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All of the staff I have encountered are amazing; they are genuinely interested in their students’ success. This school takes great pride in their high graduation rates, English scores, and their students’ community involvement. There are so many resources and connections that are made both within different parts of Salinas and outside of Salinas. Alumni are able to travel across the world and still come back to Alisal to tell their stories.
I’m only a freshman but it’s been a great year so far! Our side of the the city, the east side of Salinas, has always been shown as violent and dangerous. Some people are even afraid to be walking at night because of the amount of gang violence that happens at that moment. But we are trying to prove them wrong. Most of not all the teachers are gladly to help their students achieve their goals in life. They always hold tutorials after school and even on the weekend for the people who need extra help. It’s also very unclusive. If there was one person walking alone during lunch, there would at least be on person to ask if they would like to join. I am not saying that it’s the safest school in the whole country because no school is. But this probably one of the best school in our city and that is all that matter to us. We need to fight to be respected by the citizens of Salinas and we will never stop until we are seen as what we truly are.
Really enjoyed attending this school although sometimes felt like certain groups of students were left out of school activities.
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I love the people there and the education is one of the best in the district they really help you get where you want.
Something I liked about Alisal High is the potential and school spirit student had. A lot of people from my hometown talked down on Alisal because it was located in the east side. Although the school has a high percentage of hispanics, and because of it, it's talked down; it also had the highest academic percentage. Alisal has been stereotyped as the worst school in Salinas, CA for years now, and it's only because of it's passed. Before the school was filled with gangs and students who misbehaved; now Alisal High school is filled with positivity, school spirit, loving teachers and with the highest academic percentage.
Excelent teachers and also staff, great amount of sports anyone can play and they even have clubs that you can join and participate in. Another thing is they got the most students in Salinas graduating every year.
Alisal is a very good high school despite it being in the East Side. Alisal is viewed as bad in which it isn't!
I thought Alisal high school was a great high school with very supportive teachers and staff that are very dedicated to their job. I feel that everybody gets along with everybody and as long as you're involved it's a lot of fun.
My overall experience at AHS was amazing. Wouldn’t have wanted to graduate from another high school. All the teacher I had were all great. The campus itself is great. The administration team, everyone who works in the office also super caring and helpful to everyone.
What I likes about alisal high school was the diversity! All classes came together and connected. The teachers were very involved with the students and thrived for the students achievement
Alisal is like no other high school and this is beyond the outstanding academics they offer but the atmosphere aswell. There is no competing with the school since everyone is always given a welcoming feeling and is offered a helping hand.
One thing I enjoyed about Alisal High is the teachers. Well, my experience with the teachers I had over the past 3 years was excellent. They are always there for you if you need anything school wise and is always trying to help you especially when it comes to college-related questions and advice. One thing that I did not like though was that I personally felt that the school was always too focused on was the sports. I felt like all the money given to the school or that the school had always gone to the sports but not all sports just the " important" ones like basketball. I always saw basketball getting new things every month or so while the tennis team has been needing new scoreboards and haven't gotten them.
Alisal High School was a great school for me. The teachers were always caring and concerned about my grades and well being. If one thing were to have to change is the admin being more available to students.
I attended Alisal all my four years of high school & every year it was amazing! We have a great team of ASB leaders who help make every event fun! Everyone in the school is so kind and outgoing, we are like a huge family. I participated in the Baile Folklórico dance class and it was one of my best experiences. We had talent shows or other events where we would show off our dance skills. Alisal has the largest amount of students graduating out of the county. I would like to see the school grow in size, make it bigger to fit all of our great students!
Teachers do their best to help students succeed. However, something I'd like to see change is for the school to not only focus on a handful of students, typically GATE and AVID students. Other students are capable of surpassing in their academics too and I know that they would if some teachers would give them at least a little of their time.
Alisal High is a very good high school. In my two years of being in this school, I have seen that they have a great school spirit by having many spirit weeks and celebrating every university that the school has. They also have a rally almost every week to demonstrate the school pride. The school has a class that you have to take as a freshman. This class, in my opinion, is very good since it helps you get used to the new school. It also helps you get to know the classmates and the different customs that the school has. The teachers are also nice. They are always there for when you need help and also help you out if you have any other problem. As far as I know, Alisal has many AP classes that could help you pay less if you decide to go to college. They not only have AP classes but they also give you the opportunity to get classes at Hartnell. Apart from the classes, the school also has many clubs and sports so that you can get involved in the school not only with your academics.
Alisal is the best public school in the Salinas area. Teachers are very good at preparing students for college. Students are welcoming of each other. Being involved in school activities makes for a great 4 years here.
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I was born a Trojan. All of my family members have attended Alisal or will be attending Alisal. Over my 4 years I have been surrounded by loving and caring staff members. Being at Alisal was like I was surrounded by my family all day. We all love each other at Alisal and support one another.
What I like about Alisal High School is the environment. It is a school where you can be yourself and you will be accepted for who you are. It is full of positive vibes all around, and the students are friendly. A I would like to see a change in diversity. Alisal High School is made up of Hispanics, and I would like to see students from different races attend the school.
What I like about Alisal High School is, how the staff really tries to help you. Especially the teachers; they really try to get to know the students. Also, what I like about Alisal High School is the way everyone, especially the students, are gathered up as one. They are gathered up as a community. One thing I would like to see change is that all the students should be able to get free food. Even if they don't qualify. It's really sad to see some kids not get food. Therefore, it is up to us to make the change. Other than that Alisal is a great school where you are bound to succeed.
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