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Allegro Charter School of Music Reviews

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Overall, Allegro is a great option for people wanting to learn music in a small and personal environment. Each student has a unique relationship with their teachers, and are always held to the highest standards. Allegro was a great option for me, because I like small school environments. The school building currently isn’t the greatest, but a new school building is in the works.
This is a really great school to learn from and to create trusting relationships with everyone there.
The curriculum is infused with music. Whether it be composing a song for math class, or describing the theme of a book using percussion, students use music every day. Allegro is NOT a performing arts school. Yes, there are band, strings class, chorus, and other music classes, but the school is not churning out musicians. There is no music "major" and a child can immerse in any and all musical interests, not just one thing (unlike other local music schools where one has to pick one thing). Also, the school is still small and adults are everywhere, able to be the mentors that kids need. I'm sure the school will endure growing pains as the word gets out, but hopefully the culture will not be lost.
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Unlike schools such as School of the Arts (SOA), Allegro Charter School of Music allows students of different backgrounds to pursue music without having to qualify via audition. Whether they're first learning what a quarter note is, or whether they're more advanced, learning to compose their own pieces or performing famous classics by well-known composers, including J. S. Bach and Ludwig van Beethoven, students at Allegro Charter School of Music work toward bettering their musical career, and hopefully, for the near future.
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