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I liked all of my teachers there, they were helpful and made the classrooms fun. I play soccer there and the program is good as well as it is a good after school activity. The clubs there are welcoming and always have a volunteer opportunity ready.
Gave me a great high school experience. Some teachers did suck, I could have taught the class better. Others were amazing and truly memorable. I’m great fun to have gone to school here. I do wish that we had open lunches and we didn’t have such bad traffic. Other than that the activities were great and most of the staff were amazing.
It’s a good school, Principal Christiansen is so sweet and it’s a great campus. The teachers are all so sweet, I heard a good quote that said “Teachers don’t become teachers for the money” which shows just how much each teacher cares for their students and truly wants the best for each and every one of them. The sports programs are very good and they are well supported by the school and most games are advertised in school announcements. The teachers are all very knowledgeable and are very smart and supportive.
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Aliso Niguel High School was a pretty average to above average school. Most staff and faculty members were kind and helpful to their students, Almost all teachers I have met and known had a genuine love for their subject and truly wanted their students to grow and succeed. Although I couldn't fully experience all four years at Aliso Niguel, I can say with certainty that it was an amazing and fun experience to be in,
Aliso Niguel was the best! They prepared me for college in ways I never imagined. The academics and curriculum they provided for me ensured me that I would be more than ready for college.
I love my school! Alsio Niguel is a public school near my house. It is a great school all around. I have managed to make life long friends, engage and learn in classrooms, and have had my high school expectations met. Although my last few months of high school took an unexpected turn, I am so blessed to have attended a school where I felt safe and excited to learn every day. As the typical student may feel, I will admit that some days studying and school work felt impossible. However, with the great group of peers and teachers, spirited student body, and hardworking faculty, I felt that I was given the high school experience I hoped for.
I think that Aliso is very average especially for SoCal. The schools is not terrible but overpopulation is a big problem. Also you would think that since Aliso is a wealthier area all bathrooms would have soap but most bathrooms have none. Most kids eat lunch of the floor and although administration hates to admit it racism/homophobia are problems here and we were even in the newspaper for it. Not so much in the school but over social media and I dint think there's one desk that doesn't have a swastika on it. There are some great teachers(shout out Ms B) at Aliso but there are A LOT of teachers that don't care about their jobs. Also kind of not the point but the cop here seems very sus about his relationship some of the students. And the bathrooms are vape rooms not bathrooms. However all this being said this school did help me get into college and there are some good people. Academics is probably Aliso's strong suit because most kids do learn alot here.
The teachers are all so kind and helpful, I never had a bad experience! I learned so much about myself at this school and made lifelong friends. Academics are always a priority there, but they still made it a fun place to be. From sporting events to pep rallies, there was never a dull moment on campus. I felt prepared for my academic career after spending four years at this institution and even as a current college student, I use my education from Aliso Niguel consistently.
Aliso Niguel High School has very good academic classes and mostly committed teachers. There are a lot of good extracurricular activities. However, being a public school there wasn't much push or help from guidance counselors when it came to appyling for 4 year or private colleges.
At Aliso Niguel, students are encouraged to participate in their academic classes as well as non-core classes. Teachers are supportive and care about every individual student they get the opportunity to teach. They make an effort to find new and exciting ways to bring hands-on learning into the classroom. Students have a wide variety of clubs and sports to join that help them express themselves and connect with others. The inclusivity and welcomeness make any new student feel right at home.
The school is alright. A very average school in all respects, so if you want to make the best experience out of your high school life, you have to put the effort into doing that instead of expecting the school to do that automatically.
I enjoyed this school very much. The teachers are very caring and want you to have a good future. However, I feel that some classes dumb down the curriculum. If I had not gone to a community college after high school, I don't think I would have been very successful in english because I wasn't prepared enough. Admin also tends to be rude and won't try to help you. But other than that, academics were good, clubs and activities were great, sports were great, and music and arts were amazing.
There are a lot of opportunities to meet people who have similar interests as your own, and to find the people that will make your 4 years enjoyable. It is a bit difficult to acclimate at first especially if you were a new student as I was.
Your average competitive school in a wealthy mostly white suburban area. Academics are pretty good and there are some gems among the teachers that really try to teach you and connect with students and lots of crazy teachers that are only still teachers due to tenure. Grade inflation is less than others in the district but still apparent.
Great teachers who really care for students. The students are mostly friendly and all around nice. I have really enjoyed my 4 years at Aliso Niguel that were unfortunately cut short by Covid-19.
Aliso Niguel offers a variety of classes to prepare students for college. There are many AP classes with challenging curriculums as well as easier highschool level classes.
Although I believe my education was quite sufficient, my experience overall was not extraordinary, having to put up with staff and certain incidents occurring at my school. I also believe the school does not adequately handle the issues that arise.
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I like the amount of diversity we have and our academic ratings. Although the outside is not much to look at, our curriculum is top-notch. The students are nice overall and we have really good extracurricular programs. Even though there are some not-so-good teachers, the amount of excellent ones outweighs them.
Aliso Niguel is a great school. They offer great classes for different future careers. Most of the teachers are very nice and helpful, of course there are some who are not so very nice and helpful but over all the school is great.
The teachers are amazing. I am able to sit in class and absorb information because they have learned how to emphasize the important details. However, the social structure has caused me anxiety that I have never experienced before. I would love if people truly treated each other with respect and kindness no matter how they acted because no one should sit alone at lunch. It may also be due to the small size of the school, not everyone is able to sit together in the senior area which makes some students feel excluded. My favorite thing about high school is the group seating in class where i can get to know new people.
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