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At Allen high school we are given many opportunities that many schools are not given. For example, we have off periods where we can take time off during the day to study, catch up on homework, go to tutoring, or even go to appointments during this time so that we do not have to miss class.
As a current Senior at Allen High School, I am proud to say that we dominate in academics and sports. I enjoy the competitive environment of attending a large school and the helpful staff, providing the proper information for college readiness. The administration is responsive and deeply values student’s needs. In addition, I appreciate the large selection of clubs and organizations, which encourages school spirit and participation. The only thing I would alter would be the ID policy, which I respect because it makes me feel safe, but charging kids money to pay for a sticker ID because they forgot theirs seems counterproductive. If a school wants to encourage a secure educational environment, they must make the ID policy affordable rather than prioritizing profit over student safety. Regardless, I am proud to be an Allen Eagle and even prouder to graduate from such a prestigious school.
Lots of opportunities for students for their future careers. Big sports school and school spirit. Loved the atmosphere and diversity of the school and meeting new people every day. Curriculum allowed for lots of AP and IB opportunities for students, and also lots of dual credit courses.
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Yes, we have the best football team in the nation. But, this school is always packed with people during the transition periods. Teachers are really nice and willing to help you if you take class seriously.
Allen High School has been an amazing place for me to grow as a person. The school is so big, everyone has to meet someone new which is big for me because I am very introverted. This school however, has taught me how to interact with other people and effectively communicate my thoughts.
With that being said, the size of the school is one thing I would like to see change. I feel like there is not a bond between the students of each class because there are just to many of us. This makes events at the school less enjoyable because it feels like being surrounded by strangers.
Was a good environment with good teachers but a lot of bad influences such as vaping and drugs. Quite a rich school district and therefore quite well funded in all aspects including the quality of the school and sports wise. The school is massive and the sports stadium is also gigantic ($68 million).
I loved the three years I've spent at Allen High School. Everyone is connected and it's overall a loving and great community. Allen High School has gotten better at safety ever since school shooting have been occurring recently. Although we might need some more safety measure, it is a community that I have loved being associated with. The resources and club have been great and I have loved each class and teacher I have gotten.
The theatre department is a disaster, though the academics and core curriculum teachers are very good at what they do! Sometimes, it can get frustrating having such a large school, and often times it feels like I receive no individualized attention or help preparing for college and life after high school.
Attending Allen High School was a very different and unique experience. Allen High School is one of the more prominent and larger schools in Texas so the amount of students attending is much higher than an average high school. With that being said, it did feel crowded at times but the faculty's performance made it easier to cope with the increased amount of students.
Allen High is one of the best High school in the nation. I am proud to be part of the Allen High alum
The school needs to take more safety measures. Wearing ID badges won’t prevent a school shooter — metal detectors will. Teachers do not have relationships with students, but rather just preach material and send them on their way. The administration is controlling and the entire environment is stressful and anxiety-inducing. Sure, classrooms have Chromebooks, but that doesn’t change the fact that students dread going to school and walk around with bags under their eyes and hunched shoulders from heavy backpacks and a lack of will to learn or live.
Allen is a great high school. They have lots of clubs, sports, and other activites for students. Their band is the biggest in the nation. Joining band is a great experience. You make great friends. Their sports are out of this world. You have your pick of which one you want. From football to archery. You name it they have the sport.
After four years as an Allen High School student, I’ve observed an extremely competitive market among classes. Nonetheless, I’ve met some pretty incredible people and faculty that make the high school a memorable experience.
Allen High School is not just the school with the amazing football team and the stadium, Allen is where dreams are discovered and goals are accomplished. Allen has more opportunities then you'll know what to do with.
Allen High School is very diverse so you never have to worry about being alone, however the hallways are constantly full, and the environment is very competitive,
It was an amazing school. The people there are friendly and so nice! The teachers are just as amazing.
I liked the academic programs offered. I felt I was well prepared for college once I graduated.
The thing I would like to change...they need more than one high school. There are too many students in one school. It’s crowded. Participating in sports can be very difficult and competitive because there are so many kids trying out for very few positions.
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I had a great time at Allen high school. The teacher where helpful, but the most fun I had was during my senior year.
I like how Allen has been updating their campus and programs/ideas constantly over the years, striving to provide students with a beautiful facility along with a strong sense of school spirit and welcoming atmosphere.
AHS has an impressive amount of funding but these funds are not utilized fairly across the school community. Too much money given to programs such as FB. neglecting sports, clubs, and classes that actually need the additional funding. Because of its large size, little monitoring is done on the quality of teachers and no one keeps track of students’ well being outside of attendance.superb facilities but students are often deterred from using them as other school districts often are invited to use our facilities instead. Constant unnecessary renovations also decrease actual effectiveness of school facilities. Education not pushed as top priority and if a student doesn’t go out of their way and constantly pester admin. and teachers about getting help they won’t ever receive it.
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