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AMAZING SCHOOL! I got into Duke, Cornell, Georgetown, Colgate, New York, Columbia, and Drexel University. Along with Boston, Middlebury college and much more! prepared me immensely.
ACLA is one of the top schools in the city. Though there isn't much activities that get done there are still tons of events that take place that make the school what it is. From its Cadets program to its saturday programs its great. Being there for both middle school and High school is always a gift because you grow up with the same group of students and teachers that you have for the last 7 years.
What I like about this school is the tremendous amount of opportunities that I now have. Thanks to this school and the staff, many doors that I previously hadn't even known existed, suddenly opened up for me. As a result of that, I will forever be greatful for this school.
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My daughter has attended this school since the 6th grade until 12th grade. The teachers are awesome they really want their students to learn and if they need help they are always available to take time with your child. The schools environment is great, the school is very clean and they also give the students healthy breakfast and lunch. The cadets program is great the children treat eachother with respect and discipline. Fighting and cursing is not allowed ever in the school. I would recommend this school to any child who wishes to attend. Parents will not have to worry about anything..
I felt that I can impact my community and society as a whole. I am specifically interested in the biological field of science due to the fact that I am intrigued with human life and with every living thing. I think that the key to a brighter STEM future would start with many improvements in biology. Being that I would like to be a future biomedical engineer, I feel that All City can be my next major milestone in this rigorous and lucrative journey.All City offers a plethora of opportunities such as study abroad programs, with a hands on style of learning. The fact that this campus has a research study area excites me because I will be able to take full advantage of all learning resources offered to me.
All City is the type of school that does not look appealing to the naked eye. Covered with strict rules, uniforms, and a military program, it gives the impression of a boring old school that limits the creative minds of individuals and focuses on rules and regulations. However, All City is the type of school that gives you the opportunity to express your creativity and even shows it off in the school's walls and trophy cases for all to see. It has rules and regulations set to allow for the focus on education and creativity, and not only leads you into the path but basically pushes you off the ledge and lets you fall into the world of knowledge and creativity. Those who make it past the strict rules and regulations, move on to achieve great, great things. Acla is the 'test of fire', you ready to succeed?
All city leadership secondary school has a lot of opportunities that makes you succeed in your education and receiving those that deserve.
My experience at ALL CITY SECONDARY SCHOOL has been one of the greatest . The difference from this school is the amount of respect that everybody has for each other and how we learned everything from 9th grade . From going from little kids to strong young individual built and knowing that it is a tough world out there
My experience at All City Leadership Secondary School has been a very memorable one. I was enrolled as a sixth grader in in 2010-2011 school year in a group of 30 students. I am currently a senior in high school with the majority of the original 30 students. ACLA has opened a vast amount of doors for me as a student with advanced classes, special programs, scholarships, and much more. Not only do I feel prepared academically for my future, but socially as well. ACLA's staff helps teach and develop leadership skills and qualities in all students that attend the school.
i like this school because everyone is friendly and you get to know whats going on and even though is a small school you really get a little bit more attention when you need help. What i wan to change is that they need more programs and more elective classes to help us get into a good collage.
My overall expirence at All City Leadership Secondary School was great. All the teachers, students, and faculty are basically one big family, and we work at our school like a family. It the student's job to learn and the teacher's job to teach and we are both do everything with love and dedication.
Our school is very safe, probably the safest in the area. Thete is no bullying and we always have staff to help keep stdents safe
The extracurricular activities are provided for everyone, everyone is very supportive an commited, but most importantly has fun and takes pride in what they do
What makes this school unique is that they suit every childs need no matter the circumstances
Teachers are caring,, and will go out of their way to help students.
Its alright, safety isnt a big issue
The school is great & challenges students to think
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Very interactive and enforces critical thinking
In terms of safety, the school does fire drills and classroom lock downs and has cameras, visitor log ins, and other safely policies in the school that protect the students, faculty, and teachers. In terms of bullying, gangs, drugs, etc. the school has never encounters these issues; this everyone feels very safe. However, if the school ever did encounter this issue then it will quickly be reported and taken care of in the best ways as possible. In terms of health the school nurse is always available when needed and the nurse also takes many safely and health precautions to treat the students in the best ways. Health classes are available and many students can consult with our gym/health teacher for any advice. Weight rooms are also availed for students if permission of given to them. In general the school is a very safe and healthy school/environment that allows students stay calmly educated and fit.
All Ciry Leadership Secondary School offered a variety of extracurricular activities. Ranging from dozens of sports and clubs many students participate in then including myself. High school varsity teams and middle school teams are also offered in my school. Some of the sports include boys and girls volleyball teams, boys and girls basketball team, a co-Ed bowling team and more. Clubs range from chess clubs, and volleyball clubs all the way to debate clubs. After school is not only educational but it also provides activities where students can have fun. The school doesn't only focus on their students but also donates money for cancer organizations and the homeless as well. Administration support is also great because they help things flow fluently throughout all the clubs, sorts, organizations, etc. Overall the school provides a variety of very organized and safe extracurricular activities that anyone can become a part of.
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