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The school has great academic resources and prepares you for college level courses. They are strong on parent involvement and are focused on filling students with knowledge.
Allen Village is a great school for people who really want to learn but some of the teachers including the counselors have attitudes that are hard to ignore. Some of the rules are not even necessary it seems like they go above and beyond to make students want to hate coming to school everyday.
My school is a really good school, and their main focus is academic. One thing that I'll change if I can is to involve sports, because students like myself would be involved in such thing.
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What I like about the school is that all students are treated equally, they have high expectations for college readiness for both middle school and high school.
I have been at Allen Village since fourth grade, this year I would have achieved seven years attending this school. When I arrived, I came here reading at a kindergarten grade level when I was suppose to be in a fourth grade reading level. Now I am on track I, I am on a tenth grade reading level working towards advancement. The only bad things that I could say about Allen Village would be that we do not have any sports at all, we do not have a gym, and we do not have a cafeteria where we can eat at with our friends.
I say this because there are not many, and not many students take them but its because we focus more on the classes we need to grduate and not what we want.
Everything that allen village has is everything a student needs. from technology to knowledge. they will help in everything even with personal problems they will help, the tecahers here really do push us into being siccessful and care for us.
all the teachers are very smart and we are all able to learn new things every day..
The school is racially diverse which makes it easy to learn about new cultures and people! It's a safe environment that teaches equality but does not put pressure on people to have a certain point of veiw.
The classes are taught by teachers who encourage focus and different opinions. The workload is not overbearing but doable and studying can be easy by finding study groups for certain classes.
The school has made it their personal mission to think of the health of all its students, and any drugs on campus are reported to the KCPD.
There are no serious extracurricular opportunities or clubs besides our regular art credit that is needed for graduation, and are avalible by recovering a semester of art. There was atone when we had clubs, but we never really were able to engage in them and many people were put in clubs they were not interested in, so instead of fixing it they stopped clubs completely.
The parents at the school are really involved in not only the success of their kids but the success of other children as well. Attendance for academic events are very high and well looked forward to, and parents try their best to create a positive impact on my school.
The teachers at my high school acknowledge students who struggle and make lesson so an enjoyale as possible. The Teachers at Allen Village are always incorporating technology into that classrooms so it is easy to keep up with lessons and we are able to turn in work efficiently.
Personal safety is very important here at Allen Village. We have no school nurse but we have a health program called Health Start and a Dual Enrollment program. The safety policies is very strict we have security cameras, and a authorized Staff ID required to get in. Armed security is frequent throughout the building and visitors entering the building are required to sign in.
The different clubs and organizations are Student Council and Chess Club. Most students come and participate in the clubs and there is also National Honor Society. The administration is very supportive in all of the organizations that are

in our school. With student achievement they hold every student to a higher expectation for all the hardwork and dedication they do.
My overall experience at this school has been a very interesting one. My favorite experiences would be some of the field trips and community service activities were very enjoyable and I learned alot. What makes this school unique to me is the safety environment and how serious they take each one of the students safety strongly. I will say I would not choose this school again because of the lack of freedom I feel we don't get as much.
Review Allen Village High School
The teachers at my school are very hands on. When I am saying this I mean the majority go above and behind to make sure we have the appropriate skill set. Communication skills are always used whether it's through an email or verbally they make sure they communicate with all their students. Every teacher at my school has a different teaching style some are auditory or visual everyone does it differently but all students learn it the same way. The consistency in grading is okay some teachers set a deadline for their grading critique others grade according as assignments are being turned

My experience at Allen Village has been okay. I haven't had any problems. It remains strict and has good technology. Even though I don't like that it doesn't have any team sport. The only team we have is the debate team. Also they don't have that many clubs as well.
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