was good.
Academics are okay. The classes onsite tend to be easy and the teachers let kids get away with too much slacking. But students can choose to take more challenging classes elsewhere, and the school will still transcript them for you.
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