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Allen County-Scottsville (AC-S) High School Reviews

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I loved that the class sizes weren't very larger, and teachers took the time to get to know their students.
I liked the closeness of going to a small school. Everyone knew each other and tried to help each other. I also liked how most teachers would sit down and help students if they asked or it. I did not like the class schedule, I would change it if i could.
This highschool had a decent atmosphere, a community. Which made us look out for each other and build school spirit. But also a few other students and myself, feel like we were never challenged and that we were wasting our time there, feeling like we didn't learn a lot of valuable skills.
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This is a really amazing school. minimum bullying, close relationships with teachers, and great sport teams. They should focus more on actually teaching the kids instead of just thinking about state testing.
My experience at Allen County-Scottsville High was and still is bitter-sweet. There are a lot of bad things about this school but for everything that's bad there's also good. The teachers are mostly great teachers, there are a few that just hate their jobs but there are a lot more that wake up every morning ready to help us better ourselves and our futures. Our curriculum may be mediocre but overall we're a pretty intelligent group of "kids". If I could change one thing about it here, I would change the close-mindedness of everyone in this county, there are not near enough people that don't have their heads set on a certain way or thing and I feel like being open-minded is a great start to being successful. Although my opinion of this school varies greatly from time to time I still feel like I can honestly say I wouldn't want to have to endure high-school any where else.
The teachers are amazing and really try to help their students. I believe they could have more chooses in sports like soccer.
I have met and had many good teachers at this school, and you can tell they truly care about you. Although, the acedemics and content that teachers use need to be worked on more. The timing when we take the Cert test is not thought out too well also, I myself made a bad score just because the teachers had no time to teach me what I needed to know.
This school is overall below average. There are a few standout teachers, specifically within the science and history departments, but aside from that, the school puts more into sports than academia.
From being a student at AC-SHS, I've enjoyed the family-like atmosphere exhibited by the teachers and staff. The teachers that I've had have always worked with me on things I struggled with, and the the guidance counselors have done a great job of working with me on schedule changes and such. One thing I would like to change about my school would be to widen the variety of foreign language classes, as we only provide spanish.
I've gone to Allen County Schools since I started school. Overall my experience has been very well but as I have gone through high school I do not like the fact that our test scores base us on everything. If we are not benchmark on our ACT subjects then we are pulled from all of our senior activities. This makes being a senior not fun. Especially for a border line student like me who may be only 1-3 points from my benchmark level. I would like to see my school base their academics on our education instead of just test scores.
While this school does have a few outstanding teachers and students, it's mostly a sea of mediocrity at best.
There are not distinct social groups. Yes, some people hang out with each other over others, but the more popular kids still talk to and have friends in the less popular groups. The teachers do anything they can to help their students succeed.
I wouldn't choose this school again because of the lack of student acceptance of diversity.
Allen County High gives kids so many opportunities to learn but grow together as a school and class at the same time. ACS takes so much pride in it's students and does so much for us, from pep rally's for players to competitions between the classes decorating different hallways to show our patriot pride. I would choose this school again if I could do it all over. Me being a military kid I move around constantly, but this is my hometown before my mom and dad got married and we've came back every time we've moved and I will want my kids to grow up here.
High school was ok in general but I was thrilled to graduate and move on to college. I enjoy college way more than high school.
I never liked the school's food but it's like every other public school.
I had a couple great teachers.
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I don't know. Sports is not my thing.
I enjoyed the clubs that I was in.
I felt like I learned more about the real world from my family. Some of the things they teach in high school do not prepare kids enough for college.
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