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This school doesn't care about the staff & students.
There's not a variety of extracurricular opportunities at all.
Anyone could pose as a student and get away with it and they do not have a allergy policy which they should
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The only club we have other than sports is robotics.
Having good friends makes it slightly better but the kids are ignorant and rude. The building in infested with all kinds of bugs and mice.
There are only a handful of teachers and staff that will go out of their way to help you with a school problem or a life problem. The rest just play favoritism and want their checks.
Toward my senior year we got all new faculty members which affected all of the students tremendously. That would have been the major thing I would've changed (the unorganization).
I just wish they were more in tuned with preparing students for colleges as far as classwork and other assignments.
I have a few favorite teachers at this school. Not all are great though some have their days just like students.
The school has taught me a few things but not much. I wouldn't choose this school as a choice to attend again because of the building overall.
Even though Allen Academy doesn't have the best athletics are the heart of the school.
The lunch is horrible. Half he time i wondered what it was and sometimes it wasn't cooked.
I would say Allen Academy has prepared me for some things in the real world but not everything I need.
Sports would be one of the best things that Allen Academy have. Students and teachers participate regularly.
The school is not located in the best neighborhood but we have good security guards for the most part. When trouble is taking place there is always a way to handle it.
Allen Academy has one of the best principals. She is always there for the students like we are her own children she is so loving.
Allen Academy is not the best choice in a school. Some teachers are a big help and some aren't. The high school area is very small and most of the time there isn't room to get through the halls.
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the teachers makes learning funnier than it is
any one could just walk in
It should be more sports.
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