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Allen High School is really good about being personal when it comes to learning and the teachers are able to relate the class to the outside world. Allen High School needs to work on their food.
It's like one big family. The support is great!
The whole atmosphere here is amazing. The teachers and rest of the staff is always very friendly and welcoming. Students here are always finding ways to make others laugh. Our senior class shows great leadership.
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What makes this school unique is everyone here is different in their ways of thinking.
Allen High School provides many opportunities including sports, FFA, mentor program, student council, speech, band, choir, drama, quiz bowl, spirit club, and science club. Each club and organization has many committed students involved who all do their best for the club. The groups are sponsored by various teachers and community members. The members who are not involved are still at programs and games supporting the students in all that they strive for. The students all are supportive of each other and respect all that others do.
The school is in really good shape. It is of course the only high school in the city, so it is kept up well. There is an inordinate share of resources that go toward the football team however.
There are so many students that it is easy for some to get lost in the become "just a number".
The schedule for our senior year got rearranged after we had everything planned out since our freshman year on how to get all of the credits we need to graduate. I feel some of the credits that are needed are pointless and are unnecessary requirements that just make it hard to take the classes we enjoy. I followed the footsteps of a few previous seniors and took a dual credit college class. I almost didn't receive any credit, even though multiple students had taken the same class before. Now, I'm hesitant of taking another dual credit class because I don't want to risk not getting credit. The administration is hard to talk to sometimes because some lack communication skills and cut you off before you even get to the point of what you're saying. I do enjoy that we can have study halls almost any free period, so we use that period to take college classes if we want.
Sometimes there are people who walk around the halls that I've never seen before. Usually, we can tell if someone is a parent, and all visitors are supposed to wear name tags. This is the only thing that makes me feel uncomfortable in my school. The sheriff sometimes comes to the school, and it makes me comfortable to know that the police are never too far away to come to the school if something were to happen.
The volleyball and football programs are extremely active. Basketball had a little less involvement from the students this year, and we only had three seniors go out for track. I feel our community supports sports very actively. My friends and I enjoy going to sporting events to watch our other friends participate and do well. I wish we had an official wrestling team, golf team, and baseball team. Also, I think more people would probably go out for track if we had an actual track to practice on.
Just like all schools there are some iffy teachers and there are some amazing teachers. I have had mostly really cool teachers but I have heard about teachers how are not so good.
My experience at Allen High School is good. Everyday is an adventure. The school is so large that you could practically see a new face everyday. People are friendly and open and teachers will take the time to explain what you need to know so that you can understand and make the grade you desire.
There are many different clubs and organizations to get involved in at Allen High School. Teachers that sponsor clubs back them up 100 percent and every club is inviting to anyone. The activities are full of things that students love to do while they can also learn and build on their character qualities.
There are many different options available for lunch. The problem is each option costs about 4 dollars so you use 20 dollars for one week. The food is acceptable most days, but sometimes its sub-par.
Allen High School has excellent resources even with its massive size. The teachers always have tutoring times that the student can attend. The College and Career center is open during school to go in and talk about college and preparation and counselors are always ready to talk to you when you need it.
All teacher have different styles, but they do the best they can to make the student understand. They communicate well with the students and grade based on a scale. They enjoy what they do along with what they teach so they are quite good at their jobs and helping the students.
We are a huge school so it can be hard for the school to keep up with everything. I don't hear or see a lot of bullying, but you do hear about fights and people coming to school high or smoking in the parking lot. Overall though the school is pretty safe. We have between 10-15 security gurads around campus all the time so I feel pretty safe.
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There are so many clubs and organiztions you can join from Key Club to the Knitting Club to the Scuba Club. I'm involved in Band, National Honor Society, and was involved in Soccer. There are so many opportunities for so many diffrent interests. Some take up more time than other. For instance when I was in band and Soccer I barely had time for anything else.
I have taken mostly AP classes and I can say that those classes offer a good challenge and are pretty interesting. I loved my AP Psychology class. But on the other hand are regular classes. Honestly those class are super easy. I only took one and wished I hadn't. Students in those classes usually are the kids that don't want to be there and won't try. Plus the classes are really easy and boring in my opinion. Challenge yourself and stick to AP and Pre-Ap unless it is a class on a track. The workload can is heavy but it is worth it.
The bulidings are in good condition there are a few smelly bathrooms but other than that it is fine. Allen actually just expanded. There is a new wing called the PAC which stands for the Performing Arts Center. It is really nice but like its name it is mainly used for band, orchestra, dance, and choir events. But they also built some more class rooms that are used for the more technical classes and classes that have to do with specific tracks offered at the school.Even though it is a huge school it is still easy to get intouch with your counselor because the whole school is split into 6 houses and each have their own counselor.
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