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All Saints, when I attended, had an unbelievable music program. It had an award-winning jazz band, two levels of concert bands, and chorale led by one teacher who did everything to make the activities an amazing experience for the students. In addition, the curriculum was rigorous enough that, upon entering high school, I found I had to spend more time homework in eighth grade than in freshman year. The teachers were, for the most part, well-versed in their respective fields of study and my time there prepared me extremely well for my time in high school and even in college. The people affiliated with the school formed a welcoming and considerate community though there was very, very little diversity.
We don't have an official school nurse, but our office managers and science teacher act as one. We have regular fire and lockdown drills as well as safety precautions for different events.We have Abraham Lincoln School to go to if we need to.
The Art Teacher is great. He was new this year and did a great job getting to know the students and working from where their ability was. He has really improved my painting and art techniques. The music teacher teaches elementary students as well as middle school students. His rules are fairly lax, he tries hard to inspire our love of music. The only clubs we have are art and chess clubs. Student Council started and finished in 2012.
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My overall experience of this school has been wonderful. The teachers are so nice and supportive. My eighth Class was so much fun. We went to Acadia National Fun Park and got to do the ropes course, mini golf, zip line, and go carts. Then we had a picnic at a park in bar Harbour and got ice cream. It was so nice to be able to hang out with my class and do something fun that would last in my memory.
I love All Saints. All of the teachers are easy to talk to and approachable. I had the choice of asking anyone of my teachers for a recommendation letter to John Bapst. They are understanding and give opportunities to improve grades. They are open to new ideas and take our opinions into account. At the end of the year all of our teachers give surveys asking for ways to improve their classes and teaching styles. As of last year the school provided Mackbook Airs for all of the middle school students. They are used for essays and research but, not for tests. It may not be the most modern school, but it is like family.
All Saints Catholic school provides a strong academic environment as well as a moral one. Although it is a Catholic school, students of all faiths are welcome. There is a strong sense of community and happiness.
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