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Alisal High School was a great school for me. The teachers were always caring and concerned about my grades and well being. If one thing were to have to change is the admin being more available to students.
I attended Alisal all my four years of high school & every year it was amazing! We have a great team of ASB leaders who help make every event fun! Everyone in the school is so kind and outgoing, we are like a huge family. I participated in the Baile Folklórico dance class and it was one of my best experiences. We had talent shows or other events where we would show off our dance skills. Alisal has the largest amount of students graduating out of the county. I would like to see the school grow in size, make it bigger to fit all of our great students!
Teachers do their best to help students succeed. However, something I'd like to see change is for the school to not only focus on a handful of students, typically GATE and AVID students. Other students are capable of surpassing in their academics too and I know that they would if some teachers would give them at least a little of their time.
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Alisal High is a very good high school. In my two years of being in this school, I have seen that they have a great school spirit by having many spirit weeks and celebrating every university that the school has. They also have a rally almost every week to demonstrate the school pride. The school has a class that you have to take as a freshman. This class, in my opinion, is very good since it helps you get used to the new school. It also helps you get to know the classmates and the different customs that the school has. The teachers are also nice. They are always there for when you need help and also help you out if you have any other problem. As far as I know, Alisal has many AP classes that could help you pay less if you decide to go to college. They not only have AP classes but they also give you the opportunity to get classes at Hartnell. Apart from the classes, the school also has many clubs and sports so that you can get involved in the school not only with your academics.
Alisal is the best public school in the Salinas area. Teachers are very good at preparing students for college. Students are welcoming of each other. Being involved in school activities makes for a great 4 years here.
I was born a Trojan. All of my family members have attended Alisal or will be attending Alisal. Over my 4 years I have been surrounded by loving and caring staff members. Being at Alisal was like I was surrounded by my family all day. We all love each other at Alisal and support one another.
What I like about Alisal High School is the environment. It is a school where you can be yourself and you will be accepted for who you are. It is full of positive vibes all around, and the students are friendly. A I would like to see a change in diversity. Alisal High School is made up of Hispanics, and I would like to see students from different races attend the school.
What I like about Alisal High School is, how the staff really tries to help you. Especially the teachers; they really try to get to know the students. Also, what I like about Alisal High School is the way everyone, especially the students, are gathered up as one. They are gathered up as a community. One thing I would like to see change is that all the students should be able to get free food. Even if they don't qualify. It's really sad to see some kids not get food. Therefore, it is up to us to make the change. Other than that Alisal is a great school where you are bound to succeed.
My expirence at Alisal was wonderful. All my teacher were very involved with at the student to do great in their classes. They incourged us to our best at everything and helped me when ever i needed it. That school is very safe and the teachers make learing fun.
i love the campus and the amazing principal, some teachers, especially in the math area could be better, overall a good experience in this school
While in Alisal high school i have achieved many goals. Since my first day of high school I enjoyed the fact that we could get involved in every activity. Everyone could get along with each other. I like the fact that i as a senior got the chance within the four years of high school at Alisal i have made very great memories and i have met a lot of people.
Great School! You would always feel welcome. Staff really cared for the students. Administration was very supportive and always willing to help.
Alisal High School is one of the best schools, in the district. My 4 years there where the best. The staff there is really welcoming. The teachers there really try to help you out.
Amazing. There is great teachers and the school has such a great spirit. I love it. It made me feel so comfortable and safe.
Very all around average. The buildings are very simple and no possible way to get lost. The staff is decent, but many of them are determined to teach.
What I liked about Alisal High School was that it felt like a safe place. It felt like a safe place because teachers will help you regardless if it was a school related problem or if it was personal. Also, there is a variety of cultures which doesn't make you feel left out. Something I would change about Alisal High School would be to put umbrellas in the quad so that students could sit there for lunch and not be burning up due to the hot weather and sun.
I liked that the school was always the most spirited out of all the highschool's in Salinas. I also liked that the school enforced positive actions by offering rewards.
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Alisal High School is not just a school to me I consider it my second home. At school I met new people, I Was able to be myself and get out of my comfort zone. Alisal helped me become the person I am today. Alisal is great overall.
My experience at Alisal High School was great. Coming to Alisal gave me a feeling of relief because unlike other schools, the teachers at Alisal offer genuine help and take time out of their day to actually reach out to students (something they are not required to do). Additionally, Alisal is a guaranteed safe zone for all students here.
What I liked about Alisal High School is it is a very comfortable environment and what I like about this campus is I feel very comfortable with the students around me and also the teachers are very supportive here at the campus because they want to see you succeed. One thing that I could change about this campus is the food in the cafeteria. They give out the same food every week and some students already complained about the food being rotten and not being cooked as it is. What I really want to see is more pizza, chicken nuggets, and fries, good hamburgers, not spicy chicken and vegetables.
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