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Allentown High School has allowed me to grow into a more responsible and motivated individual and learn skills that will help me become successful through higher education. I appreciate all that the teachers have done to get their students involved in the classroom and the motivation throughout the classrooms to learn and do our best as students.
The first word that sticks out when I talk about Allentown High School is community. Over the coarse of the past year, many event occurred at school and across the nation that put people on edge. In these scarce times, our school has stuck together as one community, helping each other in every single way we can allowing the students, faculty and parents to feel safe.
First off, who is Allen and why is my town named after him? The teachers are ok at best. Cafeteria food gave me indigestion. The girls are pretty but none of them wanted to date me. I liked being in the shows aside from when my lung collapsed. That hurt. Overall, I’d say my twin had a better time here than I did. - beaker
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Allentown High School has prepared me for college in many ways. The different courses it offers really cater to the specific needs and wants of its students pursuing careers in all different fields from culinary to biology. The relationships the students have with students at Allentown are really what make it so unique and special. It is so apparent that the teachers care about the success of students and love watching them grow. They act as a mentor and as a senior in high school I can say that I feel safe, comfortable, and wanted standing next to the amazing staff at Allentown
Allentown has a lot of opportunities for students to take classes that interest them. However, the administration was sometimes strict on issues that should not have been problematic, making the issue a bigger deal than it really should have been.
There are very high standards here! I love the fact that my A student is continually challenged. She has really had to work for her accomplishments. The students have the opportunity to attend labs, get help from honor students, get individual teacher assistance. The athletics program is also very strong with focus on teamwork and player development, not just on winning.
I spent 4 years of my life attending Allentown High school and I have to say ,I have had one of my best experiences of my life.
Allentown High School is a great school to get ready for college. There are many classes available to help you decide your future. I enjoyed going to all of the sporting events, our school is full of spirit!! I am happy with my high school life and look forward to college.
There's always something to do after school between walking into town with friends to sports and clubs.
Allentown High School was perfect for me because it enabled me to take challenging and rigorous courses that few other schools in my area provided. Through some of these courses I am readying myself for college and even earning college credit. Also, Allentown has a great sports program, I which I played on the soccer team all four of my years there.
At Allentown I liked that some of the teachers made a real effort to get to know you and relate to things going on outside of school and giving you a little slack when it was obvious you were struggling. I enjoyed the classes and my classmates, at Allentown we all really don't have a problem to talking to each other it doesn't matter which group you're apart of you can go up and talk to whoever.
At Allentown i didn't like how intrusive some of the administration was.They would change rules if one thing went wrong or if people were too lazy to do their job. They would collect our phones every day due to a student getting on video a teacher saying things he shouldn't have. They no longer allow students to pull into their parking spots although you pay for your spot, you need to park facing the line.
Overall I enjoyed my experience at Allentown High School. I will miss it upon graduating in June but I am more than ready and excited for the next chapter of my life.
The classroom was extremely competitive and so was every program in the school. The school offers many programs such as senior praticum. Were students can have an internship as one of their classes. Also has the one of the top FFA programs available.
Allentown High School is in a very friendly town. It is an older building so it could use some renovations.
Allentown high school's Choice program allowed my to enter the school district. Over all, the school has been pretty accommodating. For example, my senior year they were able to provide bussing for the students who were living in Hamilton's school district. Of course, this included me.
It is a very good high school to go to. They have options for everyone, and no matter who you are you feel welcome!
Allentown High School has presented me with many opportunities. I received an outstanding education and was able to pick classes from a wide variety. The teachers at the school are always ready to stay after school and provide any extra assistance. I was able to join honor societies and clubs that taught me lessons and life skills. The only thing that bothered me was the low diversity of the school that can sometimes cause a minority to feel like an outsider. Nonetheless, my experience at Allentown High School was one of a kind.
I liked the challenging element of the classes, and was impressed with the availability to many AP and Honors classes that other schools do not offer. The academic environment is one oriented for all students' success, with resources such as a writing clinic, homework lab, and media center that provide additional support.
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Being an Alumni from Allentown High School, I could honestly say my perspective of high school was more than perfect. Not only did I make the most of this high school, but whatever effort I put in my teachers or coaches returned. High school is what you make of it and Allentown is a perfect repression of this.
My experience in Allentown High School was an average experience. I got to explore a different side of myself each day, and was given many opportunities to excel in different activities. I do wish for some of the teachers to switch up the way they teach their students because we, as students, tend to get bored of the lessons in school.
Top quality school. The staff here are extremely nice and are always willing to give extra help if you go up to them and ask for it. Allentown has a very good sports program, with coaches that are very understanding of your school situation. We offer many different clubs and extracurriculars, and if your favorite hobby/interest is unavailable, you can go out and make a club for it myself. Allentown gave me the resources to start our first volleyball club, and without the support of administration and staff I couldn't have got it done.
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