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I moved to Allen High School from California my sophomore year. Its academic standard is highly remarkable when compared to other schools in other areas. This led me to be exceptionally ready for college. Its large student demographic allows for various types of activities; from many sports, to music, to drama, to engineering, there is a place for everyone.
My experience at Allen High School was very similar to a first time student in college. The school is very large, which allows for a large population of students along with a wide variety of clubs and organizations to be involved in. The school consists of a diversity of students and faculty members that are friendly and accepting of one another. The school is broken down based on last name, creating a more pleasurable experience for a student when they are attempting to meet with a counselor/academic adviser. Allen High School offers many amazing sports programs, along with the opportunity to use your academic/athletic ability to your advantage!
Going to Allen High School has given me multiple opportunities and has provided me with necessary equipment to succeed with my film projects.
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School is too big, pointless rules. I get bullied in school and kids smoke weed all the time, there are also kids that vape in the bathrooms. There are fire alarms From vapers and weed smokers every other week
I love Allen High School for my children. Pro: would be that the school needs to use better cleaning disinfectant with bleach base to clean the school completely to kill the germs on doorknobs, hand rails, water fountains, gym equipment, bathroom and gyms. To try and avoid some of the spread of viruses between children.
I liked that they really help us prepare for college or just the next phase of our lives by giving us many opportunities to succeed such as having endorsements and having classes that a lot of high schools in Texas don't have
I like how they encourage AP courses, and some of the AP courses are more challenging than some actual class in college. AP courses more than prepared me for what the college expectations are and how to handle the work load. It's taught me how to manage my time and work on study skills. Another good thing about Allen is the endless programs they have for all types of interests, and they have resources and competitions you can become involved in to better your learning and interest. One thing I would improve on is some of the teachers and the cafeteria diet menu which can cause distraction from learning because students get sick from eating the food so they tend to not eat. Otherwise my expierence at Allen High School is one I'll never forget.
Allen High School is an amazing school with fantastic and sweet teachers. This school also offers many classes that a plethora of schools don't have. An example would be Clinicals, where students pursuing the medical field get to go to the hospital and shadow different doctors. This school has given me so many different opportunities and I'm so thankful that I got the pleasure to go here.
The school tends to focus more on grades and GPA, rather than making sure the students truly learn the material. The courses also did not prepare me and many other students for higher level education. Overall, the school isn't terrible it just prioritizes the wrong ideas.
I went to Allen high school for all four years and honestly i really do like the school however its size makes the hallways incredibly crowded during passing periods, and just crowded in general. Thats just one problem though because they school has a variety of clubs and sports that students can participate in and their advanced academics will definitely help students such as my self be ready for college (i am part of the International Baccalaureate program aka IB and i really enjoy it) also the AP and Duel credit programs i hear are very good however i dont know much about the on level classes. Overall i really enjoyed my time at Allen High School and thinks its a great school.
Allen High School has helped me grow into a better student and person. The school has a rigorous education system that has challenged me and in turn has required me to learn a lot. I feel ready to take the step into college life because of Allen. The school is very diverse which is amazing because I have made all sorts of friends. Something I would like to see changed is the strictness of security. I understand that the administration is doing it for our safety but the punishment is too harsh and often because of a small matter.
Allen high has overall been a great experience. I like the size of the school and how you never feel like an outcast because there are always people to talk and become friends with. Some policies could change, such as becoming exempt for finals in AP classes, because you are already taking the AP test that forces you show your knowledge of the course and material, but overall I see the need for most of the schools policies.
Allen High School is really good. They offer a lot of AP classes which is nice. The teachers are mostly good. They have a good library.
I like that Allen High School offers many opportunities for students to succeed. I wish administration would become less strict on students coming into and out of school, you need a slip to go to tutoring and if you lost/don't have it you can't go.
Allen High School is a pretty great place! It's huge for a high school (my graduating class was about 1550), so it's really difficult to get into and stay in the top 10% (if class rank is important to you). The class size is still good, though, and the size of the school allows for students to pursue interest in just about anything. It even had a men's volleyball team and rugby team when I went. Overall, it's a great school, and the most distinguishing factors of the school are its size and, of course, the football team/stadium.
My experience at Allen High School has been a positive one. I have taken challenging courses and met some of the most amazing people. There are so many teachers who care so much about their students and the work they do.
Allen High School is a great school. They have a lot of career specific courses you can choose from to advance to your career goals. Like: Culinary, Veterinary, Woodworking, Metalworking, Filming/Video, Dancing, Interior Design, Architecture, and Nursing. The sports atmosphere is also great too. They provide wrestling, football, basketball, lacrosse, rugby, soccer, and bowling. The football games are a blast to go to. They have a lot of fun clubs/Teams you can join like: Archery Club (team), Shooting Team, Scuba Club, Robotics, FFA, and the Swimming Team. I did not receive the education I needed to be ready for college courses unfortunately.
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Allen has a very good atmosphere in pertinence to activities involved within the school and resources. There is a very pristine fine arts portion onto the school for theatre, and culinary arts. Allen also has a $60 Million dollar stadium for all athletic teams to utilize. The AISD should look into spending their money in obtaining better and more qualified teachers that are motivated to do their job and have higher expectation and goals for themselves and their students.
I love how Allen High School offers lots of classes and opportunities for students to explore their interests. There are also many clubs and organizations to cater to everyone's needs. However, since the school is extremely crowded, it is difficult to truly make an impact and stand out. The competition is very fierce.
It is such a big school with many opportunities and classes. They also always have lots of events to foster school spirit which is really nice. I just wish sometimes they checked in on how teachers are teaching their class because sometimes they are not teaching well.
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