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After four years as an Allen High School student, I’ve observed an extremely competitive market among classes. Nonetheless, I’ve met some pretty incredible people and faculty that make the high school a memorable experience.
Allen High School is not just the school with the amazing football team and the stadium, Allen is where dreams are discovered and goals are accomplished. Allen has more opportunities then you'll know what to do with.
Allen High School is very diverse so you never have to worry about being alone, however the hallways are constantly full, and the environment is very competitive,
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It was an amazing school. The people there are friendly and so nice! The teachers are just as amazing.
I liked the academic programs offered. I felt I was well prepared for college once I graduated.
The thing I would like to change...they need more than one high school. There are too many students in one school. It’s crowded. Participating in sports can be very difficult and competitive because there are so many kids trying out for very few positions.
I had a great time at Allen high school. The teacher where helpful, but the most fun I had was during my senior year.
I like how Allen has been updating their campus and programs/ideas constantly over the years, striving to provide students with a beautiful facility along with a strong sense of school spirit and welcoming atmosphere.
AHS has an impressive amount of funding but these funds are not utilized fairly across the school community. Too much money given to programs such as FB. neglecting sports, clubs, and classes that actually need the additional funding. Because of its large size, little monitoring is done on the quality of teachers and no one keeps track of students’ well being outside of attendance.superb facilities but students are often deterred from using them as other school districts often are invited to use our facilities instead. Constant unnecessary renovations also decrease actual effectiveness of school facilities. Education not pushed as top priority and if a student doesn’t go out of their way and constantly pester admin. and teachers about getting help they won’t ever receive it.
One of the best things about Allen High School was the fact that it was so massive. The school was very diverse and you had a lot of people from different walks of life so you could easily find a person or group of people to mesh with.
Allen was an amazing experience. It has the best of the best, athletics, academics, and arts. I think this school has the best facilities in the nation. I wish I was there when the new STEAM center opens.
The professors at Allen High Schools are, in my experience, very good. My physics professors inspired me to continue studying physics in college.
Allen High School had an abundance of top of the line facilities and great programs available to all students, however almost all faculty members (not teachers) have condescending adittudes and impersonal relations with the students around them. House office principles are rude and not understandingat all of situationsand the councilors in general do not care about the well being of the students and are quick to put all blame on the student rather than being understanding. It is difficult to want to be involved in a school where it feels like the administration doesn't really care about you or the people around you.
I loved Allen for its challenging classes and abundance of courses to choose from. I was in the Band and Pre Veterinary courses and made many long lasting groups of friends and contacts from them. The only thing I would be careful of is burning yourself out through difficult classes and demanding extracirriculars. The councilors always push a student to go into a higher level course even if the student might not want to for whatever reason. I got talked into taking a ton of AP courses my junior year by my councilor and ended up running on 3 to 5 hours of sleep due to the amount of work I was doing just to keep up and still be able to do the other things I was required to by the Band and FFA, a national Agriculture Club, and National Art Honor Society, all extracirruclar clubs that I loved. They then tried to put me in all AP courses senior year and didn't understand why didn't want to jeopardize my health like that again.
As a proud Allen High school alum, I rate my high school experience overall as an 8! I am blessed to attend a school where the city is ranked number one in Texas and gives its students the resources they need to be successful. Some of my best experiences included the student to teacher ratio, the academics, and the activities I could be involved in. I believe the teachers and academics prepared me for the challenges I have encountered in college. Whether its getting work done, building relationships, or goal setting my high school experience empowered me through exposure and real life examples. After attending a large high school, it led me to make the decision to go to a smaller university.
Allen high school is a huge high school with many different types of people. You have people from all over the world and from every background sitting with you in your classes. The staff at Allen High School deals with many children and it's sad to say but they come off a bit rude because of it. I respect all staff and faculty at Allen high school although I will say I felt unprepared a lot of the time. Allen offers many Programs from culinary to theater to IB which kids can excel in. Due to a large number of kids in each class (1,500 in the class of 2018), this can create quite a competitive atmosphere with less opportunity for all. Overall I had my fair share of bad and good teachers. If I could do it over again I would have chosen a private school or smaller school to obtain a more one on one education as well as a more strict safe environment. I do however recommend Allen to those who would take advantage of the programs or sports they offer.
Allen High School provides many opportunities and resources to students. While it is a large school, there are many ways to get involved and meet people. I feel the teachers are helpful and want to help you be successful.
Great football team, ton of opportunities, but the scale of the school is too small for the occupancy, which is overwhelming and stressful.
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Although the school is large you can still feel the sense of community. Being a part of the largest band in the land was an experience I will never forget.
Allen High School was a wonderful place to go to school. It had so many wonderful facilities, it gave students so many opportunities to learn, and it was a pretty safe environment overall. It is a very amazing school. It was a privilege to have been given the opportunity to graduate from such a prestigious and high ranking school.
Great school with a lot of opportunities to explore your passion. You can also challenge yourself with AP classes and there’s many classes involving different Careers. The staff there are very helpful and always looking to help you in your future endeavors also.
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