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At Baxter High School, every student has access to technology. On our chromebooks or macbooks, we use Summit's PLP (Personalized Learning Platform) to learn content independently. In doing this, students at Baxter learn to become independent learners and become self-geared in managing time and learning content at a reasonable pace. We work on projects inside and outside of class, and rubrics are used to break down the different skills we are using and what level we are currently at in that skill. We do peer reviews in class to get feedback on how to improve our work, and we get one or two chances to resubmit for a better score depending on when you turned in the project. The campus is small, and almost everyone knows each other. Our school culture is still developing, and we have many clubs available. Overall, it is a great school and I am very glad to be a student at Baxter.
During my three years of being a student at Baxter High School, I learned that we, the students, have voice to what changes in our school. I've experienced drastic changes from resources like Haiku, to Summit, I've seen changes in little workshops we call forum. What I like about my school because they think of so many changes just for the benefits of their students. The people here really seem to care about our futures and never cease to try and help them reach their full potential. One thing I would like to change is the platform we use called PLP, the problem I have is that the work on the PLP does not reflect the understanding the student actually has.
It takes a good amount of work to be here. Students often have to be prepared for changes they weren't aware of so it teaches us not to trust anything and be prepared for everything.
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Alliance Alice M. Baxter College-Ready High School is a school that stands out amongst the other LAUSD schools. Our school had one particular sponsor, his last name the name of this school, who is always willing to keep up the resources needed for student success. Each student's curriculum is based off this software called the Summit Learning © "Personalized Learning Platform" and every student is willing to face its everyday tasks/challenges.
What I asked a parent liked about the school on main and 47th street was how helpful the counsellors and teachers and front of use where everytime I seeked assistance for my daughter who just graduated from the school.I also like the fact that they assisted with preparing the students with their sat exam , I only wished that it was longer time than it was.
Baxter High School is a charter high school that recently opened 4 years ago. The school is meant to prepare you for college and provide you with opportunities you would usually never have at other high schools. It does mean well and has since the very beginning but because these are its very first years as a real high school its still figuring out how to run itself properly. At the moment its not what it had promised to be but thats to be expected with a bran new school so its average at the moment.
Teachers at this school always are there when the students need them they help us out all the time when we need it. For example a teacher taught a group of students calculus over the summer so that the students would be prepare when classes started.
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