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Allegheny-Clarion Valley Elementary School Reviews

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There was some issues of detentions for stupid things that should not have had detention, but overall the policies are there and enforced.
The sports are a big part of the school and it takes a lot to balance sports and school but can definitely be done. There is always something to get involved in or to be a part of it is a great time.
I loved my high school. I was very involved in clubs and sports I made the most out of my time there. I love college and would not trade college for high school again but I truly enjoyed my high school years.
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Most of the clubs meet during the day but some clubs meet after school and do things together. There is always a sport going on that someone could get involved in.
I feel that if you find the right teacher they are more than willing to help, and the technology guys are great and always there to help.
The food in the cafeteria is always expected they run on the same schedule, there is never anything new.
I feel that I was involved in high school and made the best of my time there, so I was prepared for college and the "real world".
I felt that you got out what you put in at this high school. I felt I could have been more prepared in the math and science areas but overall it was a good experience.
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