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I have been going to All Saints Episcopal School since The 3 year olds.Now I am in 5th grade. My mom works there and the school is aboustly amazing.
There were unfortunately times where I did get frustrated with my teachers. My English teacher often used the same material to teach the sixth graders as she did to teach the eighth graders. Some methods were just too childish and we often did not have enough respect for her. However, the fact that she was my English teacher for three years of my life helped me because I was aware of her methods and it was consistent teaching. Now, when it came to my math teachers, it was a whole different story. My math teachers have been phenomenal and that is probably the only reason that I am good in math. I strongly dislike math and the fact that I had good math teachers has helped keep me motivated. They were always very helpful and I felt comfortable with all of them.

However, my best educational experience has been with my social studies teacher. He filled his class with interesting stories and often made us act out a scene from history. I was married at least four times in there while I was in his class. He taught material in a way that helped us remember it and at the same time, made class interesting. He was an extremely kind man and he was a person who used his lifetime of knowledge to help out his students.
All Saints' encouraged us to be very involved in clubs such as 4-H. We were constantly required to write the speeches and participate in the baking competitions. We also carried on traditions of putting on plays and talent competitions, as well as active sports programs. I participated in volleyball and the schools very first co-ed soccer team. All of the clubs and organizations encouraged us to work together and install the values in our actions that we had learned at school.
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One specific experience that stands out in my mind is the eighth grade field trip. It was a tradition that started when I was in the seventh grade. Dr. Selby, our principal, started to take the eighth grade class to the Everglades in Florida for a four day trip. There were four people in my eighth grade class, and they included me plus three guys who I have known since I was six years old so we were like a true family. Before we went down there, we were all assigned a certain field in which we had to become experts in. I became an expert in dendrology, or the study of trees. We flew down there and it was a life-changing experience. We went snorkeling in the Florida Keys, learned about the Florida wetlands, and got up close and personal with the swamps.

This trip is one of the few things that makes this school unique. I am so happy that I went there until high school. People always said that they felt sorry for me because I went to such a small private school, but it has made me the person I am today and I do not know who I would have become had I gone to public school. It was an experience that I would not trade for the world.
One thing that many students did not agree with but I did not have a problem with was the dress code. The dress code consisted of khaki pants, a navy blue, light blue, white, or yellow polo-shirt with the school crest, a belt, and tucked in shirts. It was simple and it took away one of the things that many middle school kids get picked on for.

Our principal was extremely involved in our school. He was our music teacher, our religion teacher, and our chapel leader. He was very aware of what was going on in the school, and made sure that he was very involved. He formed great relationships with the students and the parents and we all knew that if we needed help, he was our go-to man.
All Saints' is a Christian school and those Christian values were installed in us every day. We were constantly reminded to think before we act and to always treat others the way we wanted to be treated. If there were cases of bullying or just rudeness, it was immediately addressed and fixed. The way the teachers genuinely cared about the students helped create a very loving and caring atmosphere and one did not want to disappoint them.

School safety was not a big issue at the school. Morristown itself is very safe and we were only a small school. The school was always locked from the outside and of course, the students were not allowed to stray too far from the premises. All in all, the atmosphere was one of a very safe learning environment.
One thing that All Saints' put a lot of emphasis on was parent involvement and giving back to the community. We were constantly holding auctions, benefits, and fundraisers to help out the city and families in need, especially when those families were located in our own school.
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