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Alleghany High School Reviews

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I would only recommend this high school to kids and families that only want there kids to succeed at a community college right down the road that will only get you a job around the area with no benefits.
Alleghany was where I grew up so it was destined for me to go to high school here. It’s great that everyone knows each other, but that is also a huge downfall because of drama. I have never been more excited to leave somewhere in my life.
The people and the location of Alleghany High School are great. The setting couldn't be much more beautiful than where the school is located. The teachers do a wonderful job at pushing us, and supporting us along the way. The only bad things are the school is out of date, and the administration could be better.
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There are not many options to choose from, and it is expensive.
The policies of our administration focus on very childish and immature things. They do a poor job of getting the students of Alleghany prepared for college
Sports are definitely a big deal to our students and teachers at our school. We all take great pride in competing in a great conference of the VHSL. Over sixty percent of our students are involved in a sport, and many also play multiple sports. We have a great fan support from our community. The only thing that lacks are the athletic facilities. They are very out of date, and close to no money is ever spent on bettering them.
The teachers of Alleghany High School are what makes it enjoyable. I have never had a teacher that I didn't like in any way. I also feel that everyone of them are very educated in their fields of teaching, and are very hard working teachers. Every teacher in the building has a different and unique style of teaching, keeping you guessing and interested in learning what is next.
There are some extracurricular activities to be apart of, but not many. The ones that do exist have been the same for the past four years at least, and begin to become boring after awhile. The main things we do at our school are participate in an organized sport, or go watch another sport compete.
I have had mixed feelings about there teachers. Allegheny has some of the best teachers in the area. They are hard working and caring. However they have others that I think are just there to collect a paycheck or bully the children. The ladies that work in the front office are awesome. If you need anything they are the ones to go to. To talk to anyone else in that office is like talking to the wall. They have a new principle I'm hoping that will change but I'm not to hopeful.
Could be more academically strenuous.
I have had a very good experience at this school.
Health and safety policies are well known. I feel safe.
Lots of club and sports opportunities.
The guidance counselors are extremely helpful and available.
There are a few college level classes. No more than 5. Dozens of low level/mentally handicapped courses offered to students that couldn't pass the first time.
Our sports are good, but they are not all treated equally.
We have very bad food options and the options we do have are gross.
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We have a few that are very good teachers and go above and beyond. Although, mostly the teachers are not good.
Our administration does not do a very good job at being fair.
Baseball is great, and football has always been viewed as a success. Soccer was called an embarassment by an administrator. Wrestling has a nationally ranked junior as of 2014, he will graduate in 2015.
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