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The quality at Aliso Niguel is what you make of it, but I can promise you that it is a very fun place to be in if you find the right people.
While Aliso Niguel High School is a well-funded establishment with many opportunities for educational growth, the atmosphere is a bit oppressive. They bar you in, allowing almost no windows in class rooms. They keep you massed "within school sections," like cattle with little room to sit, let alone breathe. Worst of all, most of the admin faculty talks down to you, as if you're voice will never matter. While, I appreciate ANHS for the many advanced placement courses they offer and the many exceptional teachers they employ, I would gladly make a few changes to the "rules" of the school and install a better form of communication between the students and staff.
At Aliso, there were a few teachers that I loved, and a few that most definitely do not belong as teachers. Our sports teams like football specifically were not great and received a lot of funds that could've probably been better used by some of the arts at the school. Overall, the school is very safe and clean and did the job of the school, but is not somewhere I would be particularly attached to if not for the people like friends and favorite teachers from there.
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I have been very fortunate to have built some very good relationships with a handful of my teachers at Aliso Niguel. I enjoyed my time there a lot. The AP teachers work very hard and deserve more credit for all that they do.
I loved that Aliso had the school spirit that any teenager would be proud to represent and that it had the leading teachers to excel students to their future universities. I wish that Aliso had better acceptance with dress code rules and less strict with the seniors graduating with messing up and not being able to walk during graduation and more affordable prices for school dances and outside events.
Awesome school with great teachers who really care about you. The teachers want you to learn and make the material interesting.
I love the accredited staff at Aliso Niguel that truly have a passion for helping their students succeed. As a student, I always felt respected and engaged, so I had a great high school experience.
I attended ANHS between 2007 to 2011, and overall it was a great experience. The school offered enormous amount of opportunities, both academic and extracurricular. Teachers are all of top quality, and most of them are very friendly and helpful. The only drawback I can think of is the lack of good options for lunch, but that seems to be typical of all high school.
An excellent high school offering an abundance of inclusive programs for diverse students and their interests. Leadership, sports, arts, etc., all providing various opportunities for growth in developmental years. A very safe campus with a culture that embraces the SoCal lifestyle. Go Wolverines!
Aliso Niguel High School was overall a great High School. The best experience I had there were the teachers. They genuinely cared, were fun, and changed me as a person.
I would rate the Academics and Teachers a five. Clubs? Never invloved, no pressure to get involved, didn't affect my Academics if I didn't. Club Rush is more like a reason to get free food.
Food could be much worse, they have a few gems.
College Readiness? I did not leave feeling like they helped me get to a college. None of my friends went, or were helped to get there, although I'm i the process of a two year transfer from Community. My parents also never had to get involved,
However, the Academics served me well into my future endeavors!
Aliso was a great school for me. One thing that is really great about aliso is the variety of AP courses that school offers. Most of the teachers are nice and helpful. In general I had great memories there.
ANHS was okay, some of my teachers were really great others... not so much. The school itself is pretty nice the girl's bathroom could be pretty gross sometimes though. The tutorial schedule they started using wasn't helpful since you had to go to a specific class and couldn't choose to go to one you actually needed help in. Overall the school wasn't that remarkable, but guess it could have been worse.
My overall experience at Aliso Niguel was very positive. I enjoyed participating in Academic Decathlon and Science Olympiad. Ms. Burch and Mr. Jansen were incredible running those activities. The AP teachers were also fantastic.
It was fairly positive, besides for some bad experiences with counselors and class scheduling. It's somewhat clique-y but I'm sure every high school is. Some teachers are absolutely amazing and intelligent, and others...not so much. If you're in AP classes, for the most part, you should be fine regarding teachers.
My overall experience at Aliso Niguel was positive. I grew so much in the four years I was there. The teaches were for the most part incredible! I have made many conneticons and learned so much because of them! We have an incredible career center which provided me with many resources especially when applying for college. We also have the oppertunity to participate in many art programs. I spent my last three years in choir. I got to learn so much about music and even directing. My only regret reguarding the art programs is the lack of funding. Much of our time was spent fundraising rather than focusing on music. Another invaluable assest of our school is our Academic advisers. They have an obssene number of students to manage and still figure out a way to please and work with us all. I wish there were maybe five or six more so students could recive a more induidualized approach.
Aliso Niguel offers a very rigorous curriculum, which has helped me work hard but is also burdensome when combined with extracurriculars. There is a noticeable disparity between the quality of teaching; some teachers are excellent and in a league of their own while others are downright awful. There is not a lot of support or interest in the arts. No arts program at Aliso Niguel is funded by the school in any way.
Aliso Niguel high school is truly a great school, I have had some of the best teachers I could ever ask for. The teachers inspire and motivate their students. I go to a safe, nurturing and friendly environment. The only thing keeping my school from the 5th star is our level of school spirit, Aliso fails to truly instill a sense of belonging or pride in ones school. Other than that, however, I have greatly enjoyed my last 4 years at this school and I will be sad to graduate in June.
Review Aliso Niguel High School
My overall experience going to Aliso Niguel High School was great. I am an active participant within the performing arts and sports for my school. I have played the bass for my school's top-level orchestra for three years and I have been a varsity swimmer for all four years of high school. Aliso Niguel is a great school with many academic and extra curricular activities to offer. The school also makes sure there is plenty of activities for all the students and most of the teachers are very helpful and friendly. I however believe that the school could improve its safety patrol and change the pace of what we normally do each year in regards to clubs and entertainment.
Aliso Nigel HS is a great school to attend. There are many different classes offered that allow you to explore the avenues in which you want to follow in life. Most of the teachers are amazing and genuinely enjoy teaching. Although this school does have the equipment we need for labs and other activities, a lot of our equipment and books are outdated or broken. We still are able to achieve what we need to though.
The thing that stands out to me the most at Aliso Niguel High School is the dedication the teachers have to the students. While simultaneously creating a fun learning environment for the students, the teachers care about our education because we are the next generation. Since we do live in one of the wealthiest counties in the country, our teachers strive to show us the importance of "the bubble" and observing the real world. A factor that the teachers are unable to control is the cleanliness and atmosphere of our school. The dull colored tile and the uneven concrete shows signs of aging at our school. It creates a depressing mood because we do not have lots of interactive color or flora life interacting with us during out of class hours. I would have given this high school a 3 star rating, but the teachers and their positive attitude contributed to the 4 star grade.
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