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I mean the academics are strong, very little diversity, lots of social cliques and such. With about 100 kids in a grade, everyone knows everyone therefore everyone knows or thinks they know everything you've done.
Love the teachers and their passion to teach their students and prepare them for college. The campus is gated and I always felt safe with the presence of life safety. I enjoyed my time at All Saints' and always feel welcome there.
Best balance of Academic, Arts and Athletics in Fort Worth. Campus is top-notch, with many improvements and expansions underway.
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One of the best (if not the best) schools in Ft. Worth. Academics are great and so are the arts! A lot of emphasis is put on football, but it creates a fun atmosphere in the fall.
With the exception of a few teachers at All Saints, I have had an amazing experience at the school. The classes challenge you to learn material at a level that very few schools can reach. The teachers and administration are actively invested in your education, and truly care that you succeed.
This is our 7th year at All Saints' and we couldn't be happier. It is academically challenging, yet the community is warm and welcoming. I feel that each of our children have blossomed under the nurturing guidance of wonderful teachers. They are strict, but loving. Whether your child excels in his/her academic studies, fine arts and/or athletics, they can find their niche.
I went to All Saints from 2nd grade through graduation. I did enjoy it there and it highly prepared me for college, but since it is such a small school it is hard to make friends and to get into a chliche when you are then it is hard to get close to people.
All Saints' is a fantastic school. The teachers are very friendly and helpful, and they do a fantastic job preparing students for college.
It isn't terrible but I would definitely say that there aren't that many organizations for social justice and change.
The experience was great. I truly enjoyed both the students and the staff.
They are all very passionate about their work and their students.
All Saints' has a great positive learning environment!
Most of the teachers are awesome. Sure, there are a few bad apples, but their malfunction stems more from being so smart that they don't understand why their students don't understand their thought process instead of incompetence.

The teachers always try to interact with their students on a personal level. I know that my third grade teacher still recognizes me after nine years, and every one of my teachers cares.
Bullying doesn't seem prevalent to me, but I'm not exactly in the center of the school's information web, so I could be completely wrong. The school as a whole seems pretty safe, what with the guarded gates and Suburban-patrolled grounds.
The workload, for me at least, is shaping up to be astronomical. But I did it to myself with 5 AP classes, so I'm an outlier. For most people the workload seems to be manageable, but not something that can be ignored.

The teachers almost all know their students by name and try their very hardest to become friends with every one by the end of the school year. I know that my third grade teacher still recognizes me nine years later. They also try to help every student succeed, whether that means pushing them toward a higher academic level or tutoring them.

The scheduling process is still a little clunky, but they just revamped it, so it has a good reason. Hopefully they'll streamline it by spring of next year.
They just installed better school-wide wifi and it's working much better than last year's. I also think they're offering laptops for checkout from the library, but they're not much more than notebooks with internet access and Microsoft Office. The library has Macs, at least two of which are always out of commission, and they get taken rather quickly once people start showing up at school in the morning. Other computer labs are available, but normally locked unless a class is using them. The school has officially adopted a "Bring Your Own Device" policy, so anyone who doesn't have the money to spare for a lightweight laptop is SOL.

College prep resources deserve an A+, however. Definitely care. Every student gets one-on-one time at least once unless they literally don't attend their appointments, and everyone's essays for applications are proofread by at least one of the advisors.

Tutoring is definitely available from 7:45am to when school starts and after school until roughly 4pm.

Buses are an option if you live close to a stop, but there's only three stops, so most just drive in anyway.
Not many clubs. Most meet during lunch. Only a few clubs last past their first or second year, but new ones start every year, so there's normally a good variety if you know who to talk to.

The teachers would love to host a club in their room. That's not the issue. The issue is that students just don't really go to clubs.
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The staff and faculty do try to keep an open-door policy. It definitely helps. The counselors are the best ever, and have helped me so much.

Dress code is especially strict, and it keeps getting stricter. Apparently in Middle School (7-8 grade) you get demerits if you don't have your uniform right. Which is strange. In Upper School (9-12 grade) you get detention for 3 "uniform infractions," everything from untucked shirts to non-uniform jackets. That's right - that lovely warm fleece jacket can't come into the hallways during school hours.

Attendance is a standard thing. No real surprises there. Three tardies make for a detention.
I bring my own lunch. No need to risk myself on the new corporate-staffed lunchroom. And they charge fees for putting your money in the lunch account. Moreover, they glare at you in the line when you try to use cash like it's your fault.
All Saints has been an interesting experience from day one, especially with me coming from a Montessori-style school. However, it introduced me to faith and didn't REALLY try to shove it down my throat, which I suppose is a plus. The students for the most part aren't my type, but they are nice kids. Most times. Sometimes you find the bad apple who's never had to beg for a thing in their life, but other times you happen across the sweetest, most loving people who really, seriously believe the best of everyone. It's a mixed bag, but isn't every school?

The education, on the other hand, has definitely been quality, especially the science and languages departments. Definitely recommend Mrs. Johnson - sure, she's kinda scary at first, but believe me, when you walk out of her classroom for the last time you will not believe how much you've learned.
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