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The school provides a solid foundation and my children have gone to this school many years. They are both model students and I give a ton of praise to AV for helping mold them thus far. BUT!!!!! If you can overcome the bad attitudes and arrogance of some of the NEW administration as well as individual program directors, it might be a good fit. I have been spoken to in the most patronizing descent this year and it's truly changed my feelings. I'm shocked and at a loss due to mistakes, ineffective communication and disrespect. One of my children has a phenomenal teacher and the other a new and mediocre teacher. I feel the school has lowered their standard on who they hire to teach our children and represent the school. I've never thought about pulling my children from AV but based on the things I've experienced this 2016-2017 school year, I will. It's disheartening to say that a few offensive individuals have changed my mind about a school I planned on them graduating from.
If you have all credits you can't go home to handle what ever you need to at home
Allen Village School has impacted my growth in many ways. This school does not involve bullying, harassment, and students and staff feel safe. When I came here from my other school with a very basic understanding in every class. When i got to Allen Village I felt very welcomed and respected. I didn't worry about what other thought of me because here we are all the same, and we are all respected like we want to be treated. After the years I began to learn more and more. Now I am at a school where everyone is the same and liked.
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I gave this school four stars because it is a great school, but there are changes that need to be made.
On duty uniformed police officers
There were a lot of students from different nationalities.
The student counselor was very attentive and had my daughters best interest at heart. She stayed on top of all the students to make sure everything was completed.
We don't have a lot of clubs and organizations but the clubs that we have are very important to the school as a wide.
My school don't have school nurse because they think students spent a lot of time on the nurse office. The only thing that we have about medicine or health are Medicine kits that every room has.
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