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Allatoona is a very good school in the Cobb County area. Diversity is not that good, but the academics and preparation to be college ready is excellent. The teachers, administration, food, and facilities are all very nice, but there aren't as many clubs and activities as other schools. Allatoona is a well rounded school though, compared to other schools in the area.
My experience at Allatoona has truly been special. It has allowed me to meet some of the greatest people I have ever met, including both my teachers and friends. Allatoona is also a very challenging school which has prepared me very well for college. Overall, I have had a blast. From the hype of "Enter Sandman" playing as the Bucs take the field on Friday nights (yes we copied Virginia Tech) to community service events such as Shop With A Buc, the spirit of Allatoona can be seen everywhere. Go Bucs!
While Allatoona had students well prepared for state mandated testing, they allowed sexual harassment/assault to take place on campus and encouraged sports over academics. The administration never cared about the fine arts programs that would bring in trophies and awards left and right-it was always about the sports teams that would lose in the finals.
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Allatoona High School is full of excellent educators and students. Everyone is very friendly,helpful, and hard-working. It is a wonderful school to attend
The staff and students at Allatoona are amazing. School spirit is high. Teachers really care about the success of their students. Counslers work hard to make sure students have what they need and to guide you in the right direction. I enjoyed my time at AHS...GO BUCS!!!
I personally have loved my time at Allatoona High School. One thing I love is the many opportunities students are given including the wide range of Advanced Placement classes. I feel very thankful to have access to many learning resources. One thing I would change is just how some of the operational things are ran around the school like parking.
amazing! great sports, academics, and fine arts! i loved going there, the staff really made my 4 years there great.
The school if growing quickly and the education is pretty good. I was able to get into my top choice college, but you need to take the highest level of courses offered (AP) instead of the on level "electives".
Allatoona high is a new school emerging in the aspects of academics, sports, and cosmetics. Quickly moving their way through the ranks amongst high schools. An individual can expect a solid high school education while experiencing the beauty of the school.
I loved being a buccaneer for my 4 years of high school. Being at Allatoona made you feel special & always wanted. Most of the teachers cared about you as much as they did about the subject they were teaching you.
Allatoona High school is a school what you make it to be. My first year I felt alone because I was trying to be someone I'm not and I met people who didn't care what other people were thinking. Sophomore Year was my best year because I passed all of my classes as every teacher helped me to be smarter. Everything I've learned will help me as a Junior. I'd love to see the lunch food improve because the fries can be burnt or amazing but I can say they've added a salad bar which is really amazing for healthy people. I want to see more spontaneous and unique people like flip the script. Be who you want to be and nothing can stop you.
Allatoona was a great school when it cane down to academics, but they lascked many other aspects. There was no school culture and there is little diversity which can sometimes be intimidating to some students. They have a great staff which cares about the students and they offer various extracurricular activities for students.
I enjoy how every elective/activity is important to all the staff at Allatoona. The staff recognize the students devotion for helping the community, participation in athletics and music, and how much their education means to them. Faculty and staff's first priority is how well students are doing in their academic classes. They are always there to help you and make sure you are doing your best.
Allatoona High School is the type of high school that every parent wishes to send their child to. The hallways are filled with school spirit, Academics are insanely amazing. They have amazing teachers that are always willing to help. You have every opportunity possible to succeed and the most amazing people there to support you through your entire journey.
I'd like to see a more relaxed dress code in the future. The teachers were alright but not very inspiring. The cafeteria food is alright and slightly above average. I wish there were more organizations to join as I couldn't seem to find any that fit me. This was one of the better schools in the area in comparison. The graduation ceremony was outside so it was very hot.
I have had a very good experience with Allatoona High School. I am in a few different AP classes and the teachers are excellent and they go above and beyond to help their students. One of my absolute favorite teachers is Mr. Jim Palmer. Allatoona has an insanely great orchestra program that is do to Mr. Palmer's leadership and passion to play and teach music. As great as Allatoona is there is room for improvement in the cafeteria. They should focus more on quality over variety.
I've had many great teachers at Allatoona as well as some not so great ones. As far as overall it's been what you would expect from high school, nothing super extraordinary but also not as bad as it could be. The staff genuinely cares about the students.
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Allatoona High School has made an impact on my life for the 4 years that I attended and I am very proud to call myself a Buccaneer.
this is a great school. if you have any problems you can find someone to talk to. The teachers are there to help you when you need it. You are going to do wonderful at this school. There are so many extracurricular activities to do here. Get involved with the school and enjoy your last 4 years of high school.
Love the variety of classes that are offered the fabulous teaching staff and the sports program. I have enjoyed my experience so far and appreciate the school’s diversity.
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