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Allatoona High school is a school what you make it to be. My first year I felt alone because I was trying to be someone I'm not and I met people who didn't care what other people were thinking. Sophomore Year was my best year because I passed all of my classes as every teacher helped me to be smarter. Everything I've learned will help me as a Junior. I'd love to see the lunch food improve because the fries can be burnt or amazing but I can say they've added a salad bar which is really amazing for healthy people. I want to see more spontaneous and unique people like flip the script. Be who you want to be and nothing can stop you.
Allatoona was a great school when it cane down to academics, but they lascked many other aspects. There was no school culture and there is little diversity which can sometimes be intimidating to some students. They have a great staff which cares about the students and they offer various extracurricular activities for students.
I enjoy how every elective/activity is important to all the staff at Allatoona. The staff recognize the students devotion for helping the community, participation in athletics and music, and how much their education means to them. Faculty and staff's first priority is how well students are doing in their academic classes. They are always there to help you and make sure you are doing your best.
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Allatoona High School is the type of high school that every parent wishes to send their child to. The hallways are filled with school spirit, Academics are insanely amazing. They have amazing teachers that are always willing to help. You have every opportunity possible to succeed and the most amazing people there to support you through your entire journey.
I'd like to see a more relaxed dress code in the future. The teachers were alright but not very inspiring. The cafeteria food is alright and slightly above average. I wish there were more organizations to join as I couldn't seem to find any that fit me. This was one of the better schools in the area in comparison. The graduation ceremony was outside so it was very hot.
I have had a very good experience with Allatoona High School. I am in a few different AP classes and the teachers are excellent and they go above and beyond to help their students. One of my absolute favorite teachers is Mr. Jim Palmer. Allatoona has an insanely great orchestra program that is do to Mr. Palmer's leadership and passion to play and teach music. As great as Allatoona is there is room for improvement in the cafeteria. They should focus more on quality over variety.
I've had many great teachers at Allatoona as well as some not so great ones. As far as overall it's been what you would expect from high school, nothing super extraordinary but also not as bad as it could be. The staff genuinely cares about the students.
Allatoona High School has made an impact on my life for the 4 years that I attended and I am very proud to call myself a Buccaneer.
this is a great school. if you have any problems you can find someone to talk to. The teachers are there to help you when you need it. You are going to do wonderful at this school. There are so many extracurricular activities to do here. Get involved with the school and enjoy your last 4 years of high school.
Love the variety of classes that are offered the fabulous teaching staff and the sports program. I have enjoyed my experience so far and appreciate the school’s diversity.
I enjoyed most of my time at Allatoona, but as with most things in life there were parts that almost made it unbearable. Some students are incredibly and unnecessarily rude to each other and to teachers, some teachers are incompetent, causing lots of kids to nearly fail what should have been an easy class, and over all the administration isn't very good at running the school as smoothly as they should be.
Its a really great school , academically it is the best ,they have a very good teachers.The Staff is very freindly .
I have created very close relationships with my teachers. I talk to my 10th grade chemistry teacher once or twice a week. Overall it’s a wonderful school and a beautiful campus.
The students that go to Allatoona are very into school spirit and are not afraid to show it. The majority of the teachers are very easy to get along with and can be easy going at times. The work and the curriculum is pretty vigorous, and the teachers expect the best. Allatoona has recently started to do thins thing called "Buc Block" it's a time for study and to help kids who are failing to get their grade up. This program is fairly new and not many people are satisfied with it, me being one of them. People for some reason get assigned to the wrong class even though you were one of the first people to sign up for it, and freshman and sophomores get put into a class for seniors that they didn't sign up for. It's an all around good concept, but no one knows what they are doing. All and all Allatoona is a pretty great school and the Administration is pretty chill and can make jokes with the students and preform at pep rallies.
I love Allatoona, because for me, it is like a family. I remember one time during my freshmen year, I was sitting by myself at lunch, because my friend that I usually sat with was with the marching band for a competition, and a junior came up to me and asked if I wanted to sit with her friends and herself. It made me feel good to know that people were always watching out for me, even if I did not know them and vice versa.
The system of learning makes it easier for the students, however, this school seems to care more about the athletic department than most others.
This school is a very entertaining place. The people are generally very friendly and the classes aren't to bad. Only problem is admin isn't really in control of students.
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The school is beautiful and always updated. Many things were heard by seniors and should be able to control them.
My experience attending Allatoona has been pretty good. I have had terrible experiences with this school, but i have also experienced some great ones. Some improvements I would suggest are better math teachers and department in whole, more/different counselors due to the fact that the couselors currently complain about their jobs being too overwhelming, and maybe in the future more career pathway classes. Allatoona does have good qualities though like a great library complete with books, ipads, and computers; good health options offered at lunch, and programs like dual enrollment are offered.
Allatoona High School is a fantastic school that has been known for its academics and excellence in sports. I enjoy attending Allatoona because the students are welcoming, friendly to one another, and, most importantly, united. Our school is one of the most professional and organized schools in the country, and we have been recognized for that. It's empowering to know that I can have pride in my school. However, there is one change that I would like to see happen. There are a few teachers that seem to have little interest in allowing the students to fully absorb the information. Many students complain of their teachers' lack of care if we pass or fail the class.
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