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Allen Village High School Reviews

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This school is very disciplined and the environment is great for learning. The largest differentiating factor, that often makes the school less attractive, is the lack of sports or any ~normal~ school activities. We don’t have any school dances , no homecoming , no prom, no spirit week, no school merchandise, nothing that makes the student engage and enjoy attending their school. But besides that point, I believe that the school is in good hands and provides students with the education that they need.
Allen Village High is a very small school. I like how classes were very small and it better for a student to learn. The school provides Macbooks which provides a motivation in student education. The school does not have sports which is something they could find a solution. But overall it's a good school if your all about education.
My experience with Allen Village High School is very good. I like how they prepare us for college and everything else. I kinda wish they had sports but we don't have enough space for a football field, but at least we have a decent space for a basketball court. Something they need to change is the food because they have a small variety of foods. They need to have more varieties of foods, like other European, different types of Hispanic, Mediterranean, and other types of food. The menu is almost the same, but they are adding new foods to it which is good. Also, they are improving the food which is good.Overall this is a very good safe school to attend and I recommend you enrolling your kid to this school.
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This school has a great team of teachers who are willing to go out of their way to help any student. Each student has their own one on one time with teachers and counselors. I went to Allen Village all of middle school and high school and received nothing but support. We are taught to be responsible and work hard. Also, the teachers seem to really care about their students academically and emotionally. Overall, the school and classes are very well organized and every single minute of class time is spent learning. I really like how everyone is on the level they should be or even above. Students will always have something to do and work on while enjoying it at the same time. The staff works hard to have some school spirit because that is one thing that Allen Village is missing as well as sports and other activities. The last couple of years, students and teachers have been working hard to propose and be more involved in extracurricular activities.
This school has roaches, no windows, and they have a "classroom" in the back that still has the door in there of the before garage and no heat transfers back there.
Allen Village is all about academics. It's a small school. They love to involve parents in everything. They prepare us for college readiness. The safety is very high. We have a few clubs, no sports. Allen Village is strict.
I love this school. Thier Academics and Behavior standers are set high. I love the way their teachers teach. They don't judge anybody. Their college readiness all the way. They have academic clubs but no sports. Their safety is wonderful. They have cameras and gates. They have technology safety. They do ceremonies for academics. Their administration is amazing. Their food is really good. They have so many resources. They have two different facilities. They have the K-8th-grade building. Then they have 9th-12th-grades.They keep parents involved in everything that their child does.
Allen village is a school that prepares student for the life after after high school,teaching them all the values of life and school culture . this is a school that helps you develop the potentials you don't even knows you have . If you are looking for a school, Allen village school is the best place for you to discover your hidden talents and accelerate, in your academics performance . my experience in Allen village school is marvelous .
This school is not the average high school. If any sort of high school experience is wanted then i suggest not going to this school. There is not sports, barely any clubs, and this school is a "solely academic school" but the test scores for most students are very low.
The school has great academic resources and prepares you for college level courses. They are strong on parent involvement and are focused on filling students with knowledge.
Allen Village is a great school for people who really want to learn but some of the teachers including the counselors have attitudes that are hard to ignore. Some of the rules are not even necessary it seems like they go above and beyond to make students want to hate coming to school everyday.
My school is a really good school, and their main focus is academic. One thing that I'll change if I can is to involve sports, because students like myself would be involved in such thing.
What I like about the school is that all students are treated equally, they have high expectations for college readiness for both middle school and high school.
I have been at Allen Village since fourth grade, this year I would have achieved seven years attending this school. When I arrived, I came here reading at a kindergarten grade level when I was suppose to be in a fourth grade reading level. Now I am on track I, I am on a tenth grade reading level working towards advancement. The only bad things that I could say about Allen Village would be that we do not have any sports at all, we do not have a gym, and we do not have a cafeteria where we can eat at with our friends.
I say this because there are not many, and not many students take them but its because we focus more on the classes we need to grduate and not what we want.
Everything that allen village has is everything a student needs. from technology to knowledge. they will help in everything even with personal problems they will help, the tecahers here really do push us into being siccessful and care for us.
all the teachers are very smart and we are all able to learn new things every day..
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The school is racially diverse which makes it easy to learn about new cultures and people! It's a safe environment that teaches equality but does not put pressure on people to have a certain point of veiw.
The classes are taught by teachers who encourage focus and different opinions. The workload is not overbearing but doable and studying can be easy by finding study groups for certain classes.
The school has made it their personal mission to think of the health of all its students, and any drugs on campus are reported to the KCPD.
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