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All Saints Catholic School Reviews

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I loved my time at all saints it was incredibly wonderful it was one of the best schools ever nice teacher problems were solved nice students principal was extremely helpful and friendly lunches were great to nothing bad at all in the food no mold or anything at all
The staff is very nice, but there are bullying issues that are not taken care of. I did not have a nice time, I was bullied for years and when I talked to my teachers, nothing was done. On the other side of the spectrum, my two brothers loved their time there and have nothing bad to say about their experience.
The school is very safe. The nurse is great. And bullying problems are solved easily.
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Every child gets the chance to experience different extracurriculars. The school also has the only middle school in the area to have a swing choir.
Not just all of the parents love this school, all of the students do too. There are so many opportunities to explore different cultures and the school is very diverse.
All of the teachers genuinely care for the students and always try to help those who are struggling. Most teachers have been there for a long time and are very smart. They also try to make everything understandable and never bore the kids.
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