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As a longtime parent of a couple kids that have attended AC, I agree with many recent reviews that the school has gone downhill. It used to be a good school. Those days are over. The administration is a disaster. Many of the quality teachers that I am proud of for teaching and caring for my kids are long gone. The last 3 years has been a continued downward spiral of academic quality. When you read the facebook reviews on the Allendale Columbia page, several 5 star reviews are given by the staff to artificially inflate the overall review score. If you're considering this school, do the walk in Wednesday's and ask about staff turn over in the last 3 years. 3 heads of upper school in a little over 4 years. The replacement teachers are good but not one has been better than the teacher leaving. Not even close. This place is not an investment in your kid's future as much as it's a drain on your bank account. In my experience with the school, lots of lip service and little delivery.
You will not receive what you are promised so save your money. Academics are spotty and you will find your kid behind if/when you return to public school. Head of school is only interested in money and demonstrates no care for the students, which is why families continue to leave, as do good teachers and administrators.
There were many AP courses to choose from, each taught by knowledgeable personnel. I really enjoyed the small class sizes, never exceeding fifteen people, and my teachers always readily helped me when in need and truly wanted to know me as a person. Allendale Columbia attracts genuine and kind students, making for a close-knit community.
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This school, offering education from preschool through graduation is an absolutely wonderful environment. The professors and teachers are knowledge and inviting. The curriculum prepared myself and many others for college life, and real world experiences. Allendale did nothing short of help me grow into a stronger, wiser individual.
Wouldn't recommend this school....not a great experience. For this kind of money, administration should at least treat all parents in a respectable and welcoming manner.
Super place for college prep due to small classes, emphasis on real life learning, collaboration, writing, and advocacy. Not the school you may think of if you lived in area in 1970's and beyond. Very diverse, generous aid to offer education to so many. Def check it out if your child is ready for the challenge, the environment and the focus on learning.
Our experience at this school was horrible. Administration mainly cares about the enrollment rates not about the students. I would not recommend this school to anyone.
Allendale Columbia used to be a great school but in recent years the teachers have been quitting in droves and there is a growing antagonism between the students and the administrators. The teachers still there are afraid for their jobs.
Not recommended at all!! Many faculty members left because the administration is a mess! There is very obvious favoritism towards certain students and it does not feel safe for the rest who are harshly punished. A lot of problems and situations are kept quiet and ignored. Don't fall into their trap!
I would not recommend this school to anyone. The unfairness and favoritism are unbearable. There is a definite false sense of high achievement and the ridiculous cost does not really provide a good education for even a basic college.
Last few years everything has been constantly changing and the new administration has been absolutely horrible.
There is bullying and administration choses to deny or accuse the victim in stead of resolving the issues.
There is no academic or administration support for extracurricular activities. Students and parents have to do a lot in order to be a part of extracurricular activity.
Last few years the school's main priority has been making money not a well-balanced education.
The teachers are mostly well-qualified for their positions and care about the students. I've had a teacher stay after school with me for a few hours just to help me on my homework. I have great relationships with most of my teachers, even after graduation.
It's such a small school that bullying isn't really a problem. It's also a relatively safe school. I can only remember the police coming one time. The students have the option of taking their high school health course as an independent study during the summer of their sophomore year, and I think that is detrimental to many students who don't have a background in that area. I never had to go to the school nurse, but I hear she is nice and competent.
I was a three-sport varsity athlete for my entire high school career, and I was able to participate in many different clubs and organizations, and was even the chair of a few during my senior year. There are a variety of clubs, from Mock Trial, Model UN and Science Bowl, to the student-run newspaper, the dance club and the ASL club. I think my club activities greatly enriched my time in school
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I have to say switching from a big public school, Allendale was very different for me. I couldn't hide from my teachers in the classroom and eventually, I no longer wanted to. I found a true passion for learning and growing as a person here at Allendale. However, I have to admit the bureaucratic nonsense that has been going on since my arrival can be trying at times.
There are a lot of clubs and extracurriculars but there is no time during the school day when these clubs can meet.
I find it diffcult to be engaged or excited about Allendale.
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