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Bringing our children to Allen Academy was the best decision we've ever made. Our eldest child is being challenged and nurtured in ways beyond our expectations, while our youngest child is ready to take on any challenge presented to her thanks to the focus on adaptive expertise. There is a community and family feel to the school that we never experienced at larger public schools, and I can't imagine going back. Bringing our kids here has been an investment in them and their future that's worth every penny!
I really enjoyed the teachers, who really make you feel welcome in their classroom. I've been through many rotations of administration at Allen, but the leadership of the most recent ones have been amazing. The diversity is slowly growing, and teachers and students are making sure these new students are welcome.
The Allen Academy experience is so different from most other schools. Teachers genuinely care, bullying is non-existent, the most students are friendly and outgoing, and the campus is beautiful. Teachers at Allen Academy love what they do, and it's evident every day. Most go above and beyond to help students, and all are flexible and willing to adapt. They're there to push you to your full potential, but also to catch you when you fall. Allen Academy really is everyone's second family.
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The faculty take bullying very seriously but the students maintain a friendly atmosphere that may have jokes come off as bullying
The clubs are fun but primarily run by the same group of students
Attending this school gave me many good memories but also gave me a fee bad ones as well
The teachers at this school all work amazingly hard to help the students achieve their goals
This school, due to precautions such as the lock and gate systems and the areas for emergency situations, is very safe physically to attend. This school, however, has not offered any sort of health/sex ed courses in my time that I have attended, and I think that is something that needs to be offered on some level.
Arts and student leadership clubs are common, but it would be nice to have more strength in field regarding social issues and service learning.
Teachers here are excellent (as discussed earlier) and care about students as well as their learning, however I feel that the school could do better on implementing a more open mindset within the students. As a student, I find that many of my classmates are not willing to be "adaptive experts" and dislike change or anything considered abnormal. I understand that part of this may come from home-life or their personal opinions, but I feel that nurturing an open mindset in schools can definitely be impactful to students. I also wish that there were more options regarding classes, but I suppose that is a downside of attending a smaller sized school.
Teachers definitely care about their students and helping students to fully understand materials. They are friendly and, due to small class sizes, are able to get to know students to help them learn their best and are able to be empathic and help students work around obstacles that may be present inside or outside the classroom.
The school employs a full-time nurse. There are no locks on the lockers and students feel comfortable leaving backpacks and other belongings without concern of theft. Very safe environment.
Many opportunities for student leadership
Small classes, and many mixed grade classes in middle and upper school allow all the students to know each other. They see each other as family members.
Teachers have constant communication with the parents and are always willing to help students outside of class time.
Communication and education with small class sizes are my 2 greatest likes of this school. Good technology, strict policies on behavior and uniform standards that are enforced equally across the board. Every student gets accepted into college, this is the schools main objective and they are great at it!
Couldn't be happier with the treatment and concern for my son as well as the challenging environment he is in. He is being taught to his level ie he can read above expected standards so it given something a little harder to encourage learning. Any issues are fixed quickly and communication with us as the parents is fabulous and immediate.
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Allen is committed to proving a safe environment for students and faculty
Allen has a great variety of extra cuticular activities for students.
Allen has great leadership and parents are welcome and encouraged to get involved.