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Allentown Central Catholic prepared me very well for college. My only complaint is the lack of AP classes, which would have allowed me to receive more college credits. Other than that there are lots of opportunities and great teachers.
Good school that expects more academically from its students than a public school. The small size allows every student to be involved in some form of clubs or sports. Central has some strong sports teams, but the building is very old and dirty. A majority of the teachers are amazing and really want to be teaching there.
At Allentown Central Catholic I learned leadership, strength, and unity. I hope every student who goes through the school, that they learn that as well. I would not want to change anything about this school.
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ACCHS has completely fallen apart. The constant principle changes and the lack of rule enforcement allows you to do whatever you want. Anyone like to vape? Come to central! You can vape in the hallway as you go to your next class... teachers don’t care !!! Make sure your in dress code though, you will get written up if you aren’t !! Don’t see a trash can but you really need to throw away your empty bag of doritos ? It’s ok!! At central you can throw any type of trash in the hallway and admire it for the next month because we all know the janitors never clean ! Oh and PS I wouldn’t call this school a private school considering administration is allowing any person in that they can find off the street to make up for the fact that dis enrollment has increased ! Sorry for exposing Central but somebody has too. There are to many brainwashed Catholics at this place who will tell you it’s great.
The teachers really care and want to teach every single student. I can only complain about one thing- lack of academic leadership. I have experienced 4 different principals during my time here and I miss the lack of leadership and stability.
I admire how the teachers develop a connection with their students so that each child feels comfortable in the learning environment and has the confidence to ask questions. The small class sizes create a family atmosphere which permeates throughout the whole school.
The cafeteria food is expensive small and untasty. The school is very small and traditional. Discipline is loosely followed. The catholic aspect often overshadows many others. Certain theology teachers abandon discussion and acceptance in favor of rigid instruction. Students are often talked at and sin shamed rather than discussed theology with . Many clubs are forgotten about by the administration, while a few receive a lot of funding and are favored. Over a hundred students participate in running sports yet it receives less funding than the small football team which is heavily favored for football games. Many of these popular clubs form cliques. However the school has a unified spirit, and encourages student involvement.
Central Catholic was a close friendly school. Based on traditions, ACCHS is a family community surrounded school. It offers an above average education through it's fun, helpful staff. The building of the school is less than modern, some renovations every few years, but provides a unique high school experience.
Central teaches you what you want and don't want in life and continuing education which is a very important lesson to learn. The science department is great, English not so much. Most of the teachers really care for the students which is a comforting thing.
Acchs wasn't a bad school. The teachers do really care about that students and its so small that everyone is very close to one another and there families. We always came together as a community whether it was at football games or at a funeral because we lost a student. The school is kinda gross looking but the family and the memories made inside make it worthwhile. Everyone was always very nice to one another but the kids can be very cliquey at times. The grading point system is really messed up and kills your GPA if your not taking honors classes even if your doing really well in CP. The only bad thing I can say is the food is awful.
Central Catholic High School is a family. We support each other through thick and thin. The people you meet here you will never forget, and you can form friendships that will last. Central doesn't conform to popularity standards, it breaks the barriers of cliques and includes everyone, no matter who you are and what you like.
What I liked about Allentown Central Catholic was the everything from the sports to the academics. I'm on the wrestling team, and although we are still looking for a wrestling facility that Central and obtain I still feel many opportunities that can come throughout the season. The academic program here at central is phenomenal. Transferring from a public school to central was a huge change academically. In public school they focus on state tests and academics in public schools aren't as informative as Central. The environment at central is positive as well. At least twice a week I see the principal and have about either wrestling or how my days at Central are going. The principal is very friendly as well as all the students here. Central Catholic students are always in a positive mood, friendly, and determined. All in all, Allentoen Central Catholic is by far one of the best experiences of my life.
Security is crazy at this school, there are cameras everywhere! Personal safety should not be an issue. School nurses are usually there every day and if there is an emergency Sacred Heart Hospital is right in front of the school. As for bullying, just like every other school it exists. It happens here and there, but if it is happening it should be reported immediately and the school will deal with it as efficiently as possible. If there are texts or all of the above as evidence, bring them in. Honestly, this school is really safe even if it is in the heart of Allentown.
I was heavily involved in the music department, and let my just say Mr. Hetrick, the new band director, took over the music department at a time when it was falling apart and has completely revamped everything. Sports are so much fun as well, it may be hard to get on the teams sometimes, but try anyways and you'd be surprised. As for clubs, there are soooo many. The drama club is super fun, and like I said the music department has a lot of great things coming. Joining band was the best decision I made!
I loved Central. I wasn't your average kid that went to this school, and I had a very difficult home life. Central Catholic was like a sanctuary, a home away from the madness that enveloped my life at times. I never wanted to leave and thats why I was so involved. Many people have mixed feelings about this school, but I will honestly tell you that if you send your child to this school, and they are kind and respectful, and willing to become better students, they will succeed in all aspects at ACCHS. The way to get the most out of this school is by doing the most: join clubs, volunteer, play sports, join the band, go to football games! The more active the better. It makes the studying and the exams and the difficulty of many classes so worth it. Not only will you get the most out of exta curriculars but, CCHS will challenge you academically. It'll be hard, but help will ALWAYS be given, and all you have to do is ask for it. Never shy away. My first few weeks at CCHS were hard, I will admit, some of the upper classmen were jerks, but a majority really attempt to help out. Now with the Viking Mentors program, and similar things like that, they also have a summer program, they genuinely attempt to get students acclimated to their new environment. Need help? You just have to ask. Any bullying? You report it immediately and there will be consequences for that student, or atleast a really scary talking too. My point is, this may seem like a rich kid preppy school on the outside, but internally it's really a family that attempts to improve your life in the best way. They want to see you succeed and further your education. Their job is to atleast make sure you get out of their school on the right foot, after that it's your job to see everything through that they've prepared you for, IF you've allowed them to prepare you for it. I am proud to be a CCHS Alumni, I love my Alma Mater.
The teachers are what make this school so utterly incredible. Without the faculty that they have, I highly doubt CCHS would be what and where it is today. Many people that I graduated with had a great appreciation for everything that they learned and all the support they recieved from the teachers that taught us for four long years. They go above and beyond and if the student is willing to give their all, the teachers see that and encourage that further. If not? They'll give you some well deserved tough love. They really do embody everything that they preach, this school is really a family.
The school has so many security cameras that it is almost impossible for someone to get away with something and the vice principal not knowing. The administration does make an effort to address situations that come up regarding students. I have never felt unsafe in my school. There has never been a bomb threat in the four years that I was there and I was never worried about my safety.
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Most of the teachers there are amazing. My bio 2 teacher and my freshman year theology teacher are some of the best teachers that I've ever had. They are the main reason why I said the teachers are great. There are some teachers that will make life hard and that show very little respect back to the student. The school is mixed with some really great teachers and others that I wish would leave.
There are a lot of various clubs that a student can take part in, however, they become very cliquey pretty fast. For example, the pep club at the school was dominated by the popular kids.
I made some really good friends which was the best part. There are some amazing teachers but the school is horrible with communication. The communication is really bad especially within the administration and some of the teachers. There are some really bad teachers that I had to actually request to be taken out of their class.
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