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what i like about Allen high school is the sports and activities that host; throughout my senior year i took part in the varsity football team and it was a amazing experience. on Friday nights when the home stadium is packed with maybe 25 to 30 thousand fans cheering you on as the band plays the school anthem while you the player come running out that tunnel you feel a sense of fantasy come across you and you do not want it to stop , there isn't a better feeling than that.
For the most part the school was good, they have a lot of options for electives. the only thing that sucks is that parking spots are limited and there are so many kids in the school.
I really liked the broad range of opportunities available to us. There are so many different classes and career paths that we can try and the facilities available to students are really nice.
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I like Allen High School because it provides you with a lot of options academically wise. There are a bunch of AP, IB, and Duel Credit courses that are available. Our facilitates are some of the best facilities around the Dallas area. We have a $60 million dollar football stadium and there is a new freshman center currently being built.
Classes offered are wide and numerous. Offer both IB and AP, as well as Dual Credit. Comfortable environment, neat, pretty.
The school has nice features to help students succeed and the teachers are very helpful. The only downside is the size of the building and their tardy rules. They don't give you enough time between classes to get to the next and use the restroom or get a drink if you need to. They don't seem to care and you will get disciplined for it.
The school is in a rich neighborhood so It has new fancy computers and Smartboards. They also offer dual credit and AP courses.
Although my experience has been overall satisfactory, I feel as though this final year has been chaotic. Allen High School prides itself in shaping its students to be "more than just a number," however, I feel like I am only needed for attendance purposes. Privileges are being taken away left and right this 2017-2018 school year and it is really aggravating the sheer amount of changed protocols. Everything that has changed this year seems ridiculous, and as someone who is not a part of the Allen band or any major sport, I feel as though every other organization is pushed aside. Funding for the school feels like it is being used in the wrong places, for example, benefitting sports and the band primarily. I recall at the beginning of the year that it took nearly 2 months for my class to receive textbooks. I am grateful for the resources and classes this school has provided me with, however this year has made me extremely unhappy with my school.
I absolutely LOVED attending Allen high school, the teachers are amazing and only want the best for the students. It's such a big school everyone had friends, no one ever felt out of place. The sports teams were good and the school had so many clubs and activities to choose from.
Allen High School is a great place to learn. We have classes for everything, so you can definitely find something to study. It also has very challenging classes that will prepare you for college.
The school has many amazing facilities, clubs, and activities that one can participate in. However, some programs are underfunded, as a lot of the money goes towards football and other sports. There is an amazing fine arts center, culinary center, and broadcasting center, and compared to many schools, Allen High School has incredible resources. There does not seem to be much school pride though, and with such a large student body it is easy to feel unsafe in certain circumstances. There is a lot of security and administration in the hallways at all times, but there are often fights and threats. There are some very high-quality teachers, but also some who don't seem to care quite as much. If you keep your head down and try and avoid drama and conflict while working hard, you will find yourself more prepared for college and will have a pleasant high school experience.
I love my support platform. The teachers and administration are very efficient. College readiness is above and beyond because we have a college and career center for students that need assistance. We have plenty of clubs for everyone.
Allen offers so many different career-related programs for students that sometimes it feels like a small college campus with all the classes to prepare for careers. They offer a lot of good opportunities for students, for example those in the pharmacutical program can become certified pharamacists in high school and I was able to take an InDesign certification test in my Advanced Journalism class.
While it is the largest high school in the state of Texas, there's something for everyone. Whether it's sports, music, clubs, academics or arts, you'll find it at Allen High School. The diversity of the student body makes it easy to make friends and find others with similar interests and hobbies.
Wide variety of electives, pre ap, and IB classes with many club options to chose from as well. They really try to have options for all types of students. There are currently building a separate STEM center for the students and to also serve as a field trip day for the AISD elementary students to garner early interest.
Allen has the most expensive football stadium in Texas right now, so you would expect that the high school would be amazing. No, it is actually the opposite, I don't want to keep you here all day so I'm going to say a couple things that are good and bad about Allen High School
First off, when ever there is a lock-down or lock-out, the parents of the students rarely get contacted unless we need to be picked up. The bathrooms are hideous because of students, even though we have janitors, the restrooms are still disgusting.
One good thing about Allen high school is that it is very appreciative with how the students feel about themselves. They even made GSA (Gay Straight Alliance) a thing. Also the lunch room is big enough to fit everyone inside of it, even though is sit outside, it is good enough for me.
I love how the teachers are engaging and care about your learning. I also love how the programs and clubs are for everyone and there’s a variety.
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Allen High School Gad many career pathway opportunities. However, the large enrollment number of students made it very difficult to get into certain programs because of how difficult the competition was. The diversity level is average and the facilities themselves are top notch, especially the football stadium and the performing arts center.
While you're there you complain, but after you leave your opinion changes. Now that I've graduated and talking to other people about their high school experience, I have realized how lucky I was to go to Allen. It's a great school with an abundance of AP/IB classes and dual credit options. Take advantage of the CTE pathways. I could rave on and on about the GT program in the district.
Great High School if you have a specific passion (arts, band, orchestra, sports, etc.). If not, can be a bit overwhelming. The class size is huge (my graduating class was 1,600) and can be good (find a lot of good friends if you look in the right passion) or bad if you get lost in the sea of students. Facilities are great and most teachers are really good, especially if you are an AP student.
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