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Allderdice is the largest public high school in Pittsburgh. Allderdice has some of the top students in the whole Pittsburgh area. Each year between five and twenty students attend Ivy League school and others top-tier schools like MIT. Recently, an Allderdice alumna won the Nobel Prize in chemistry which shows the strength of the school.
I loved how diverse the school was. There were lost of different people making it a much better school for people to interact with each other. I had lost of help from teachers and administrators to help me stay on top of my work and get me prepared for the next level. I also loved how there was always something to do at the school like a club, sport event, after school activities, etc. At Allderdice high school there’s lots of classes to help you figure out what your interests are before you get to college.
It’s your classic public high school with old books and broken bathroom doors. Teachers will usually care about their students (especially with the higher level classes). Very segregated between the regular and ”gifted” students.
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It was cool , over the 4 years I enjoyed being there I changed a lot and found my self , schooling wasn’t that great but your not going find great schooling in Pittsburgh public schools. Uh as for college readyness I can’t say there was any. I mean I don’t think these school even try to get us ready. It’s alright though because I feel like i will be okay.
I liked allderdice's diversity. There were people from all over there and knowing that everyone there was different made it comfortable. I love how enthusiastic everyone is about the sports. Everybody supported you there no matter if it was a dance battle in the hall of for finals you need help studying for. I loved how the school was big enough for you to have your own space but not to the point where everyone was strangers. The teachers were all so nice too, they pushed you to always do your best no matter what. Everyone wanted to see you succeed there! i highly recommend allderdice for everyone!
Allderdice High School provided me with a plethora of ways to succeed in my High School education, whether that was through their robust Honors program, over 20 available AP classes, and strong sports teams and extracurricular activities to get involved in. However, the non-honors track at Allderdice is nowhere close to as strong as the one described above. I worry that some students struggle to receive a quality education because they don't qualify for the honors track.
As a junior attending Taylor Allderdice, I had the opportunity to beat the odds as an African American male who grew up in the foster care system. I was involved in the choir and met awesome people. In terms of academics, my favorite class was Spanish. This gave me an outlet to learn something that wasn’t exposed in my community. Each day, I would ask my Hispanic friends to teach me a phrase. I repeated each phrase until I remembered it and applied it to my Spanish class. What I enjoyed most over the course of my time attending this school, was the diversity. Not only were there Hispanic people there, but there was student from all over there world with many different religions from mine. It gave me an opportunity to learn more about myself and others. After school, I participated in tutoring just for fun. It also taught me how to use the resources in the school.
Allderdice is a school that you would see in a movie or TV show. It is culturally diverse with a large minority population as well as foreign exchange students make up a decent portion of the student body. Allderdice also has many student led clubs and organizations to make all feel welcome. Whether it be the Japanese Culture Club, Gender and Sexuality Alliance, or the Black Student Union there are clubs here that anyone can join to feel accepted and acknowledged by others. As for educational stand points Allderdice offers a wide range of electives to pair with its core classes. Almost all AP courses are offered here and taught well enough that if you try your hardest you can pass with a score that will transfer into college credits. So for those reasons I rate Allderdice as a 5/5 stars and would recommend it to most people.
Alldedice is probably one the best schools in Pittsburgh for college readiness and diversity. Offers many AP courses which can be used for college credits, and also offers many sports like tennis, cross country, and track. It's a old school but there will be a lot of good moments especially towards your junior and senior year.
Allderdice is an amazing diverse community. They have many great academic programs that help students excel. Students in my graduating class went to universities like Yale and Harvard.
There are many diverse class options for all grade levels and a great social atmosphere. Classes are rigorous and there are many different available clubs.
Allderdice Highschool is a Pittsburgh Public School. It earns a bad reputation, being nicknamed "Dirty Dice" by the students. And while this is seen by the tumble-weave in the halls, lunch trays and food in the stairwells, and the overall conditions of the bathrooms, it's not the true Allderdice. Despite a little lacking in the general state of the building, the education is good, especially for a public school. If students want to learn and push themselves, they can do so. With over fifteen AP classes offered it's easy to challenge yourself and there are so many electives and clubs that whatever your interest is, you can do something to meet it.
The really nice thing about Allderdice is the sheer amount of AP classes they offer. In total, I've taken AP Us History, AP English Lang. Lit., AP Computer Science A. Those are from last year and this year I'm still taking AP classes.
Another good thing about Allderdice are the teachers. My teachers are awesome and some of them can allow of the best of things in class.
I've had a good experience overall. Like all schools, there are bad teachers and staff that can add to frustration. The bathrooms are horrible, most do not have locks on doors. That said, the quality of education is decent, but only if you are in advanced classes.
Amazing AP teachers and a wide variety of advanced classes offered. Lots of opportunities. Run down facility, expected of a public school. Very large. Great if you qualify for CAS/AP classes, but a very different experience if not. As an AP student, I've received a good education, and I believe it is better than the other schools in the district. I can't speak much for the students who aren't enrolled in the advanced classes
My time at Allderdice has helped me learn a lot of things. The education at the school is really what you make of it, you have to really work to be able to get something out of it. You have to be able to go out and use what Allderdice has given you and turn it into your own. Their is lots of distractions and it is very easy to not get caught in the midst of it all. In many ways I believe Allderdice however has prepped me for the real world, being intermixed with all sorts of different people from various socioeconomic backgrounds, and learning to adapt to interacting with many different types of people have shown me what it is like to be apart of a real society rather than a closed off group of people with similar backgrounds, which is what most high schools are like. Allderdice gave me expose to lots of things that I believe will benefit me in the long run.
My experience at Allderdice was at best interesting and at worst extremely long and drawn out. Allderdice was a privilege school, they let certain students get away with whatever they wanted to do because there parents had money or because their parents came to all the school events. The teaching wasn’t that good either but if you graduated you made it out.
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My experience overall was okay. I learned a lot , did a lot , was in a lot . There was trouble with a few but that's everywhere, I managed and graduated with a 3.2 GPA along with being in the National Honors Society & Accpeted into PennState Altoona and on my second year!
Allderdice was a very happy environment to go to school in. There were countless advisors and educators that were there for the students when it was time to apply to and decide on colleges. The CAS (center for advanced studies) program was outstanding, and helped narrow down my interests for my future education and occupation.
I loved attending Allderdice ! They'res so much diversity and groups you can hang out with. everyone is very helpful , you can truly tell teachers care for you !
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