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ACLA is a small school, allowing students to be much familiar with each other and build strong relationships with staff. The administrators are always looking after the study body, making sure everything runs smoothly.
All City Leadership Academy provides an amazing academic and social environment for students to excel in. For a school located in Bushwick, many of the students are minority, low-income, and first-generation. Despite this, students get accepted into the world's most prestigious universities. I for one will be attending the Massachusetts Institute of Technology next year and my classmates have already been accepted to schools like Stanford, UPenn, and UVA.

What sets us apart from other public schools is the overwhelmingly loving community that the school provides. We don't have to worry about violence, bullying, or petty gossip that most High Schools are accustomed to. From day one we treat each other like a family and grow to push one another to achieve their goals.

With the loving community, supportive staff, and overall academic drive, anyone can succeed here. ACLA is just that small school in Bushwick that helps students strive to make a big difference.
I chose All City Leadership Secondary School (ACLA) for my first choice in middle school because academically: the small classes, excellent teachers, and the drive and passion for a higher commitment to college. Additionally, their motto for Discipline, Integrity, Motivation, and Enthusiasm (DIME) is powerful and influences my decisions. Their attachment with the military is the embodiment of respect, and humbleness. However, with ACLA being a small school, their activities and classes are limiting. The limited access of diversity and clubs and activities is dragging their potential down into becoming one of the top schools in the city. Thus, their pride and commitment to DIME will be their own definition of success.
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The school allows students and the staff to grow. There are various activities to participate in and get to know everyone.
The school is always available for people to come in. I would like to see for more activities and events.
All City is unique in the way that students are always welcomed inside the building. I recall instances where my classmates and I would stay as late up to 8 pm just to work on certain things. Help is always available and that's my favorite thing about the school.
What I like to see change is the amount of school activites and events.
i wasnt offer as much challenging classes as i wish i had and there was some issues with some of my teachers poor communication
ACLA is a great school the staff is amazing, they are truly involved with all the students at the school and become family across the years
This is a great school, very family oriented and if you ever have a problem there is always someone there to help guide you through the situation.
Focus is strictly to prepare for college and progress each year before graduation. There’s no time for anything that isn’t classwork or projects and if work isn’t being done, students are participating in community service events to build their resume and improve their transcript with volunteer work.
All City Leadership Secondary school is a unique school as it is very small but holds the spirit of a school that holds 1000+ students. Though located in a neighborhood with a dangerous reputation, this school contradicts the stereotypes about Bushwick, Brooklyn as it is known for preparing and sending low-income minorities into top 10 national universities. This is all because of the personal investment of the faculty in the student's lives. Each teacher goes the extra mile for their students and feels obligated to have each student succeed. One thing that I wish would change is the variety of sports. Since this is a relatively small school, I do not see as many sports programs as I would in other schools.
ACLA is an amazing school. Its small size creates a family oriented community. Their motto of sports, service, And academics is a staple within every student. ACLA is dedicated in creating the worlds future leaders in all fields.
I liked the way teachers and staff are so helpful inside and out of class, being in Acla for 6 years has been an amazing experience and I wouldn't change it for the world. From the time you walk in many skills are taught such as discipline and leadership, in which the cadet program at this school offers. We were taught early on how to respect the teachers and staff around us, and our peers most of all. The course work at this school challenges you to work at your highest ability for our benefit. This school has taught me life skills i will carry out to my next 4 years in college so for that I am forever grateful.
ACLA has been part of the most significant parts of my life. Through everything I have gone through ACLA was always there; the teachers and staff have always been there to help me when I needed it the most and support me.
My experience at ACLA throughout my middle school and high school career has been very empowering of who I am today. Not only does the ACLA teachers and staff teach students about their topics in their classes, they also guide us in real life situations. I find that all my teachers are very supportive and helpful towards every student in the school. The leadership program which is also known as cadets has shaped me to become more respectful and build character. I feel that the leadership program was very essential to me because it really aided on how to carry myself and talk to adults in a respectful manner. I believe that ACLA goes above and beyond with going outside the box for students and actually teaching us about real life not only classroom topics and that is why ACLA is so unique to other public middle schools and high schools out there.
my experience was great. There great teacher and everyone their want you to succeed. They want you to be the best version of yourself. They believe you can do whatever you want as long you put your mind to it. I wish their were more clubs and sports.
great school , lots of fun activities , great environment, the school food is ok I guess just regular school food, teachers are super into your life there and will help in any way they can.
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The school is great! my experience in this school was really life-changing and im certainly going to miss acla
Love my school it provided me with such a close tight knit environment where I knew and was freinds with everybody. The administration is amazing and the classrooms are run very well
AMAZING SCHOOL! I got into Duke, Cornell, Georgetown, Colgate, New York, Columbia, and Drexel University. Along with Boston, Middlebury college and much more! prepared me immensely.
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