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I could have been better prepared for college. I feel as though not enough time was spent helping me prepare for the financial needs nor the class courses I could have taken. The counselors need to take more time with each student. Overall I had a good experience just feel I wasn't as prepared for college as I could have been.
The teachers give each student an individualized experience to ensure they achieve the highest level of success throughout their years at the school. Everyone is encouraged to strive for excellence.
The quality of Allegan High School would be increased by hiring more teachers who are willing to help students and take extra steps to see the students succeed. They would also benefit from increasing the courses available to the students to take.
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My experience so far as an Allegan Tiger has been rather commendable. I didn't struggle much with learning, but when I did come across a difficult topic, my teachers always went above and beyond to help me understand.

Not only did these teachers help the students understand, the teachers were so close to the students that I truly can call a number of them my friend. I feel that I learned everything that I needed to plus more. When I say "plus more," I mean they taught me social skills. They taught me at a young age how to respect my teachers.

Particularly I favored the band program. Our band director truly was a one-of-a-kind person. I felt I could talk to her if I needed advice or about personal issues. She is among the nicest people I've ever met. She knew everything about music. If we had any kind of question, she always had an answer. She taught us how to play music, and how to understand it.
My experience wasn't bad. I am currently studying Education and there wasn't much for me to take Junior/Senior year. All there was was pretty much the Tech Center. I wouldn't mind seeing a few more options for people who want to go into Education field after graduation.
At Allegan High School, where I had attended for 4 years, my experiences were both good and bad. They provided so many opportunities class-wise and would help you through anything that you needed help with. When I suffered a great loss, AHS staff was more than willing to help me through it! I also liked all the school spirit. What I would like to see change is how they handle their anti-bullying policy, as it almost seems they do not really care as much as they say they do.
Drugs are prevalent at my school, and even though there are random searches and police dogs brought in occasionally, even many athletes do drugs. There is no school nurse, and many students go to school when they are sick because they have limited sick days and don't want to fall behind.
The most recognized extracurricular activities in Allegan High School are the sports teams, Quiz Bowl, and marching band. Most students participate in at least one after-school activity.
I've had a positive experience at Allegan High School so far, as the teachers and programs allow me to express my interests. The only problems I've experiences with this high school are lack of funding for the arts programs lack of communication between students and administration.
The teachers at Allegan High School have a variety of teaching styles that most students enjoy. The teachers genuinely care about the students, and help them when possible. Most teachers are creative and apply that to their teaching methods and environment. The teachers at Allegan High School communicate with their students and talk to them almost as peers sometimes to create a more comfortable environment, and it is appreciated by the students.
The sports here show a wide range of improvement, sports like swimming, tennis, wrestling, and soccer are all sports that are known outside of Allegan. The Spanish Club is a well put organization that gets together every Wednesday and there are a few trips throughout the course. I am well committed to the club.
If I could do it all over again I'd probably pick another high school to have another experience at a different school. Not that I do not like this school, it is more of a change I want. To have the chance to make new friends and meet new teachers who might have a different teaching style that I might like more than the Allegan High School. Maybe the Art department is better or even the athletics.
Half of the teachers year are well determined to help students, they want to help students understand. And they always make sure grades are put into the grade book. As for the other half, they don't have a good grading style, its different. And then we have those teachers that do not put any assignments in the grade book and we are left with one assignment in there with a C and makes it look like we are failing. Some teachers do not understand when we participate in sports. But overall, the teaching staff if alright.
Our school is in a very safe location (small area) so there isn't a lot of need for metal detectors or armed police at our school everyday. However I don't think we take enough measure on bullying and I feel like when someone speaks up about it more people should be supportive. We don't have a school nurse (unless our trainer counts but she usually isn't there during the day).
The reason I liked my school so much was because of some of the people I befriended throughout the year, without them I'm not sure if I would have liked my school as much. It's a decent school, much better than some, but doesn't compare to some of the nicer schools.
With a few exceptions, the majority of teachers are extremely knowledgable in their respected subjects. They try to help each student as best as they can and offer extended help and support for those who need it. Many go above and beyond the teaching duties and are actively trying to be kind and respect all students while maintaining overall control of the classroom.
The teaching staff does a pretty good job at teaching us the curriculum. The classes are also very spread so we have many opportunities.
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Diversity is pretty great at this school!
We don't have a school nurse but we do have a sick room and if it's that big of an emergency our staff is usually willing to help and pretty understanding.
Allegan has a lot to offer and they continue to add more extracurricular activities to get more people involved!
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