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Allegany-Limestone High School Reviews

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The school was not an enjoyable high school experience. The administration tells students private information from other students and nothing is done to prevent bullying.
Allegany Limestone is a very fun school to attend. All teachers who work at the school do what they can to help when help is needed and they are very friendly. The environment at Allegany is very friendly, there are many clubs and sports to choose from. The school itself is clean and everyone does their part to enure the cleanliness of the school. Students, teachers and other staff at Allegany are all nice and there are many positive factors at Allegany
Being a student at Allegany-Limestone has been just a great experience for my high school career. There are many great resources that are available for us students and make our experience much easier. They also have a great student council that puts on a lot of good extra curricular activities.
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I liked that it wasn't a huge school and there were a lot of helpful teachers that would help with any questions you had.
Great small town high school to attend. Wonderful teacher and administration always there to help students and further their education. Great student body - everyone gets along wonderfully!
I like the atmosphere. The staff gets along with one another and the students very well. We have a great no bullying policy that seems to work and make the school a better place. I would like there to be a little more diversity in the school. It is predominantly white, which does not provide much experience.
You can complain about bullying but most of the time nothing is done about it. We have a human resources officer who is on campus a lot, and armed. Dogs come in randomly to school or when needed. The nurse is very helpful and an outstanding person in general, everyone loves her. Ours doors to the buildings are locked almost all the time, its only unlocked after school hours for practices then they are locked again. We have security cameras everywhere as well.
They offer multiple sports from soccer to football to tennis. They start offering sports at seventh grade and you can play all the way up to senior year. We have multiple clubs that get students involved with our community and others that are there to represent students within the school so students have a say, sometimes. Each club has their own requirements as to when meetings, also clubs try to work around most schedules but have to find a happy medium.
The teachers and parents are the only people that make the school great. Our weak point in the administration and other faculty except teachers and janitors.
The teachers will help you succeed as long as you show it. They do everything that they can to help you everyday and we are the reason they are there. Without our teachers we are nothing.
I wish there was hockey but there are not enough students involved
I don't see how parents ties into a school review because the school cannot control parents
Most teachers are very kind and very good at their job.
Ive never really had an issue at this school and its actually much better then most schools. They are very interested in all of there students and all studbets have a lot of great opportunities and can do anything they put their minds to. There are many clubs, many sports, and many activities everyibe can get involved in. After being a transfer student this school was one kg the best. They welcomed me withopen arms, I made a lot of friends, and I was supported and guided the entire time I was there. There education system is veryeffective and I actually learn. Not many schools have teachers who care or have people who would do anything to see you do your very best.
Generally most of the teachers at my school are very engaging with their students and are actually there to help them learn and succeed.There are teachers that will devote their spare time to help students and will always make sure the class assignments are fair and are ubderstabdable. I can say vie never had and issue with any of my teachers at this school and have always helped ne to succeed and do my very best. Generally they know the content they are teaching and even relate it to real world events. They have great communication, thr grading policy is mostly fair, and overall they are great teachers.
There are a variety of sports that students can participate in
Most are friendly and entertaining
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The teachers overall do a good enough job at teaching their students.
There are several clubs and organizations dedicated to volunteer work and things like that. Personally, I would find a technical extracurricular activity like making model remote controlled airplanes to be most interesting.
They do offer a variety of healthy food.
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