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Lots of people will get bullied and the teachers wouldnt even notice or would do nothing about it. There is also a lot of drama and rumors going around and no one tries to end it. Also with the nurse she is only here for two days, sometimes just one, and lots of times people need her and she wouldnt be here.
Beta club and sports are the most popular things I note in this category
Every teacher is completely different. I have only seen/knew a few teachers in this high school that genuinely care about the students, their achievements, and their enjoyment and understanding of every class. Grading consistency is unheard of. Sometimes they "curve" grades, sometimes they let them re-take tests they have failed, etc. To me , that is not a good example for a child like mine, that studies hard, makes a 99 or 100 on a test and another child fails the test, gets to go home, study more, and re-take the test.
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I think overall health and safety was excellent when Mr. Barnes was principal, but since we have anew principal, I'm not sure how to answer this, because I really don't know him at all. The school has an excellent emergency plan, if this new principal will use and follow it correctly. Student health resources have always been excellent.
It seems this school is more supportive to the athletics programs, than to the academics programs. Art and music seem to be a forgotten need with very little funding. I was told by one teacher that I approached to let them know that my oldest daughter did not understand a part of the lesson she was assigned, and he said, "I only have to cover the material, I can't make sure they all understand it." This is a very small town and full of good people, but teachers are not like they were when I was in school. I can count on one hand the number of teachers that my daughters have said to me, "Momma, now he/she are great teachers!"
Wish more things were offered
I've always lived here and wouldn't think of going anywhere else.
We have teachers that really care and try hard but mainly teachers that are there to just get a paycheck.
There's hardly anything after school here club wise. It's all about sports, and athletes get special treatment.
I've liked my experience here at Alleghany for the most part. The school is very close-minded, however, and some people get bullied on a regular basis. Also, we haven't had any clubs until this year. Even now, clubs are every other week for 30 minutes. This is a huge loss to the school, as kids aren't getting the typical student experience outside of sporting events.
Most teachers at my school are pretty dedicated to the job. Two teachers in particular, Mr. Pasley and Mr. Murphy, go above and beyond to teach their students what they need in the real-world. These teachers are the ones that I learned the most from, and these are the teachers that deserve the most recognition.
Made memories and enjoyed my time here at Alleghany.
The food is great for healthy eaters for the most part. However, I don't eat healthy except for salads and things; therefore, I have trouble with all the wheat and stuff.
The staff at AHS are great for trying new ideas.
Very good teachers. Most of the teachers really care about the students; they will remind the students of upcoming deadlines, etc. Every teacher I have had has been great even though some of the topics they teach are not as appealing to me.
I have noticed that the football team and basketball team get more congrats from people than like the cross country teams.
The Beta Club inspires people to do community service in order to obtain enough hours to not be kicked out of Beta Club. There are also plenty of sports to play.
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Alleghany County is full of great teachers and people; the small classes really allow achievable student/teacher interaction.
Peer pressure is a big problem and diversity is practically non existent.
Our school nurse is only here 2 days a week.
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