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Good and friendly teachers and staff, hard work, good environment and community, has a strong education in academics, the performing arts, technology and computer programming.
All Saints offered me the best education I could receive in the area and prepared me extremely well for getting into college and my future. The athletics at All Saints hold memories I'll never forget and the teachers truly care for the students. There are some social / educational changes that could be made but all in all a great high school experience.
I attended All Saints Academy from seventh grade through graduation and am grateful that I had that opportunity. The teachers were very influential and encouraged students to learn. This is most likely because of the small class sizes. Ranging from 10-25 students at most in a classroom. Depending on the type of courses you take the preparation for college from classes vary widely. The school is not diverse. The school is very safe it is located next to a police station and the campus is gated. The school has countless small clubs to join. The school has offered very high quality food over the years. Parent involvement is very prevalent at All Saints and the facilities are of high quality.
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All Saints Academy is a good private school. The school facilities are excellent, and there are many resources which helps students with their academics. Teachers and students are helpful and kind. They make you feel at home.
ASA is a small school but it is wonderful because it is like a small family. Our teachers are one on one with the students and it is a very safe and clean school with high morals and integrity.
Caring and talented faculty and administration dedicated to empowering students and encouraging excellence.
All Saints is a wonderful school. It presents friends, opportunity and most important, an above average education.
A small school where everyone can become friends and grow as a family. One thing that could change is having NUVU as a required class.
great resources and college office, hard to get things to change in terms of clubs and student government due to administration.
My experience at All Saints is one of a kind, the atmosphere is amazing and the people are great. I'm glad to have gone there.
All Saints Academy is a private college preparatory school. It offers strong academics as well as the arts to complete a well rounded person. They prepare the students to be able to speak a foreign language as well as follow there interest as a person. Sports, dance, orchestra, book club, are just some of the opportunities available. I would rate this school as an A. It is cultural diverse as international students attend this high school as well.
The clubs and organizations have something for everyone. The Christian Althetics, to Spanish club or student government. They are well organized and have many events going on.
The school is a school to encourage well rounded individuals. Student to be independent thinkers and to reach for the stars. This includes whatever there interest may be. Athletics, the arts such as drama or strings, dance etc. It requires students to learn a foreign language so that we may interact with the ever changing world. Because of the opportunities to play sports and also, play strings I would choose this school again.
My experience at All Saints with the teachers has been great. The school is a college prep school and therefore the work is very challenging. The teachers have been engaged with the students to be successful. They are good about answering any questions, solving problems and working through the areas you don't understand. Most of the teachers have made the subjects interesting and deal with not only the past, but how it effects our future. Overall, it was a great school to attend and learn from.
While the opportunities are great, AP classes should be taught at a higher and more vigorous level.
teachers and counsellors are very helpful.

rules are usually enforced
Lots of clubs and activities, especially in the arts.
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This is the best school in the area by far.
the teachers are extremely helpful and understanding.
The campus is well built and kept clean and safe.
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