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My children all attended Alleman High School and were accepted into top tier colleges and received multiple scholarships. Alleman is recognized by the university community as a challenging and highly rated high school. The support and care provided by teachers is essential to this experience. The student body contrary to comments in reviews is quite diverse.
It has a wonderful Christian atmosphere and a close knit student body. I would recommend it to everyone I know.
A great place! I'm only a freshman, but I've loved my experience here and I wouldn't trade it for the world!!!
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Alleman does a very good job at preparing for children to go to College. Also the grading scale is harder making you work more for your grades.
It's pretty good the teachers here are pretty good but the administration is something to be desired it was definitely better last year. The food is good but nothing special. sports are okay Definitely not the worst in the confrence.
I like Alleman because it is such a close school and being here for so long everyone feels like a family
Things I like about Alleman High School is some of the classes. However, my sons math class is taught online and not by a teacher.
I loved my experience at Alleman highschool. very welcoming, friendly, safe, rare bullying, known for athletics. there is a lot of school spirit from alums, staff, parents and students alike. strive for college preparation. However all is true, there is a lack of diversity.
Alleman High School has really pushed students to get involved and participating in clubs/sports/activities. I hope that one day in the future there will be more diversity and less of cliques.
I loved the faith- based teaching behind every lesson. The teachers are amazing and care about the students.
I am a senior at Alleman high school, and the school is just a great place to be. It will always be a true home. Alleman is an amazing school to get you ready for college.
I loved how small the school was and how everyone knew everyone and everyone is so close, Its a one family there.
Alleman does an excellent job preparing students for college applications. The counselors take the time to walk students through the entire process and offers resources for tips on writing essays, searching for scholarships, etc. Teachers and counselors are always available and willing to help with any of the students’ needs.
Your classmates are great and you'll make lasting relationships. The school is very strict but it is worth it. The schooling is excellent and a high school student will be more than ready for his or her freshman year of college.
Alleman Catholic High School provided me with both faith based and academic based learning. Being involved in the Alleman family was a great small school experience where teacher to student ratio was perfect.
Allman Catholic high school challenges it students mentally, physically, and spiritually leading to an overall success of a student
For my freshman year it has been a great experience. I have met alot of great friends as well as the teaching staff. I am a soccer player and the team and coach is great. I am learning more about my faith, even though I am not Catholic Theology is a wonderful class that I have learned alot about.
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My experience at Alleman High School was great. All four years were amazing and there was always something to do. From to sports to clubs, Alleman is the place to be involved in. Alleman is a school that cares about their students ans diversity. Alleman is a college prep high school. Alleman wants each student to be successful in and outside of school. Alleman is also a place where we surround ourselves through the catholic faith. Each month we have all school masses, adoration, or prayer services. Alleman is a place that has helped me push myself in and outside of school. I would not choose any other school but Alleman. Alleman has a special feeling to it. Alleman is a school that welcomes everyone, it does matter if you are catholic, not catholic, or even a different religion. I would not change a thing about Alleman High School.
Good high school experience, it feels like you are a part of a family, since it is a small private school. I wish there was a little more diversity though.
I believe that if you or your parents are alumni to the school or make contributions you will get special treatment in sports. I chose the school for academic reasons but in the end I wonder if the cost was worth it. I had many teachers quit mid year and some teachers who were 1st and last year teachers who were not very good. The cliques and noticeable and the popular kids run the school the rest of the kids are invisible to them.
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