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In my experience, the school was great and the teachers pushed towards excellence. The only thing I wish was different about high school was that I wished I got more involved sooner.
Decent school and is the best public school in the area. Not as good as other school with academics and offering.
I like how we always have something going on, whether it's sports or a school event. I don't like how some of the teachers are not friendly or don't help the students. I also do not like how my school is all about sports and being smart and that's it.
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Didn't learn enough, school lunches super unhealthy I gained a lot of weight. Overall okay. Wish they taught me how to do my taxes or something. Teachers weren't passionate.
Everyone who comes to school here loves it. Sports are a huge part of Allen Park, and are always packed with spectators. There are multiple clubs to be a part of, and the teachers are always open to starting more. Allen Park High School definitely impacts the students. Our motto is, "Once a jag, always a jag."
Some very, very good teachers or some very, very bad teachers. Administration and teachers handle issues inconsistently, but I'll chalk it up to a small town mentality. Not very diverse, only a handful of non-white kids. Sports teams are generally pretty successful.
The environment in Allen Park is friendly and welcoming. Everywhere you look is someone lending a hand or becoming a friend. Instead of dreading you school you won't wait to be able to go and learn amazing things in new and exciting ways.
The classes offered are very diverse and very educational. The teachers always want to see you do your best. I think there are some teachers and students that don't really care, and judge you, and I think that should change.
The teachers are very friendly and helpful. They're always there to help when you need it. The children that go there are nice and helpful as well. They have great programs and sports teams to join as well.
Allen Park High School has a few opportunities if your not a college bpumd person. They help a lot of guys become a carpenter or car mechanic. Not saying girls dont take these classes but mostly the guys.
I really enjoyed my experience here, especially the teachers. I just feel that we lack severely in AP classes which makes it difficult to compete with students from other schools when applying to very competitive colleges.
I loved all of the faculty at Allen Park High School. Each and every person contributed to my experience there and I wouldn't change anything. Each person, from teachers to coaches to administration pushed me and helped me grow and prepared me for college.
Allen Park was an amazing school and kept me very involved with the community. I was in clubs like world language that traveled around Michigan to visit different ethnic restaurants. Also I played varsity basketball and ran varsity track at my years of APHS. But the best part were the outgoing teachers who loved their job and their students.
Allen Park High School has been a great 4 year experience and I'm happy to have been a part of it. The students are full of spirit and determination that accomplish so much with the help of the teachers and staff. Of course, high school has it's stereotypical aspects, but Allen Park seems to overlook many of them and feels like a great community to be a part of. The only thing I would change is the assistance for seniors about college. Yes, there are only a few counselors (that's true of any school), but I feel unprepared for what is coming next for me, not academically, but financially. The entire process should be better explained to the students and allow more outlets for the help they need. Despite the small conflict of college, the high school itself is phenomenal and I wouldn't have wanted to go anywhere else for 4 years.
As a student at Allen Park High School, I found the school to be more for show than substance. The classes have an outside appeal but the actual education was nothing. Personally I am very hardworking and learned how to manage in the school. Also, the teachers cared more for the appeal of how their students' standardized test grades were rather than the students. Allen Park students try to get the best education they can and participate in numerous clubs, activities, and classes the school provides; which can be overwhelming at the same time. Overall I'm okay with the fact that I'm graduating from this high school.
My experience my four years at Allen Park High was the greatest ever. The teachers have me a great learning experience. I was on the Varsity Tennis team for 3 years and the coaches are great and they taught me about the meaning of team work and being a team player. The only thing I would change is the graduation day being on the same day as the tennis state championship.
Awesome school!!! The teachers rock at
Allen Park High School. They prepare you for college and life!! This is such a tight nit community. If your looking for small and loving community. The Allen Park High School is for you!!
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Allen Park High School is an amazing school which really focuses on the students and their preparation for the future.
My experience with Allen Park High School has been good. I have enjoyed my teachers and the courses I had. I would recommend Allen Park Public Schools for a great education.
Allen Park High School is a tremendous institution that offers a great learning experience not only academically, but socially and athletically as well. The faculty at this high school is more than helpful and they always do whatever they can to make sure all students are understanding the material they are teaching. Allen Park High School is a great place to learn and is committed to excellence in the classroom.
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