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Allen Central High School Reviews

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While this school is no longer open it was a good school. The faculty was great. However due to being in Appalachia it was quite underfunded and occasionally looked down upon.
Allen Central was a great school with many positives and the only negative really being the lack of options when choosing classes.
Well after going to Allen Central for roughly 4 years I can state that the education here is lacking a tad bit but the teachers are probably the sweetest group of people around. Sadly the same can't be said about the students, whom are the meanest group of kids around. The best parts about Allen Central is probably how all the teachers will go through each individual problem until you fully understand it.
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I, myself, like being the last graduating class of Allen Central. I love the atmosphere that the faculty and staff put out for us students. They make the help they give to us genuine and make their job seem more like a career rather than a job. The students at Allen Central are great as well. The student body is even like a family; when one is going through a rough patch, everybody is there to help them get back on their feet. The school as a whole is like a family and you don't get that often with both the faculty and the students. It's a great small-town high school. I wouldn't want to be anything else but an Allen Central Rebel.
Allen Central High School is an aged school with the basic commodities. Thankfully, the school is being replaced with a new school next year, and combining other local, aged schools along with it. The teachers were genuine and helpful, but the lack of budget and new equipment led to a disappointing class participation and activities list. The school doesn't offer too many classes and the ones it does are basic and lackluster at best.
Our school is kept as clean and safe as it possibly can.
While there are a few extracurricular opportunities, my school does not offer near as many extracurricular activities as larger schools in our area or state.
My high school experience at ACHS has given me the best four years of my life.
All of the teachers in my school are very caring, intelligent people.
I am very involved in the sports, clubs, and organizations at my school. I have had incredible time and learned so much in the last four years.
The teachers at my school are very approachable and are always willing to help students. I am very thankful for them.
They are truly wonderful teachers.
Good school, teachers care. Students don't. Administration is lacking.
This school has honestly helped me with a lot of my future plans. They are always concerned with how we're doing in classes and are willing to do anything they can to help us if we're struggling. The academic team has really helped me as well, they're really fun to be around and they know it's not just about winning. If I had to redo my high school career, I'd go back to Allen Central.
The teachers are caring and prepare you for the future. They really care if you will be prepared for college and they help in anyway they can. One of the teachers was my moms favorite teacher and now he is mine. It feels like family.
Most of the faculty are caring some not so much. Lots of teachers kids at this school who get special treatment.
Its easy to get an A because theres always help
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Everyone knows everyone. Were all one big happy family!
There is a activity for everyone. And all the coaches and staff are wonderful!
The food is good, but could be better. But that's not the cooks fault!
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