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Allen East has a very unique and kind staff. The teachers will go out of their day to compliment you, make you feel better, and be very friendly towards everyone that crosses their path. A day will never go by where you won’t feel loved once you walk in the doors of Allen East. Everyone greets you with a smile that can make anyone’s day.
One of the best facilities in the state of Ohio for a school our size. The teachers are very hands on and push you to exceed. This is a school that I will send my children to one day and hopefully become part of the teaching staff.
There are not a vast amount of security measures taken, but I always feel safe when I of to school. My high school recently hired a new school nurse and he does a spectacular job promoting healthy life choices. The school health and safety standard is quite good.
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There are a decent number of clubs offered although I wish there were more choices. The school does very little to promote the clubs. I believe a school fair would be a good way to let incoming freshman know what clubs are available, but there is no such activity to promote the clubs. All in all, the clubs are filled with fun and excitement.
The students that go to my school are incredibly friendly. I have been able to have a decent conversation with almost all of the students in my high school. An even better example of the friendliness of my high school is the fact that a senior who was mentally disabled received the honor of being prom queen during the 2016-2017 school year. The students at my school love this student and go out of their way to be friendly to her. I am very pleased with my high school due to the students who attend it.
we have the best wrestling family compared to many schools around our area. we stick together and show each other that we care and believe that we can do our best
many teachers at my school know what they are talking about and are very helpful when students are confused and don't understand. my chemistry teacher is very intelligent and outgoing, he had helped me with my math homework and has helped me understand it better. I biology teacher helps us students study and practice for test about the human body. she cares about how we do and she makes sure we understand and that we actually learn.
Overall, the school is wonderful.
It's a great school with great oppertunities
Safety wise I have never felt unsafe at Allen east and I have gone there since kindergarten
The fact that it is all whole grain sucks and has virtually no flavor for the most part other than that it's okay
We are very supportive of baseball football and basketball. We don't seem very supportive of soccer but a lot of students still play!
Most teachers that I have had are very approachableband will try to help you out if you ask for it and are very open
There are plenty of organizations at Allen East such as French club, Chess club and Art club and of course the Brass. Teachers always leave their minds open to ideas even if there isn't an official club
There are great English, Spanish and French classes. Allen East High School offers a broad array of math and science classes such as Biology, Physics, Calculus and Geometry, and that's just the start. Mrs. Downey's English 12 class is the highlight of my school day.
I normally don't eat lunch at school if that tells you anything.
A lot of funding goes to what are known as "money makers" such as football, however other sports teams that have better records are neglected.
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The school does a good job at preparing student for their future, whether it be college or farming.
There are quite a few good programs at Allen East, but they could use some more support for them. I'm a soccer player and our girl's team has been around for four years, and we only finally got a scoreboard, and have yet to get an PA System.
The Principal, Guidance Counselor, faculty and staff are great. The Superintendent leaves a bit to be desired.
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