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Allen D. Nease Senior High School Reviews

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I was at Allen. D Nease for only two years so I didn't really grasp the whole experience. The school is not very diverse and the students their aren't very nice. However, the clubs and activities are very fun to join.
I disliked that there is no diversity what so ever, and that the school is mostly outside so I don't feel safe
Overall an average school. Administration is a changing things far too much and far too often. The school gives no information to its students involving extra curricular activities.
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Nease High School has an amazing Band Program. It has helped me grow and become a leader while having a great time. The band family is an important part of our community and has made my 4 years at Nease memorable.
I loved my time at Allen D. Nease. I felt that the teachers genuinely cared about every student and did not only want them to succeed academically, but as human beings as well.
I am a student here at Nease High School and I think speaking from experience may help change things. The bathrooms at Nease are a health code violation and are absolutely sickening. Trash bins overflowing, clogged toilets, feminine products sometimes on floors for hours at a time. We are only allowed to use a unisex bathroom during lunch as well. The safety of the school however is very reassuring (school cops, fences, and locked doors, etc.) I do wish administrators would try and have some sort of relationship with the students. Being an outdoor school the dress code is a little bit uptight considering the heat during the day. I also wish guidance would do more, half of my class didn’t understand our teacher so we all went to guidance. They said they would send an administrator in, no administrators ever came in the class. I feel very disconnected and uninspired by some of the staff.
It's a good school. Lots of school spirit in addition to clubs, sports, and the school does a great job making sure that students are active, socially. As far as academics go, I've had several incredible teachers, but also some that did not teach, ever. I think it's like that at every school but the teachers are notified when a staff member will be coming t watch their class, therefore they often will act completely different and teach completely differently. Overall I really like the school but there are lots of small issues that need fixed.
As a parent of a senior at Allen D Nease HS I know that my child has received an excellent education with support from teachers, administration, staff and her peers. The culture of the school is one that accepts people for who they are and appreciate their differences and learn from them. I would recommend this school to any parent with a high school aged child.
The new administration has brought a completely new agenda where high school students are treated as those with the maturity of middle schoolers; the academics, however, make attendance at this public school worthwhile as it is probably the best I.B. public school in the district.
The school is truly a great school with awesome teachers and inspiring staff that want to their students succeed.
Over, i had a generally great experience at Nease. Putting aside the people who go to Nease, the school itself along with the faculty and staff have always been very supportive of our education. There have always been a multitude of opportunities to join clubs and participate in many other school activities. Since I’ve been going here, there haven’t been any safety issues. It is also nice to see all the renovation that is going on, with the addition of a new building out front and a new field for the band out back. My teachers for the most part have always been super nice to me and I haven’t had any issues with them. I have learned how to be a lot more independent while going to this school, whether it comes to my education or work, etc. the school does a good job at trying its hardest to usher us into adulthood.
My experience so far was great. The teachers are always there to support you and to help you indulge in learning. The administration is very nice and always try to help.
The teachers are good. Most of the staff are respected & well liked. The environment overall was good & conducive for learning. The students were welcoming. The outdoor layout of the school is different than most today & made it nice for changing classes, lunch, etc. The new additions have made the school safer with one entrance.
The teachers really care a lot about the students. They take the time to develop relationships and bind with their students. The students are friendly and everyone gets along.
My experience at Nease High School was a great one. I was zoned for another high school in St. Johns County, though I chose Nease because of past academic record. Nease's academics are top notch and arguably the best in St. Johns County. I was part of the Digitial Design academy and thoroughly enjoyed it. I learned a lot about design and Adobe programs. The academic staff there was tremendous and they were always there for the student. We also had great athletics, activities, and after-school programs. Overall, it was a great experience and I loved going to Nease. I would highly recommend going here!
I initially liked the look of the school, the individual pods made me feel more comfortable and less intimidated for starting over in a new state. Once there, I was able to join sports clubs and meet new people. The teachers I had were all very helpful and helped me achieve my goal of graduating with Honors.
I was very happy with my school and am proud to be an Alum from Nease HS.
Most of the teachers care about students and the new building is really nice and clean. But i’d like to see the administration be nicer and care more. They are kind of rude and I’m not sure why.
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Allen D. Nease High School provided me with what I think was one of the best learning environments in the city of St. Augustine. The teachers made sure the material was covered effectively and understood by each and every student. However there were a few things that I believe still need improvement such as, the level of security surrounding the school and the overall diversity of the students needs to be changed.
Nease High School is not the best place for a person wanting to focus on learning. The faculty is not very involved in student life or academics. Although they do have an IB program, the counselor is not very helpful or involved with college choices. Also there are some teachers that can be considered good, but most do not know what they are doing even if they have been teaching the same subject for years.
There is good academic rigor with the International Baccalaureate program and opportunities to get exposure to some careers with academies. However, one can expect to regularly face disorganization in a school activity or club, and one may not be able to participate in student activities due to limited tickets and/or space.
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