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Amazing school. Staff that have passion for their students for their success. So many seniors graduating with high honors really shows the results of the school.
All Saints was an average school that could use many improvements. They could offer more and better classes and more extracurriculars.
I love how the teachers can work one with you because of small class sizes. We are very good in basketball and musicals and our robotics team has gone far
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The education quality is the best in our area; however, we only have 106 students. There is little to no diversity and everyone knows each other. The sports teams are decent, but are declining due to enrollment size. Teachers and faculty are decent and are willing to always help out.
My school is amazing! At school we are involved majorly with academics, clubs, and sports. Bay City All Saints is an amazing school and a well home based environment, we are all one happy family.
We have routine drills to ensure that everyone knows what to do if an emergency were to ever happen. Bullying is very rare at our school, and when it does happen it is resolved quickly. I think my school is a very safe place, never have I once felt that I was in danger while I was in the building.
We have many different options of clubs and activities to take part in at our school. The meetings are consistent and well organized.
I really like how we have a small school; it brings us closer together as not only friends, but as a family as well. You can tell that the people at All Saints, teachers and students alike, greatly care for the other people around them.
Our teachers are very good at what they do. They take time to teach us in ways that help us understand the lesson as clearly as possible. They all show that they care about the school and about their students.
My whole experience with this school is okay. I realize it's a religious school but that is often placed over the academics and I dont think thats how a school should be. I dont mind incorporating the faith but it often comes to the point of guilting us into it and shoving it down our throats. I feel like IM being scoffed at a lot and student ideas arent often taken seriously. The class sizes though are great and a small school is one of the advantages. There is a definite family feeling.
There are some outstanding teachers and some that make you wonder how they got hired. There are some that go above and beyond and some that do the bare minimal or less. It's very half and ha;f and mixed.
It's not great, but with the small amount of students that we have, we do pretty well.
I struggle is social situations so it is difficult for me to make new friends and be outgoing.
we have some average teachers, but a few teachers in the math and science fields go above and beyond to help the students.
I love being part of a religious body of students.
There are many good and bad things but overall i have had an amazing experience here.
Food is not good. Most students dont eat it.
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Administration is very fair and informative. They are friendly and understanding.
We dont have the best things, but we utilize them to the best we can.
We have exceptional students here, and execptional teachers.
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