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This school has a lot of great opportunities for students. The teachers really do want you to succeed. Also, they take discipline seriously.
All Hallows’ high School is a great place for boys to become Men. The school has dedicated teachers, amazing opportunities, and many programs for colleges readiness. I’m glad I graduated there and shared many memories in that school.
I like how close the student body is, it creates a family atmosphere. The only thing I would change is the lunch.
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My experience at All Hallows was something I won't forget. I made a lot of good friends and developed personally from the school. The positive part of the school is really how committed the teachers are to the students. The teachers, if the students want help, will help after school. They are willing and able to help and it is thanks to them I am going to college. That made me really appreciate the work they do

The downside to the school is how tough it is on the students. Sometimes it dismisses the student's feelings and they can be very lacking for students who might need more emotional support. Furthermore, teachers did not always listen to students, when the teacher was wrong. However it can also be how students behavior.

In general a fine experience, but I do not want to go back.
I enjoyed my four years at All Hallows' catholic school . The principal is a great person, with an open door policy, never to busy to interact with the students. My guidance counselor was very helpful and understanding.
Sending your child here is one of the best things you could do for them. The teachers are beyond amazing at what they do and the student body is diverse and eager to learn. Every day I come to school feeling safe, welcome, and accepted and I leave full of knowledge and yearning to come back the next day and learn more. I can willingly attest to this school's ability to prepare students for college and shape them into well-rounded young men.
This school feels more like a family, small catholic school and excellent academics. You will always feel safe here and teachers are always there to help with anything.
I am a senior at All Hallows and it has given me an excellent education. The teachers are very resourceful and always there to assist if you do not understand something and to help you when needed. I am so glad I chose All Hallows and would recommend it to any students in my community which is not in the Bronx.
All Hallows is one of the last few all-boy Catholic schools out there and it holds its own. What it lacks in overflows of alumni money it makes up for in quality education and passion. The faculty is truly passionate about making sure students get the most out of their time there and leave prepared for college.
The teacher try their hardest to help the students.
There is a good amount of extracurricular activities.
I really like my school. They pay attention to the students.
The teachers are exactly what teachers are expected to be. They are engaging, intellectual, reliable, and fun to be around. The teachers do their jobs very well.
the staff at this school always make sure you are safe. Especially the principal Mr. Sullivan he is like our father making sure we are never in danger and resolve any situation we had. There zero tolerance to bullying and disrespect at All Hallows and if they see you there will be consequences.
this school an amazing amount of clubs that you can join. From the drama club all the way to the gamer club. They have different ton of school activities from sports like the dodge ball competition.
Beside from being a catholic school it felt like everybody was a family there, the way the school support each other is out of this world. My favorite experience has to be the after clubs, where we all do something fun that we enjoy together. I would definitely choose this school with all the amazing experience i gathered there.
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The teachers are there to prepare us for college, most of them are very strict but that is to get best out of the students. All of them will go the extra mile to make sure you understand the work. Excellent school with amazing teachers.
By going to All Hallows High School, it really helped me a lot because it made me into the men that i am today. Before i went to this school, i was always getting in trouble in school and never had good grades. In this school, they taught me to always work hard to get what you want in life. Because of the mind state that they taught me, i started working hard and getting good grades. The reward that i got for doing this is getting honors in this school. I always dreamed of being an honor student and i finally accomplished my dreams. Also, if it wasn't for this school, i would've never found the friends i have right now. The best experience in this school is getting my first honors.
The teachers in All Hallows High School are very helpful. When someone needs help in something, they are there to help you and make you understand the topic much better. All Hallows doesn't accept failures. The teachers make us work hard so that we could be the best that we can. The teaching style of the teachers are really good. The teachers don't all teach the same. They try to make it simple as possible so that the students could understand the topic much better during class. One just needs to pay close attention in the class to understand.Teachers are always there for the students.
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