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Too many kids vs teachers to make you feel like you really matter as an individual. It’s a largely populated area so a lot of kids had to go to this school, but only a couple teachers truly made me feel like they really knew me
Allen wasn't the best school in the world if I'm totally honest. There's very little diversity among the students and you really weren't pushed that hard from an academic stand point. Because of its size you didn't really get to know anyone and truthfully, you were just a number to the faculty and staff. That being said, Allen's size and the wealth of the parents allowed for some amazing extra curriculars like jewelery classes, amazing choir trips, and a wonderful A/V department.
While I moved to Allen High School from Edmonton Alberta during junior year, I was able to adapt to the new high school environment only because of the graciousness of my teachers and my fellow peers. From my experience at Allen High school, I loved the variety of courses and the variety of after school clubs and organizations the most.
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Crappy administration and some teachers are bad, but you also find some good role models. I for one did culinary arts and it was my best experience in high school. so that's basically allen, also some of the security gaurds are pretty neat.
It is like a big family there. Allen High School is the biggest high school in Texas. It is top in education and athletics.
Allen high school is a great school. I have attended the school for two years now an I've met some great people. I have come to realize though that not all teachers are there for your best interest. I feel like every year there should be teacher surveys and evaluation. Students cannot learn to their full potential if they feel that their teachers are not supportive. A teachers support means a lot.
It was a good school, very big student class size. Had great resources, wish some things changed by how they ran the school.
I feel privileged to be going to a school like this. From the connections I have made with my favorite teachers, to the various opportunities I have had to succeed as this high school. They offer programs such as CNA, Pharmacy technician, student council workshops and so much more! The resources, staff, and opportunities allow for a well developed education.
What I liked about Allen High School was that there is more than one way to seek out the grades you want or need. There is also someone always there you could ask to help out with anything you need.
I'm very grateful to have attended Allen High school. There is a variety of cafeteria food and the school is filled with diversity. The school is very large which helps students become exposed to a bunch of different people of various backgrounds. The school also has a safe environment.
I have tried activities I thought I would never try and I have kept my grades up throughout high school so I'm grateful to Allen for teaching me a lot of things. The school itself is very crowded since there is only one high school and allen isn't exactly a small town.
Allen high school is a decent school w/ a wide variety in staff competence levels. Some teachers are willing to give 100% for their students and some are barely willing to give 10%. There’s appx. 6,000 people in the building at any given time, & with an average of around 27 students in a class, there’s no time for individual attention to students. Allen also gives the impression that the most important thing is football. It’s the only sport you don’t have to try out for & a huge amount of funding is spent in that area. However, they provide a large range of classes & class levels, allowing flexibility for students & their academic intentions. Classes such as culinary & broadcasting have wonderful classrooms with everything they need to be successful. There’s a constantly increasing amount of security in the school, but with that comes a tight list of rules. There are things they do well, but they lack basic necessities that would help students become even more successful.
Went to Allen as a student and became an employee after completing undergrad. Great school district for students and staff.
I like how it prepares you for college because the campus is huge and you're going to school with 5,000 other students. I would like to see exemptions come back and arena scheduling go away.
In terms of classes and acquiring credit for college, Allen High School offers an exemplary range and system for taking IB and Ap classes. Teachers are great and truly show how much they care individually for students.
Large School with an a lot of classes. It has amazing athletics and UIL opportunities. There are a lot of clubs but at this the focus is on sports rather than academics and there is a lot of construction going on.
I had a great 4 years at Allen High School. My favorite part was being a member of the LARGEST BAND IN THE LAND!
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I attended for a short period of time, but the time I was at this school I absolutely loved it. The teachers really cared about my education, and went above and beyond to help me when I struggled with a topic.
Allen has many programs allowing for a lot of opportunity. I have been able to take tons of classes developing me for the future. There is a ton of competition.
I love our school spirit. I am proud to be an Allen Eagle! We have so many opportunities and they prep us for continuing our education.
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