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i love the campus and the amazing principal, some teachers, especially in the math area could be better, overall a good experience in this school
While in Alisal high school i have achieved many goals. Since my first day of high school I enjoyed the fact that we could get involved in every activity. Everyone could get along with each other. I like the fact that i as a senior got the chance within the four years of high school at Alisal i have made very great memories and i have met a lot of people.
Great School! You would always feel welcome. Staff really cared for the students. Administration was very supportive and always willing to help.
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Alisal High School is one of the best schools, in the district. My 4 years there where the best. The staff there is really welcoming. The teachers there really try to help you out.
Amazing. There is great teachers and the school has such a great spirit. I love it. It made me feel so comfortable and safe.
Very all around average. The buildings are very simple and no possible way to get lost. The staff is decent, but many of them are determined to teach.
What I liked about Alisal High School was that it felt like a safe place. It felt like a safe place because teachers will help you regardless if it was a school related problem or if it was personal. Also, there is a variety of cultures which doesn't make you feel left out. Something I would change about Alisal High School would be to put umbrellas in the quad so that students could sit there for lunch and not be burning up due to the hot weather and sun.
I liked that the school was always the most spirited out of all the highschool's in Salinas. I also liked that the school enforced positive actions by offering rewards.
Alisal High School is not just a school to me I consider it my second home. At school I met new people, I Was able to be myself and get out of my comfort zone. Alisal helped me become the person I am today. Alisal is great overall.
My experience at Alisal High School was great. Coming to Alisal gave me a feeling of relief because unlike other schools, the teachers at Alisal offer genuine help and take time out of their day to actually reach out to students (something they are not required to do). Additionally, Alisal is a guaranteed safe zone for all students here.
What I liked about Alisal High School is it is a very comfortable environment and what I like about this campus is I feel very comfortable with the students around me and also the teachers are very supportive here at the campus because they want to see you succeed. One thing that I could change about this campus is the food in the cafeteria. They give out the same food every week and some students already complained about the food being rotten and not being cooked as it is. What I really want to see is more pizza, chicken nuggets, and fries, good hamburgers, not spicy chicken and vegetables.
My experience so far in Alisal High School has been awesome. I've meet new friends and they have made my high school years awesome. What I like about Alisal high school is that the school has great spirit. When there's a big event happening the school would have Trojan spirit week. Each day from that week we have to dress a certain way to represent the school. Something I would like to change from the school is the lunch because I believe eating better food will change the mood of the students. Most of the food in our school are or is mainly frozen food. This is the only thing I would change from my school.
There is not much diversity at Alisal and that should change. However, there are some great teachers but you must first put in the effort to succeed. Another thing I found useful is to advocate for myself, try and find the resources I needed because if I didn't no one else would. Overall, Alisal is a wonderful school to be enrolled in.
What I liked about Alisal was that all the teachers were friendly and wanted to help you graduate. What I did not like was the lack of enforcement, fights were not so often but often enough. The kids would stare you down, and while this school is fun I did not succeed in it. The counselors and teachers need to be better taught to deal with those that have mental illnesses
What I would like to see change is the food that is served during lunch. They should have food that is cooked properly or have more healthy options. Our school has the majority of Hispanics and that is something that I'm proud of being.The school offers an elective class called AVID that I’m currently in. If it weren’t for Avid I would of never have met any of my friends that have and thought of the chance to apply to college. This school has been able to let me through a lot of obstacles and has shaped me into a better student. Alisal will always be considered as my best helper towards my future.
I have been a student in Alisal for 3 years and I really enjoy how the teachers are with the students. They really do care about their education, especially to students who are first generation college applicants.
Fun experience. Welcoming students and staff. Lots of clubs and programs. Strict dress code. Great math teachers. Always rooms for improvement.
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Although the location is not the best place for a school, this does not in any way, shape, or form affect the way the students learn, nor change the way a teacher should teach. The teachers at Alisal gives each of their students the attention and support they need.
I love the vibe that all the students give you as you walk around the halls. People are so kind and welcoming especially to new students. Everyone is a family here and I can see how people are somehow intertwined with almost the whole school. The only thing I would ask to change is supporting the students more to keep cleanliness around school.
One of the main things that I love about Alisal , is the bond between all students and how we come together and how much spirit we have. Also, the interaction between students and teachers. Alisal has done so much interaction with the community and taken action for so many events like rallies and movements for our future .As well as Many Eye opening presentations. I love that Alisal has so much empowerment and inspirations towards student to graduate and have a future . Alisal is a home to many students and they can be themselves without a fear. There are many clubs that have supported many students. For example, LGBTQ+, Chicano club, Asian Culture club, Spanish club, French club, AVID club, and Link Crew. All these clubs help students get involved to gain confidence, learn about different things and gain interest to travel, go to college and get advice.
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