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Allegheny-Clarion Valley High School Reviews

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I have a friend who goes here and she says the marching band is AMAZING!!! The teachers are really nice, and most of the students are very friendly.
Loved how close and helpful the teachers are. I wish they would input new desks and one day hopefully diversity could be here.
The school doesn't do anything
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We have some clubs and sports
The school doesn't do very many fun activities and is pretty strict with just about everything. It doesn't have the best classes either which is upsetting because I don't feel like I'm getting the education I deserve.
There's a few teachers who I can honestly say don't teach at all. They give the students a packet, a website, and tell them to go watch the videos on the lesson online and learn that way. Us students find it extremely hard to learn this way especially in our math subjects.
The security is not that high but nothing has shone a need for such measures to be put into action.
There are many choices for clubs and a few of them are large commitments. One of these is Student Council where students help with after-school activities, for example the powder puff football game and Homecoming.
This school is small so everybody knows everyone else. The teachers are more approachable because you feel like less of a nuisance because of the small amount of students.
The teachers want to see their students learn what they have to teach.
This school seems to teach to the average and below average student. There is limited emphasis placed on raising the bar of academic expectations. Children have limited rewards for academic achievement vs. athletics. Class scheduling is a DISASTER!! There are not options for youth at the upper end for online classes. The dual enrollment system is a waste of money because many classes have limited use and exist simply to say they were offered. The AP class system does not stand the test of achievement for many students because of the limited acceptance of the class if they manage to pass and qualify. The curriculum is bare bones and only what the state requires. There is a limited passion for learning in this district. When there is opportunity for progressive academic experiences there are limited teachers willing to help or promote. I believe it is because they have limited comfort in teaching the higher academic and technological experiences. Children as challenged to look at a workforce with "traditional" careers - tradesman, teachers, accountants, pharmacy, nurses. However the children are not challenged to look at science and math based careers because the teachers and counselors don't know and understand these careers to open the eyes of youth to explore them. Many new careers are unknown to the general population and youth don't know therefore don't explore the possibilities.
It is a limited resource school in a very rural area. However, that being acknowledged, it is highly accessible by Interstate 80. The potential risk exists because of the number of ways in and out of the area. This also creates openings for drug and alcohol issues. As this corridor is a known area for drug traffic between NYC, Cleveland, Youngstown, Pittsburgh, Erie, and Buffalo The school nurse is readily available to students, but athletes and even phys ed students do not have access to a trainer. The school played the entire football season on the back of volunteers - some who through personal circumstance had specialized training. It is 15-20 miles to the closest hospital. The school did take precautions for lock downs for doors in classrooms and the office. In general, the perceived isolation of the school does create the appearance of safety. The school bus drivers are very compassionate and aware of the students and keep an eye open for changes in the area especially as it relates to child safety.
There are several school sponsored clubs that students can choose to participate in during a special period near the end of the day. Student council is likely the most active club. The students who are involved in "everything" (sports and clubs) are the ones who conduct the most outreach. It is the same students and same audience - limited. These are good kids, but the reach to new audiences is limited - I believe family circumstance and apathy play a role in this.
Parents are not involved in this school as the school culture discourages parent involvement. Parents are treated as non-entities - on a need to know basis and most teachers think they "don't need to know" except on the mandated sign off on syllabi that are sent home the first week of class. There is no such thing as parent/teacher conference. Some students are bullied by teachers and this is rarely addressed at the administrative level. A sizable number of parents fail to be involved because they are trying to meet their own needs before they can meet the needs of their children. Administration is hesitant to call out poor behavior on the parts of students and some staff because it is easier to look the other way than to set an example and change the culture.
There are a few teachers who appear to genuinely care about the students. Some are engaging. Social studies is one where my children feel engaged and interactive. The science classes also appear to be mostly interactive, although some of the "facts" that are presented especially with regard to biological sciences are questionable and need to be better researched prior to presentation. Chemistry appears to be applicable and college preparatory for the students. The math is not acceptable. Children should have different teachers over the term of their tenure not only learn from one instructor who claims "I taught it once, it is your job to learn it." A significant number of parents hire tutors to assist their children in math - also not acceptable in a school of this size. However, the students that comprehend the math concepts appear to be well prepared - so I'm not sure where the balance is in this case. "average" I guess. English skills are functional, but college bound will have some struggles to write at a higher level of scholarly presentation.
Our administration is very helpful at all times, but they could also be more helpful and assisting at times when families need the assistance.
We have a lot of sports and other extracurricular activities, but there are a number of other affordable activities that the school could assist in funding.
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Our school takes initiative in promoting a healthy lifestyle, and assists students in making beneficial heath choices. We also have a health staff that prides themselves in helping students in times of need.
The gym has been renovated and the library is nice. The rest of the school is dated especially the locker rooms and auditorium.
Teachers can make a class. All of the history teachers were phenomenal! The science and English teachers were very good. The math teacher were horrible and did not prepare for what was to come in college. They picked favorites and graded according to that as well.
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