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Aliso Niguel High School is a safe and accepting location with many activities/events to keep their students involved. The teacher's are hardworking and encouraging mentors.
I had teachers who helped me a lot succeed during my high school career. The school is very academic and athletic based
Met some of my best friends at the school. Most of the teachers genuinely care, but there are a few that completely disregard and have no empathy for the home circumstances of the students. Otherwise, my time here was satisfactory
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It’s a pretty average school. Lots of good teachers but in my experience, lots of teachers also show favoritism with their students. This is a big school (approx 3000 students atm) so class sizes are large and it might be hard to stand out or get good help. There are lots of clubs to join and the school gives a lot of opportunity for extracurriculars.
My experience at Aliso Niguel has been great. Most of my teachers were very talented and understanding, with the exception of a few. My only complaint is the facilities. For a school in an affluent area, we lack decent classrooms, with pest problems and bathrooms that aren’t functional.
I feel there should be more done to help students apply to colleges and feel prepared to leave high school. Teachers are all very supportive however some are far more influential than others. There also needs to be stricter enforcement of the rules and students should not be able to get away with things. There definitely needs to be more supervision when it comes to bullying and at risk students.
I absolutely loved the friendly and encouraging ambiance the school has. Every day you walk in met with prepared and educated teachers, welcoming and helpful staff, and of course friendly fellow classmates. It makes for an excellent learning environment and helped stress the importance of education.
Aliso Niguel is a very well rounded school. The academics are excellent and the administration and teachers are great.
Aliso Niguel is a great school that has a strong emphasis on academics. The school offers many AP classes that help students improve their GPAs so that they increase their chances for college. Most of the teachers are very involved and don't just treat their students like children. They treat them like responsible adults. My overall experience with teachers has been great with just a few teachers that don't exactly have the best teaching styles. The sports are generally very good. The girls soccer and volleyball teams are very good and very fun to watch. Although our football team is not great students still come out to support and show school spirit. The school spirit of the school is very inviting and makes students feel like they are apart of something much bigger than themselves.
I overall had a good high school experience because I had a great group of friends to go through it with. Our school was also really good with safety. However, the food basically tasted like rubber and staff and administration were not helpful or showed to care about the students success or well-being.
It is a great school if someone makes the most of it. Also, the AP classes and Honors mostly have amazing teachers.
The location is nice and somewhat convenient, teachers and faculty are all nice, the school spirit here is also excellent. The only issue with the area, is the parking situation surrounding the school. At least 5 people every 2 days are ticketed for parking in certain areas.
I've been attending Aliso Niguel High for four years and can confidently say it's a great school. Opportunities for student involvement are all around. The freedom and liberty offered at the school help make the school a healthy and comfortable environment. Academically, ANHS is the best public school in the area, as it offers the widest range of classes that can be mixed and matched in any way that guarantee graduation. Mostly, the teachers here are great except for the occasional angry one. This is a fairly new school so the facilities are in good shape and get renovated from time to time. The only issues at the school are resource allocation and the food which is alright. Other than that, it's a great place to study and belong to a large community.
My experience at Aliso Niguel High School has been very eye-opening. I have made many lifelong friendships that I plan to carry with me for the rest of my life. I liked how many academic opportunities there are at ANHS, including numerous AP classes, honors classes, and clubs like National Honors Society and California Scholarship Federation. I also love the amount of clubs and extracurricular activities that students can engage in including sports and community service projects. If there was one thing that I could change at this school, it would be to add more optional classes that go along with the careers that I'm interested in.
I love Mrs. Martinez and she is my favorite teacher of all! My favorite class is hers because I love DOL and Sentence Diagramming exercises, and to hurry students up, she says tick tock or claps hands.
Aliso Niguel high school offers excellent academics and college readiness. Although the school may lack in concrete quality of clubs and sport spirit it makes up for in teachers who will ensure you go far in your life and career.
Throughout my four years in high school, the thing that is most memorable is how much the teachers care about educating students. They are always passionate about the subject they are teaching and are willing to stay behind in order to help a struggling student.
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I graduated from ANHS with the class of 2017 and was overall disappointed with my time at this school. While some teachers at this school were phenomenal, I felt that a majority of them were quite poor and tried to compensate for it by assigning excessive amounts of homework. My counselor was absolutely worthless and made college applications very difficult. The social atmosphere was ok at this school and there were a wide variety of clubs to join. If you have the opportunity to go to high school elsewhere in the area, I would definitely consider it.
Aliso Niguel High School provides a high school experience that deviates from the average, one notable characteristic is the variety of cultures and students from all corners of the globe. I have had the chance to meet several students from distant countries and had a glimpse of their lifestyle and customs. The array of cultures, combined with Aliso Niguel's academic program, creates a high school experience that truly benefits students and their view of the world.
Aliso Niguel High School employs teachers of the highest caliber. Not only have some of my teachers taught me the core curriculum of their classes, but a few have also become "mentors" and "guides" that have directed me towards my scholastic goals and energized me into making the right decision in choosing my college major. Even though there are approximately 3,100 students at Aliso Niguel, there still seems to be a sense of community and camaraderie amongst the students. Sports and school spirit are deemed important, and pride permeates the halls as students spend their weeks, months, and years as a Aliso Niguel Wolverine!
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