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I would like to see more pathways to the portables. Everyone is sick and piled into one hallway which makes it harder to get to my classes on time. We only get 7 tardies per quarter and if you have a bad day you can get all of them in a single day.
Best school in St. Johns County with the IB program and Engineering Academy. The people are great and the teachers are really good.
Nease High School has great teachers and is conveniently located. The 4 academies are good, however the Stellar Academy of Engineering has gone down hill in the past couple of years. I learned nothing in my senior year due to the previous teacher retiring. The new teacher knew nothing about our program, therefore it was a waste of 45 minutes everyday.

The outdoor campus is nice and different than other schools where the students are stuck inside all day. The campus is old and is in desperate need of a fresh look which I believe they are working on this summer.

In summation, Allen D. Nease is an average school that has potential to be a great school. However the facilities are currently overrun with each wave of a new class and Nease's old and outdated campus cannot currently support a 2000 plus student enrollment. Hopefully this upcoming school year (2017-2018), Nease will have a fresh new campus with the ability to support all of its students.
Review Allen D. Nease Senior High School
It was a good school however the facility seem to emphasize a division between IB students and Honor students. It becomes problematic as the students who cannot afford to join the IB are academically left behind.
I liked the majority of the teachers that I had and the academics were very good. The school is very overcrowded.
Nease High School is in a very good area to live. Not many problems in this school. It's overcrowded but they are trying to fix that right now by adding onto the school. I believe this will also help the teachers. They seem overwhelmed at times with so many students. They definitely need more teachers. Great sports and clubs. Definitely take advantage of Dual Enrollment opportunities. Helps with cost of college. Great AP classes too. Overall good experience. 9th to 12th. I just graduated.
I was in the IB program and appreciated the teamwork displayed by the teachers. They worked together to limit our overall workload and coordinate deadlines so we were not overwhelmed.
Nease High School is one of the best schools in St. John's County, FL. With a wide array of sports and clubs to choose from, it's impossible to not get involved. The school spirit is off the charts! The only negative aspects of it are that the rules are a little ridiculous sometimes (no tank tops at an outdoor school in the 90 degree Florida weather!) and that the school is pretty crowded. However, this crowd has allowed for the expansion of the school itself, including a new two-story library and more parking areas and practice fields, which also gives the school a minor architectural update from it's 80s era structure. After attending Nease for four years, I can honestly say that there is no other high school in Florida I would have rather attended.
The new renovation project will be a great improvement to how the school looks, along with some updated classrooms.
The arts programs at this school are amazing, however not much funding seems to go towards them. We have national-level worldguard and percussion teams and her do not get much recognition. ROTC at Nease does extremely well and is a great program. There's an extensive amount of sports that are typical to most schools. Some have done very well recently like wrestling. The academics are VERY strong and the quality of teachers is very competitive. Teachers are constantly evaluated and reviewed and held to high standards. There are some AP classes that I'd like to see like AP Bio that aren't there. The IB program is quite great, but many kids drop out from its pressure/workload/stress. The school is very crowded, but is currently under construction to remedy this. There are many walks of life at this school, but some kids still get away with doing incriminating things and skipping classes. The dress code is strict but this comes from St. John's County, not just Nease's rules.
It's a great, old school with a ton of academies to choose from. Worried about the arts program going down the drain? They still have a communications academy here, and the IB program too!
Nease is a great school but some things like the food or the sports and sometimes the facility have issues. Sport teams in some case don't give JV the same respect as Varsity which is dumb. But the academics are amazing to me even though some teachers can be a pain.
This high school is overall pretty good. We have an hour for lunch, during which you can go to tutoring sessions, do make-up work, go to club meetings, eat and socialize. However, kids here can be pretty mean, and the school is currently undergoing renovations.
Other than being an outdoor school it's great. The teachers are good and the overall environment is nice.
I liked how everyone there comes from a different state or country. They make the school more diverse. They are welcoming and loving to new people. They make you feel like you are in a big family.
Overall pretty good. There are a lot of rich kids. A few bad teachers but overall pretty nice staff.
Outstanding Art program that has reached out to all of its members. A few teachers who are willing to push their student above and beyond in and outside the classroom setting. Other then that, the guidance counselors do not care about your needs. Several of the front office clerks are willing to snap at students, instead of communicating with them. The Nurse will refuse simple things such as pads, band aids, and ice, if you don't have a pass from your teacher she'll send you back. Teachers run late for a class that they manage every day, and refuse to acknowledge the people who are struggling until they reach rock bottom. I don't know how to describe Nease, I do believe in some ways it maybe better then most. However I've definitely seen the worse.
Review Allen D. Nease Senior High School
At Nease High School, teachers almost always strive to find the best ways to teach to match all student needs. It has to be the biggest perk of going there. Aside from that, we have an hour long lunch to do homework and make up tests, etc. The "Power hour" is a very effective way of pelting us students succeed. One thing I would like to see change is the lack of medical- related academies. Most academies at Nease are technology based. It's good for the surplus of technological children attending there. However, coming from a place surrounded by agricultural and even living in a place like that here in St. Augustine, I believe there should be an agricultural-based academy.
I like that at Nease most of the teachers are willing to help the students that are trying but not exactly understanding or making the grade they need. The only thing I would change is that there is a lot of favoritism so if a teacher coaches something, they are very lenient to the people in their classes that are in that sport, which is not fair.
I love Nease High School because of the different options it holds for each student. There are many clubs and activities for all students to get involved in. I also love the staff and their care for their students not only as a student, but as a person as well. The only complaint I have pertaining to the school is the format of how he school was built. With the school being an outside school, it's almost impossible to get to class on a rainy day.
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