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I liked most of the teachers, but a few were bad and do not know how to teach. The school is pretty dirty. But overall it was not a bad experience.
While there are a number of AP classes available, there are a few I'd like to see added. There could be more electives to help enrich the student options.
This school has great extra curriculars, and the faculty, staff and community are all behind the kids.
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We do love this school and most of the teachers are fantastic, but I have noticed that teachers tend to shy from communication, except at parent teacher conference days. I have not had many instances other than that to need outside communication with a teacher, but that one situation left me feeling like the teacher believed I was bothering her. Perhaps it was that specific teacher.
My daughter attends this school and is in her sophomore year. She's participated in several fantastic programs (robotics club, show choir, drama club and cross country) and really had some great new experiences made available to her. The AP courses that she's taken have been of varying rigor levels. We love the school, the teachers, etc, but our county is building a school to replace this very, very old building. We're hoping the new structure will bring new life to the students and faculty.
Most of the teachers are love/hate. There is a variety of teachers, but all are fairly knowledgeable in their topics. Only complain is that some are not very knowledgeable in their placed subject.
The safety policies at my school are very good. If there is a threat, the faculty handle it very well.
There are many clubs and organizations offered at my school. Most of which are indeed fun.
High school is interesting in many ways. The enviroment that is created from people with different backgrounds parralels the real world.
The teachers at my school are very good at what they do. If a student has a problem, he/she can approach a teacher.
Threats of violence are rare occasions at Allegany, with the last bomb threat I can remember being in 2013. The school is heavily equipped with security cameras to the point even the parking lot is monitored.
With a relatively small staff size, there aren't many variations in subject of clubs, rather the simple basics, such as clubs that have to do with political views.
Allegany High School is set in a very small town, therefor has a very small and tight-knit student population. Frequently our town is recognized for our football program on series such as Greatest Rivalries. Yearly, the big Homecoming Game draws in thousands of people to our local stadium.
There is a very low student to staff ratio at Allegany High School, giving education a more personalized feeling. Teachers often involve students in one on one learning, whether it be through a demonstration of a lesson, participation in class, or engaging in a conversation with them on their knowledge of the subject.
AP teachers are excellent. The teachers are the reason why I am able to pass my AP classes. The academic teachers do more than the baseline requirements, and students receive a quality education at every level of learning.
The janitors have to put up with a lot, but they manage really well. Then floors pretty much clean when we come into school each day.
From challenging academics to great teachers, I wouldn't want to attend any other school. Even though I have a few complaints, most of the students want to be at school. School is a fun place where you can see friends, joke around with teacher, and, most importantly, learn.
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It's no surprise that the school lunches are bad. Let's just say, I pack for a reason.
The faculty are pretty consistent in their disciplinary practices. Some are not effective enough; some are to strict. I guess you can't really avoid that, though.
I am so glad that I grew up in this part of town. The teachers at my school are the best in the county. My chemistry teacher, Mr. Wallace, is by far the best of all of the teachers that I have had. He challenges me to think and look at situations in a different light. I have learned so much from him.
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