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Allentown Central Catholic High School Reviews

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It was a decent school for the first 2 years, but a lot of people that go there think they are God's gift to Earth and need a serious attitude adjustment. After a while the small school aspect gets annoying.
In religion class students are taught that women are inferior to men. When students question this theory, they are told it is because Eve was created from Adam’s rib, and therefore men are the superior gender. This school is detrimental to the development of young women. Students can receive a similar education from other Catholic high schools in the area, without being subjected to sexism. In my entire 17 years of Catholic education, this is the only school where I have encountered sexist lessons in the curriculum.
Central was a great school for me! It helped me to branch out and make new friends that I probably wouldn't have met if I went to the nearby public school. It was my home for four years and I met great people there including the teachers and administration. Although it was a bit pricey I recommend it for anyone who is Catholic and would like a unique private school environment.
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Allentown Central Catholic High School prepared me well for the demands of the college experience. The teachers are friendly, the environment is welcoming, and I especially appreciate how Catholic values affect the entire school.
Central Catholic strives to promote the Catholic faith and succeeds in doing so. While the administration receives more negative than positive, they still do an excellent job.
When I first walked into ACCHS as a freshman, one of the first things I heard from the staff and student leaders was that we were a family. Originally, I saw this as poor marketing. Now, going into my senior year, I can now share that same statement out of sincerity to any new student. It truly is a family. Students involved in sports show up to support the drama and dance productions, some even participate in them as well. Even though the students come from all ethnicities and religions, everyone works together to share about their beliefs, respecting the opinions of those who don't agree. The academics are challenging, demanding that a student take charge of their own education and apply themselves in preparation for college. ACCHS is truly a family. Teachers take time out of their day to listen if you need to talk and will support you through anything. I would highly recommend ACCHS to any hardworking student ready to start a new chapter of their life.
It prepared me for college. Made my faith with God stronger. Academic were hard but it’s better than public school.
I loved the family like feeling at Central. I'm a Catholic and the teaching of God helped me learn more about myself and more about others I don't know. Central showed me how to find my true self and stay true to myself. I've learned to control my judgement towards others and focus on loving everyone as God loves us.
The atmosphere, the people, and the excellent education the teachers provide have always been both helpful and engaging.
What I liked about Central Catholic the most was the teacher involvement and the way our school taught the Catholic Faith. There were so many opportunities to become involved in our school community and that provided an environment of selflessness being taught to the students.
ACCHS is unlike any other high school in the Lehigh Valley in that it gives you more than just a stellar education. As a proud alum, I can attest to the uniqueness of this school. Throughout my time at Central, I completely fell in love with it. The environment there is so welcoming. I still look back on my time at ACCHS fondly, even as a current college student. The teachers at Central really care about the students and the education I received at the school prepared me for my rigorous college courses. The small class sizes were key. I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to attend Central Catholic because I had such an amazing four years. The memories one makes at Central are priceless. I was able to really grow in my faith as well because of the events that are held there- 40 Hours, Kairos, etc. Incredibly proud to be a Viking alum. The energy at this school is indescribable. Definitely worth the tuition.
Though Central Catholic is one of the smallest schools in the Lehigh valley, we hold ourselves to high standards and achievement. The students and teachers are all very close knit, and Central is constantly making improvements to the school both physically and spiritually.
Allentown Central Catholic prepared me very well for college. My only complaint is the lack of AP classes, which would have allowed me to receive more college credits. Other than that there are lots of opportunities and great teachers.
Good school that expects more academically from its students than a public school. The small size allows every student to be involved in some form of clubs or sports. Central has some strong sports teams, but the building is very old and dirty. A majority of the teachers are amazing and really want to be teaching there.
At Allentown Central Catholic I learned leadership, strength, and unity. I hope every student who goes through the school, that they learn that as well. I would not want to change anything about this school.
The teachers really care and want to teach every single student. I can only complain about one thing- lack of academic leadership. I have experienced 4 different principals during my time here and I miss the lack of leadership and stability.
I admire how the teachers develop a connection with their students so that each child feels comfortable in the learning environment and has the confidence to ask questions. The small class sizes create a family atmosphere which permeates throughout the whole school.
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The cafeteria food is expensive small and untasty. The school is very small and traditional. Discipline is loosely followed. The catholic aspect often overshadows many others. Certain theology teachers abandon discussion and acceptance in favor of rigid instruction. Students are often talked at and sin shamed rather than discussed theology with . Many clubs are forgotten about by the administration, while a few receive a lot of funding and are favored. Over a hundred students participate in running sports yet it receives less funding than the small football team which is heavily favored for football games. Many of these popular clubs form cliques. However the school has a unified spirit, and encourages student involvement.
Central Catholic was a close friendly school. Based on traditions, ACCHS is a family community surrounded school. It offers an above average education through it's fun, helpful staff. The building of the school is less than modern, some renovations every few years, but provides a unique high school experience.
Central teaches you what you want and don't want in life and continuing education which is a very important lesson to learn. The science department is great, English not so much. Most of the teachers really care for the students which is a comforting thing.
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