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Aliso Viejo Middle School Reviews

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Liberian teacher is so mean and the front office lady too
The place is so dirty even inside the classrooms. Teachers are so mean and yell at you for no reason, even the supervisors there too
Not recommend going here for you or your child
There are wonderful teachers, administration and staff at AVMS. It pains me to say that it’s unfortunate that there is some staff there that makes it so bad there that I would never recommend this school to anyone. AVMS has found away to get around sex education laws by hiding behind a teacher run school club that meets at lunch, the district supports this corrupt behavior. They hide behind the GSA label as if that makes it ok to teach children mature sexual subjects without parent’s permission. Absolutely the creepiest thing I have ever experienced in a school setting. Please don’t get a false sense of security that you are being notified regarding sex education that is required by the state, this is a different class. This school will HIDE inappropriate discussions they have with your kids, (the school has other lunchtime things in the works) you are being forewarned PLEASE take it seriously for the sake of your child
Aliso Viejo Middle School was a pretty a-okay school and although I am glad to have left I will always remember my experiences there. Most sigficantly I will not forget my many beloved teachers that I still visit to this day.
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The teachers were the best part about middle school. All the activities that happened during lunch were always exciting. It was the best middle school in Aliso Viejo
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