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Top quality school. The staff here are extremely nice and are always willing to give extra help if you go up to them and ask for it. Allentown has a very good sports program, with coaches that are very understanding of your school situation. We offer many different clubs and extracurriculars, and if your favorite hobby/interest is unavailable, you can go out and make a club for it myself. Allentown gave me the resources to start our first volleyball club, and without the support of administration and staff I couldn't have got it done.
Allentown Bogh School has a wonderful set of staff and teachers who will all help you get through the year and will push you to achieve all of your goals. Our resources are always there during school and after if you need extra help. We have a writing clinic that you can visit at any time of the day to help guide you through your rough drafts and other assignments to check for errors and give you extra tips. We use chromebooks during school when needed, and you can visit the library at amy time during the day for material needed for class. Our guidance counselors are very involved in helping us get through our year and set out steps for us when it's time for college. There is always assistance for us students.
I really enjoyed my experience at Allentown High School. The people and staff are fantastic and really nice. The only reason I won't give 5 stars is because of the archaic school design and weird rules.
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Allentown High School has been an amazing experience from start to finish. The staff is extremely well organized and very friendly, there are many opportunities to expand your horizons and make lifelong friendships.
I believe AHS is one of the better high schools in the area. I'very made a lot of friends because of my involvement in sports and extracurricular activities. I wish I took classes I actually was interested in. The academics could slightly be better. The food is not that good/unhealthy. The administration and faculty have been fantastic towards me.
My experience at Allentown High School varied throughout my years here. The majority of my teachers during my junior and senior years were terrific- so intelligent and able to bring outside events into the classroom. I think the science and math department lack teachers that care about their students and are able to give them the materials, study help, and support they need to succeed. Phillip Folino, Susan Thompson, Daniel Fallon, Cheryl Chambliss, Michele Zekas...some of the best teachers the school has. I think it depends on how much effort you wish to put into your schoolwork, but these teachers go out of their way to make sure their students are doing well in not only their classes, but their personal lives as well. By taking multiple AP classes in both of my upperclassmen years here, I feel ready to attack college and I feel that most of my teachers have prepared me.
Allentown High School was a great experience for me. Most of the teachers there really care about your education and go out of their way to make sure they are helping you.
The four years I spent at Allentown have been great. I've never had any problems with teachers or any other faculty. The best part about Allentown is the dedication of our staff. Many teachers push their students to succeed.
Allentown High School is a rather small institution, with a multitude of courses and areas of study. We have one of the top Future Farmers of America clubs in the nation. We also offer many career-guided clubs such as tomorrows teachers, culinary club, debate team, and science leagues to only name a select few. We also have appetizing lunches, which is almost unheard of in most schools. the real Boar's Head cold cuts and delectable entrees are almost impossible to resist. None of this would be possible however without the teachers inside. They are extremely available and flexible. I have never had a problem in my four years with accessing my teachers. The only thing that AHS loses a star for is the administrators in the office. They are often unfair to students and pick favorite. But hey, the pros outweigh the cons. I am pretty lucky to have attended a school with so many bright and happy faces.
over all school was good, played sports and the programs are good and competitive. Teachers are willing to help you if you are having a hard time and will give you the extra help if need be.
like every school you have your clicks and groups
Classes and teachers are good. pretty standard home work load
The health and safety policies at Allentown High School were fantastic. There was always security guards in every hallway, along with a police officer patrolling the school grounds. Security policies included random locker searches, security cameras, and visitor check in. The health of the school was also taken seriously by administration. There was janitors cleaning the school at all times to ensure a low quantity of germs on the surfaces of objects. Along side the janitors efforts to keep the school clean, their were often meetings which told students to shower and wear deodorant products. The school nurse would provide deodorant products for the students.
There is a great variety of extracurricular opportunities at Allentown High School. I myself took part in playing football, baseball and basketball with my time spent at Allentown. These three sports surrounded myself with great coaches and peer in which we all learned from each other and worked together. Along with the sports I have personally played, the school offered many other extracurricular activities such as FFA, chess club, videogame club, band, lacrosse, soccer, wrestling, bowling, tennis and much more.
I absolutely loved attending Allentown High School. I had memorable experiences at Allentown such as meeting great people in which I am still friends with today and playing sports in which I had carried into college. Allentown is a unique public school which draws in students from three different surrounding towns which forms a diverse population. I would definitely attend Allentown again if I were to go back in time.
The teachers that I had while attending Allentown High School were great. The teachers that I had during the duration of my stay at Allentown High School were dedicated to their work and went out of their way to help struggling students after classes and outside of school if needed. The Allentown teaching staff used their knowledge to create a variety of teaching styles such as games and technology to keep the student involved in the technology. The grading system at Allentown High School was always on a "points scale." Having a point scale grading system is when the teachers give an exam where instead of receiving a percentage out of one-hundred, the student would receive points. For example, on a math test with twenty questions, a student answers fifteen correct the final score would be fifteen out of twenty. With this said, the overall quality of the teachers at Allentown High School were fantastic, the teachers used interesting styles of teaching, their knowledge learned over the years, expressed interest in students, easy to communicate with, and were consistent while grading.
I am currently going into my senior year and I have had great experiences with all of my teachers. They are all extremely knowledgeable and engaged with their students. Of course, some are more friendly and accessible than others, but overall, Allentown High School has phenomenal teachers.
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There is basically a club for everyone at this school. Sometimes the clubs aren't advertised as well but there is really many opportunities for everyone.
As an upcoming senior I have completed 3 full years at this school . There has been a series of different events that have kept me from having the best experience at this school. My freshman year I experienced some serious adversity from my peers and that took a toll on me. I also had a really bad experience with one of my teachers that made me really question whether or not this was the school for me. Something I learned from these experiences was that you can't allow a few bad experiences deter your opinion about people as a whole. The reason I learned this was because when I was going through the things I went through, I began to look at everyone the same way. As mean and rude people, and that hindered me from enjoying my time there. There will always be ignorant people in the world, that's a fact but in the same sense there will always be some good people in the world too and Allentown High School is full of wonderful people.
Allentown High School does have many teachers who care greatly about their students but there are also some teachers who aren't the most supportive and friendly.
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