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The experience I have has at Allendale High School has been very good. All the teachers are very willing to spend time helping their students improve. In times of tragedy, everyone pulls together and we get things done. For example, when a student was diagnosed with cancer, everyone started to organize fundraisers for the family. T-shirts were quickly made and sold out, and our band helped spread the fundraiser to other schools in the area. One of the things that I would like to change at Allendale High School would be the school lunches. To be honest, they do not taste good. Also, every day there are always the same choices to pick from, there is no variety except for the main meal that changes every day. To add on, there are not enough 'sides'. There is always a vegetable and a couple of fruit options, but none of them are filling. Several students have commented on the fact that if they want enough food to fill them, they have to pay extra to get more.
Allendale High School is a very interesting school. Although the sports program isn't exactly very good, the music program is absolutely phenomenal. After all, it has won multiple Grammys. The academics are held to a high standard, the teachers are almost all very good, and the staff is kind and helpful. I don't think many of the students appreciate this.
Allendale High School is a very good school. They strive themselves in excellence. Which is very true. But I would have to say they are pretty average and they do love their students. And it shows. Allendale prides themselves in academics and sports. And both programs are very good.
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Allendale Highschool has been an amazing place for me to grow and learn. basically, every teacher cares about you and I felt safe every day I spent there. especially my graduating class had just a lot of genuine people in it and I'm forever thankful for that. It's a size where you feel like you know everyone, and it's truly a positive community. I hope it can stay this way as it grows.
Allendale High School does a phenomenal job of education their students while still encouraging them and providing ways to continue to be involved with the arts, sports, or work internships. Students of Allendale graduate as well-rounded individuals ready to take on whatever next step they design their path towards. The overall environment is one of comradarey. There are no outstanding bullying issues, as everyone in the student body does fairly well to get along. The academics, sports, and arts programs are all top-notch and excede those of many surrounding districts. The staff is always encouraging and enthusiastic about our futures.
I really liked the sports programs and AP classes at Allendale High School. The staff were all very friendly and helpful with any problems the students may have had. There isn’t anything big that I would like to see changed. I think it was run very well.
I love Allendale High School! I was a student there for four years, with my graduation a week from today. There is nothing that needs to be changed there, at least in my opinion. I had a wonderful experience at this high school, and all of the resources and teachers here are amazing! The teachers actually care about their students, and they want to see them succeed. Nobody gets left behind in the dust, every student there is friendly and helpful
Allendale High School is a school that is a very unique experience in comparison to other schools. There are far more updated and newer facilities in comparison to many other Michigan schools However, one staggering thing that has brought many students down is low acceptance for LGBTQ students
I love the staff. AHS has some of the best staff around. They love their students and genuinely want what's best for each and every student. The principal is so caring about his students and his leadership sets the bar for the teachers, and they all treat their students the same as he does. It's a wonderful staff.
I did not have a good experience at this school at all. The biggest flaw with this particular school in this district is the principal. He portrays himself much more different than who he is which slowly but surely starts showing as you begin observing his actions and words. He contributed to making my high school experience disappointing. As for other teachers, they were good.
It's unfair for me to say that a specific teacher was not a good teacher because it really depends on the student's learning style. I met some great teachers though that helped make my experience there better.
Sports and music are the two biggest focuses. The music program is fantastic for band and choir.

There is such, such small amount of diversity. If you are not like everyone else -- high middle class, Christian, white-- you will most likely have a rough time. There isn't obvious bullying occurring because of this. It's more of a subtle exclusion.
Allendale High School, although lacks diversity, is an amazing high school. The teachers and academic opportunities are outstanding, and I feel ready for college.
Allendale High School is a very safe place with a comfortable environment. The staff and teachers are all willing to help you with school work, life problems, or even just be there to talk to you. Allendale might not have as many class choices as other schools, however they put a lot of effort into the classes that they offer.
Allendale High School is a safe place to learn with lots of opportunities. There are many chances to due something that you may be afraid to do. The teaches make you feel comfortable and accepted as well.
Allendale high school does not do enough to prepare its students for collage The math program is run at an extremely slow pace. Only about half the material out of each math book is actually taught leaving a huge void in the learning. Even if you got an A is the class you have only learned half of the material this does not prepare the students well for the SAT or ACT. You also should be talking to the kids yearly starting with freshman year about what they want to do with their life and then guide them to the classes that will get them there.
The adults in the school are fine usually. It's the students that ruin everything for me. They are very judgmental, hypocritical, fake, and if you don't look good enough or act right you are excluded from everything. All you see when you walk through the halls are girls wearing tight clothes and converse with their friend groups surrounding the guys and their friend groups. There is so much exclusion that I feel like I don't even attend the school anymore. I have tried to move but I am not allowed to so I am stuck here with people who could care less if I got hit by a bus or not.
There are some pretty cool teachers, but the head faculty aren't the best. Athletics are all based on politics and who knows who.
Allendale High School is a great school located in a small community. While in school, I feel very safe and unharmed by anyone or anything. There are so many classes offered that work to prepare any student for college, ranging from leadership to a multitude of AP classes. The teachers and staff always seem to care and interact with the students. While I was attending, I never felt like I was not cared about. I do have to say that Allendale High School has a top of the line fine arts program that any student with musical talents must join. However, Allendale High school does lack diversity, but is slowly getting more diverse. There are also not a lot of variety for students to become involved in clubs & activities while in school. Other than that, Allendale High School was a great experience for me and is headed in the right direction!
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Allendale High School is a great place! We have great teachers and awesome opportunities at education and sports! We our very involved with our sports, and that is what I love most. Our school has such spirit for the Falcons! Some of our administration is viewed as "not fair" and I believe that too. I feel like our school needs more college readiness than what we are getting. Some of our teachers take things out on us, and set us up to fail which is not okay. Overall, Allendale is a great school and I've loved it there and met many people over the years. I have succeed incredibly here, and was given many great educational opportunities to further my education.
Overall, it is a really safe school, with little to no problems with crime or drugs for the four years I have attended, as well as having teachers that are more than willing to help students who are in need. This school, however, does not adequately prepare students for college, or provide much assistance with college applications and scholarships.
I actually think the academics at this school are pretty good. Teachers are generally pretty good. I love that we have three trimesters because that way we can learn more subjects by changing classes every three months. The workload is not bad, although I think it might be tough if you're involved in sports. There is special help provided after school in case you are not doing so swell. Popular electives are food and nutrition and the baby class (Not sure what it's called).
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