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I have been apart of the Allatoona family for the past 13 years of my life. My father started the youth wrestling program there, my sister played softball and I lacrosse. Not only is the high school great, but the school really cares about the youth. The athletic programs make such an effort to inter-loop the youth with the high school teams, whether having camps, big/lil sis, or having our high school programs coach the youth teams and attend their games. Not only do the coaches make academics a priority, the administration and teachers do too. You will not find a teacher who is not willing to bend over backwards to get you wear you need to be. Right before finals my father was hospitalized and in the ICU with Covid 19. After letting my first block teacher know, not even before my class had let out, all my other teachers and counselors had reached out and asked how they could help. Allatoona makes students into good people, you’re not just another face there. They truly care.
I like Allatoona high school because all faculty and teachers want to see the students succeed. Each teacher is willing to offer extra help to students that may need it and is excited to see students pursing their goals. Allatoona offers a variety of opportunities for leadership as well as community and campus involvement. The campus itself is clean and safe. The administrators hold high standards of excellence that are expected of the students. However, one thing I would like to see improved at the school is equal recognition for each athletic team and organization.
My experience at Allatoona was nothing life-changing. I went through the motions, did my school work, and graduated. My favorite part was definitely the fine arts department where I made a majority of my friends. Allatoona needs to focus more on academics and not get rid of so many rigorous courses. Students need to be challenged and deserve a chance to prove themselves.
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Allatoona High School is a decent school. The sports programs are really good and the teachers are not bad. The enviornment is good, the students want to learn and stuff.
Allatoona is a smaller school in Cobb County and i moved to go her because of this. They offered many AP and honors courses which i took advantage of during my time there. Teachers are known for their influence on students and their education. Many of the teahers at Allatoona had a lot of personality and were upbeat and enjoyable to be around. However, there were many who got away with being dismissive and rude to students dispite this being reported. The student body reflected this as well. There was not as much economic diversity in Allatoona compared to other schools, and students tended to be very exclusive of unique individuals, myself included. Some teachers even fell into these groups of students. Again, dispite issues and concerns being brought up to administrators the issue was still generally overlooked.
Allatoona HS provides a positive and encouraging learning environment. The teachers are not only dedicated but engaging with the students. Through my 4 years at Allatoona, I have made life long friendships and felt invested in by both teachers and administration. Allatoona provides more than just a place to learn, it gives it's students the opportunity to reach their full potential!
Allatoona is a very crowded school with loads of amazing students and teachers. It's very organized with how the bell schedule works and when to be in class on time. The only issue with Allatooona is with how crowded the school is, it makes it somewhat harder to contact your teachers and schedule times to when you don't understand something. Overall it's a great school and I recommend it for others
I like the marching band and band programs in general. The AP classes challenged me as well. Overall, the education I received has been great.
I am going to be a senior this year at Allatoona High School. My experience was overall pretty good, but I feel there is always room for improvement. I have been very involved with this school and I have been through many clubs, teachers, and administrators. The only area of the school I didn't really explore was athletics and foreign languages like French and Latin (I took 3 Spanish classes here). The school is very nice and I had great experiences with most staff, however some tend to push issues under the rug or give students better treatment and grades based upon personal reasons. Overall, I enjoyed this school and had a well rounded time here. I am very excited to be finishing high school here for my final year.
I moved to this school at the beginning of the school year, and it was amazing. The teachers and students were all very welcoming, and I felt I was truly learning, not just for college, but for the rest of my life
It is an amazing school to attend, the fine arts program is amazing and the faculty and staff are so nice and sweet if you get the chance to know them.
Allatoona is a decent school that’s known for its athletic program. The teachers are dedicated to their subjects and the students are eager to learn. But from time to time school can be stressful, with all the testing and grading.
I love AHS! The teachers are (for the most part) very nice, and very willing to help and give assistance to help the students succeed. The fine arts department is fantastic, and the theater department puts on three great shows every year! Love the school!
Going to school at Allatoona High School has been so fun and a great place to learn. The teachers are very invested in there students, and are always open to teaching in new ways for us to learn. The sports are incredible and the Administration staff are outgoing and always trying to stay with the newest news. I wish our principal was more interested in what some of the kids are saying, so she can better Allatoona in the future. I would really love to see the students who come after me enjoy school as much as I did if not more.
Allatoona High school is a great school! The teachers are kind and helpful and there are lots of fun extracurricular activities.
I think Allatoona has amazing teachers & students but the admin gets in the way of fun stuff like pep rallies & makes it hard to get involved in spirit stuff
Allatoona has truly made high school the best years of my my life. I was originally supposed to go to Harrison our rival school but I found out Allatoona had a dance team and my mom my sister and I moved into Allatoona district. I think that’s one of my favorite things about Allatoona, there is so much room for opportunity. I made the dance team and started attending school there. Immediately I saw a such a friendly environment, teachers were there to help you, administration was too and I felt safe. Fast forward 4 years I’m now a senior hoping to still get a graduation Due to the Corona Virus but one thing I know is that Allatoona will find a way to make it happen for me.
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they have a strong curriculum with a good code of conduct. However, there are some teachers who literally don't know what they are doing or how to teach to their students.
I overall enjoyed my experience at Allatoona High School. I believe that the majority of the staff was very kind, resourceful, and helpful. One of the only things that I believe Allatoona lacked was school spirit and support for all clubs and activities. Although seen at a lot of high schools, Allatoona had a lot of students who judged others based on the activities they were involved in. For example, I participated in the color guard and received a lot of backlash due to the stereotype of students who are associated with the marching band.
I loved my experience at Altoona High School. I was introduced to so many new people and opportunities and created so many memories I will never forget. Going to Allatoona made me join the lacrosse team and I have loved the sport ever since. I developed good relationships with other students, teachers, and my coaches.
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